Tip of The Day

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DIY Jewelry Holder

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Summer Bikini Wraps – 5 Different Ways To Wrap Your Scarf

posted by on 2012.06.21, under Fashion DIY

Do you guys remember my original video on how the Summer Bikini Beach Wrap. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I did that video, time really does fly. Anyways, I decided to update it with some new looks since it’s Summer time again. ENJOY :)


Tip Toe

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First… THANK YOU to all you who supported the Collar Craze and made it a huge hit. As you guys know I put a lot of time, effort, & heart into these tutorials so when my viewers are as excited about them as I am…it gets me that much more excited & passionate about what I do! If you haven’t seen the tutorial here it is again……

Thank you for those who participated in the COLLAR CRAZE challenge and created one themselves!  I was really inspired by some of your creations! Here are some images that yall posted on my Facebook and tweeted me!

A follower  tweeted me this image of her nails that were inspired by my Collar Craze tutorial..please tell me how AMAZING  this is!!! ( Now you can wear your Collars on your nails! No way!)

Thanks to all of you The Collar Craze got the attention of the Chinese newspaper! So determined to make more amazing DIY videos…..Any DIY video requests?



Dia De Los Muertos

posted by on 2011.10.29, under Fashion DIY, Fashion Tutorials

I was inspired by this editorial to create a tutorial on this look. It’s creepy yet hauntingly beautiful at the same time.

Day Of The Dead or “Dia de los muertos” Is a very popular Fiesta in Mexico and I absolutely love the fashion & costume for it. You can wear this flower headpiece out for Halloween but also for “Dia de los muertos” (which is also coming up).

Materials Needed- Black Lace Fabric, Faux flowers, Wire, & Scissors  (all materials bought from Michaels arts & Crafts store), Black maxi dress- MinkPink

For all you last minute people that are still clueless on what to wear for tonights festivities (you know who you are!) ..this is a great look you can create in less than 20-30 mins!




Trash Into Treasures

posted by on 2011.06.02, under Fashion DIY

Hope yall are are up for a funny story this morning! So the other day I was prepping for a campaign shoot for a client. I came across these bad ass hand-dyed lavendar shorts and instantly knew I had to buy the last pair that  was available. Just my luck..happens that the last pair available was 2 sizes too small for me but bought em anyways… what the heck its only 2 sizes right? WRONG!

After a near death experience of trying to get these shorts over my hips.. all of a sudden I see (in slow motion) the jeans ripping from bottom up. And what is that? A Leopard underlay? ummm no …say hello to my leopard cotton panties. I completely & accidently ripped these jeans in the worst way possible. Instantly I knew this would make a great DIY project (inspired by Balmain).

Sometimes you can turn Trash into treasures. Once a  pair of trashy, underwear exposing, short shorts…NOW they are a pair of safety pin-embellished, rip-effect, distressed cutoffs! Do you have any jeans, shorts, or shirts that are already ripped up  or possibly needs a little pick-me-up? Try doing what I did and turn your Trash into Treasures!



Junk Into Jems

posted by on 2011.04.07, under DIY jewelry, Fashion DIY

Pairing a little boho lace with strong edgy leather is the perfect balance of in between rocker-boho-chic. I found these leather shorts on sale at Topshop when I was out in NY for fashion week. Also found this lace top from topshop as well….the sheer bell bottom laced arms had me at hello.

I was in downtown LA fashion district the other day buying fabric for a new DIY project im working on and spotted these gorgeous peacock feathers. Had no idea why I was buying them at the time but was determined to put them to use someway somehow. I went home to scout some janky jewelry that I could revamp and found these cheap earrings I had stored up in my “junk” bin and stuck these feathers and VOILA!

Turning Junk Into Jems…..thats my profession.



Fake It Til You Make It

posted by on 2011.03.22, under Fashion DIY

Although this Burberry trench is a MUST HAVE…Some of us dont have the luxury in spending $2995 for an ahhhhhhhhh-mazing spiked Burberry trenchcoat. So why not DIY? I mean c’mon Fake It Til You Make It.  (Via WhoWhatWear)




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