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Only one can wish to have breezy August nights with dinners on the terrace but to be quite honest I have been spending absolutely every single possible moment on set styling for campaigns and different magazine editorials the past 2 weeks.

Here is one of the campaigns I styled for a Japanese hair care line called Hoyu!

I promise to start get back to my regular blogging schedule starting tomorrow! Tons of outfit posts and updates coming your way!

Photographer- Karla Ticas // Make up- Leibi Carias // Hair- Sienree Du// Styling- Chriselle Lim/ Styling assistants- Laura Arias & Hina Khan//Model- Jade



Every Detail Of It

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What is it about summertime that makes it fly by so? It’s already Wednesday and it feel as if things are whirling along at astonishing speeds! These past couple of days i’ve been working with Warner Brothers in prepping and styling for Ximena Sarinana’s music video for her song”different.” After an exhausting 4 days  I can happily say we wrapped another AHHHH-MAZING project.

Here is my working outfit Of The Day. Since we were in the sun all day (16 hours to be exact!) my outfit needed to be breezy & easy. My mini pocket pouch is a Stylist Must-Have…I keep all my little stylist gimmicks, such as safety pins, tape, clips, wire, etc, in there just in case we have a wardrobe malfunction on set.

Ximena and I are decked out in Beso Beso Jewels. Obssesssedddd! 

My assistant Laura and I gettin Ximena ready for her final dance scene! 

We also styled “Little Ximena” in beso beso jewelry so she can look like Ximena!

Although I am dealing with a HORRIBLE sunburn right now I am very happy with the results and how everything turned out!

Now that we have wrapped another project I am catching up on correspondence and beginning new projects, and finalizing plans!

I am working on a little giveaway soon with Beso Beso Jewelry. Do you guys like the little gold stud elephant earrings Im wearing? BesoBeso named these awwwe-dorable earrings after me… “The Chriselle.” We are thinking about doing a small giveaway for “The Chriselle.” Would you guys rock these studs? Let me know!

In the life of a stylist..sometimes you are sunburnt, exhausted, & burnt out…but I have learned….

“Be in love with your life. Every detail of it”

(photos taken by Hina Khan)



No Certificate Necessary

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“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” – Napoleon Hill

Organization is KEY as a stylist…Planning out & moodboarding out the looks is essential before a shoot!

Here are some behind the scenes images from a recent campaign shoot I styled with my team for Jellypop.

One of the most commonly asked questions from my followers is “How did you get your job?” or “How do you become a stylist?”

Great news is that with styling there is No Certificate Necessary nor is there a formal training program. But This means you have to be your very own  teacher and educate yourself.



read fashion magazines of all sorts , tear out pages and keep what you like in notebooks & organizers and refer back to them for inspiration! Another important thing is READ the credits on the pages and learn designers’ names. To me knowledge is key when an aspiring assistant wants to make a great impression.


Its important to intern/assist  a stylist so you can learn the tools of the trade. You will  realize that styling is much more than just creating ahhh-mazing will soon learn there is tremendous amount of people skills to learn- how to build a clientle, building relationhips with designers, publicists, managers, editors, & photographers. Take this as your “schooling” and be willing to work for free and pay your dues in the beginning.


Compile images of all the shoots you have styled and also references with the people you have worked with. As a freelance artist your portfolio and references is your resume and its also how you start building your clientle!


The styling business is crazy competitive so nurture your passion, stand by your vision, & surround yourself with people that believe in you!

Obviously styling is not as important as curing cancer but there is something so amazing about helping someone look & feel beautiful and to see them shine from within!

If you are an aspiring stylist or looking to get into this business..leave a comment/question below and I will do my best to answer them!



Colorpoppin’ & Hipshakin’

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Yes another day another campaign..I recently got to style BesoBeso’s 2nd campaign and it was brilliant! Color poppin and hip shakin was the name of the game. Not only did I style the campaign but I got to style the owner Jacqueline Brown and actress Tiffany Thornton (from Disney) …Dressed Jackie in Diane Von Furstenberg & Rag&Bone….Styled Tiffany in the one and only Topshop and of course tons and tons of Beso Beso Jewels.

Moss Collection from Beso Beso Jewels on Vimeo.

If you havnt seen our last campaign that I styled for their Moss it is! Enjoy! BesoBeso*



Colorblocking, Starbucks, Heels, SafetyPins..

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And an eventful weekend it was….Styled up the Spring editorial for Bunker Hill magazine. Spring is around the corner, flowers are slowly blooming, and Colors are finally arising.With Spring’s near arrival, soon there will be blocks of colors on every corner. Pairing a rich royal purple with a blood orange red  has to be one of my fave color combos for this season.

Love how in every image im inseparable from my Starbucks (Black..please) and Blackberry  with shoes and safety pins in the oher hand. yes.. the necessities of a stylist. Colorblocking, Starbucks, Heels, Safety Pins..Yes the story of my life.

(The Brands of the looks I styled above are from: Marc Jacobs, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, BesoBeso, Moschino, BCBG Maxazria )

Hope you had a lovely weekend  and that your week is off to a perfect start! HAPPY MONDAY!



The Higher The Heel The Closer To God

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Cant believe how fast time flies! It’s been 6 months since I styled the first Penelope & Coco campaign (See the last campaign here!)   which was pretty darn ahhh-mazing. I felt like this time around everything was an upgrade from the location, to the model, to do setup, to the styling, etc. Its all about growing and becoming better than the last time around…that’s how I measure success.

Styled up 8 ahhh-mazing looks for their new look book & video campaign…..everything from minimalistic grunge to quirky sophistication. Not to mention that Penelope & Coco has added some SKY HIGH WEDGES & HEELS to their fall 2011 collection. Cant show you how bad ass they are quite yet but soon my darlins’ soon. Besides….The Higher The Heel The Closer To God :)

Another busy week..filming a fashion tutorial with Michelle Phan today for yall( I know i know we’ve been lagging in this department!) ..Styling up another 3 campaigns & Editorial this week! Happy Monday!



The Sassiest Gal In Town!

posted by on 2011.02.28, under Behind the Scenes

sooooo HAPPY MONDAY darlins’s. As a freelance stylist there is one thing you need to get accustomed to and that is…there is No such thing as weekends! But blessed that I am able to make a career out of something I love to do. This past weekend Michelle Phan, Krista Bradford, and I got together and glammed up Shira Lazar. Shira was covering the red carpet for ..and Wowzaaaa tell me that she  looked dropped dead gorgeous! I styled her in a beautiful Ronald Abdalla fitted champagne colored gown…i mean this gown fit Shira like a glove and of course tone and tons of bling bling from Erica Courtney, and shoes from Christian Louboutin (not shown). She looked like a million bucks and  was very much so worth a million…literally…no pun intended! Shira is a natural beauty but with some extra help of our glam squeezy we turned her into the sassiest gal in town, well in this case, the Red Carpet.

Busy Busy week shooting 2 lookbooks & campaigns, prepping for Aspen, Fashion tutorials coming ur way this week, and possibly some giveaways!




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So this is what I LOVE about my job…seeing the FINAL product of our creation. About a month back I had the chance to consult & style up an amazing new jewelry line called Beso Beso. Im sure you guys were aweing over their jewels from my last blog post (click here for behind the scenes post!). As a stylist i’ve seen tons of jewelry lines but by far BesoBeso has to be one of my tippity top favorites! WHY? because 1. they are soooo wearable 2. their rockcandy is edible (silence….) hahah im jk! But it looks so good u want to eat them!  3. They have the best LAYERING pieces. 4. The designer is simply just fahhhhh-bulous darlin’

speaking of THE designer…here is the woman behind these rocks..her name is Jacqueline Brown and she is KILLIN’ the game.

Not only did Jacqueline hire me to style her lookbook/ campaign but also she hired me to style HER! When I met jacqueline I immediately knew by her bubbly & quirky personality that she needed a look that was functional (she’s a working woman..duh!), young & fun, sexy but stylish. So I dressed her in this Leopard print croptop (the back is quite amazing with a bunch of cutouts), highwaisted vintage levi’s cut off shorts, Combat boots with thigh highs, and of course a floppy hat to keep her beautiful face out of the sun!

And of course as always im covered up in a hat and sunglasses to protect myself from the sun as well. I swore when I was a kid I wouldnt be one of those crazy asian women who would slather on SPF every  hour and cover herself silly with a sun protector , glasses, and gloves..but darn i think im getting close to it (just missing the gloves….thanks mom for the inspiration)

If you want to find out more info on Beso Beso you can either visit their Website here, or like them on Facebook here, or follow them on Twitter here, (did I miss any other sites? damn social networking..theres too many of u, i cant keep track!)

Photographer- Karla Ticas // Make up & Hair- Leibi Carias // Stylist: Chriselle Lim // Videographer- David Gallardo

Fashion video campaign coming near you!

Til’ next time darlins’ *BesoBeso *kisskiss



Excuses, Excuses

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Recently I got a chance to style the Babakul Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook & campaign. Its amazing what a pair of bad ass heels and the right accessories can do to a simple outfit. What I love about Babakul is that it is uber easy to wear, they have the best layering pieces, and yes…watch out for their colored trousers (on my list of Fall 2011 trend must haves!)

As a stylist…you have to always continuously be building your “kit.” AKA never stop shopping. Yes, I can proudly say I have one of the best jewelry kits around town because I am constantly on the search of AHHHHH-MAZING pieces. Whether they are vintage, cheap finds, or investment pieces!!  (All that jewelry on the table is probably 25% of my jewelry collection ) I guess everyday is an excuse to shop! whoops..i mean an excuse to “invest” …ahhhh ok Excuses Excuses…i just love to shop.

therapy anyone?



The Days Are Near

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Lat week it was quite busy styling and shooting back to back for multiple lookbooks and campaigns but yesterday Michelle Phan and I worked on an exciting collaboration and filmed a fashion video out in Santa Monica. They booked us a beautiful hotel at Casa Del Mar… we overlooked the ocean while we were working. I’m tellin you…the view of the ocean can make any crazy, workaholic, high strung (ummm yes “hi”) person relaxed and rejuvenated.

Heres a beautiful dress i wore yesterday…perfect match of linen, sheers, and crochet..its absolutely the perfect spring fling dress! I am working on a collaboration with a designer in which I cannot reveal yet…but this is one of their dresses. They are flying us out to NY fashion week and we will be attending their shows. Also they will be dressing/styling me for the event so that takes a huge burden off my shoulder in putting cute looks together myself. Ugh..even though Im a stylist..i just realized i would love to have my own stylist to ALWAYS dress & style me…At that would be way too easy! Will be keeping you updated with all of our NY adventures..

and OH! would you guys like me to make a Valentines day tutorial? It’s kind of last minute..but i’ve been getting numerous requests for it!




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