How I Find Calmness Within the Chaos

Fashion week is always so much fun, but with all that fun and excitement being thrown your way, it can also get to be a really stressful time.  I know I’m not the first one to say this but I’m always an amalgamation of excitement and anxiety all rolled up into a dress! My anxiety usually stems from getting knocked off my usual routine. My sleep schedule suddenly becomes nonexistent and I don’t get to workout as regularly as I do when I’m back in LA (in my opinion, working out is the #1 stress/anxiety reliever). The last few seasons, I’ve managed to take fashion week back into my own hands and I’ve started to do things that I would normally do when I’m home. I’ve tried eating better and have some sort of a routine down to have some type of consistency for the week. Keep scrolling to discover how I find the calmness amidst the beautiful chaos.

1. Working Out

I’ve been making time to work out when I travel and I can honestly say it’s absolutely worth it. I feel so much more like myself when I can get in a good sweat session in. Even if it’s just 30 minutes on the treadmill, I’ll take it! Having a hotel with a good gym doesn’t hurt either!

2. Morning Meditation

Like I talked about in this post here, having a bit of time to myself to gather my thoughts and really prepare for the day makes all the difference. I recently started to incorporate this into my morning routine when I travel! Even a five-minute meditation or setting some affirmations for the day can help me set the tone for an awesome day.

3. No More FOMO

I used to get major FOMO (a.k.a: fear of missing out) and wanted to attend everything! But now my team and I are a lot more selective when it comes to my schedule for fashion week and I genuinely feel like I’m not stretching myself too thin anymore. I have a much more peaceful mindset and I feel like I can really be present to make that time count more!

4. Eating Healthy

When you get off your routine, it’s so easy to just throw caution to the wind and totally binge out but I know how I bad I will feel after I eat badly, so now I’m super conscious of what I eat when I’m traveling. Everything from packing healthy snacks to researching the menu of the restaurant before you go, making sure I eat well and eat enough is super important to me during fashion week. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a pretzel in Times Square!  You end up walking a lot more in New York anyway, right?

5. Don’t Feel Guilty

Easier said than done, I know. I usually travel for work, so anytime I’m gone, I always feel like I’m on the clock. But recently, I’ve been trying to take a step back and really appreciate the moments. While I was in New York, I was invited to the Harper Bazaar by Moët Chandon and then snuck away to visit Times Square and I had so much fun! So take a step back from your day-to-day and do something you’ve always wanted to do even if you only have an hour to do it! 

Do you guys have any tips for finding the calm within the crazy? I want to know! Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!

PS: A huge thanks to my friends at Jaguar for taking my team and I around NYFW in style!




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  • dourev says:

    great post is to find calmness… For me it is important in the morning to listen to my french christian’s radio where I can think about a passage of the bible with a commentaries
    my thoughts and prayers try to find the best way for the day. Also in the day to avoid “burn out” I manage some time to be alone to do nothing else than relaxation.

  • Hanka Gerretsen says:

    Dear Chriselle,

    I really like your strategy of letting go the fear of missing out of something. It feels so enlightened, to let go of things.
    Also not feeling guilty is one of my favourites.

    Yours, Hanka Gerretsen

  • Good day Chriselle, Yes no more FOMO and morning meditation 💯.

  • Yelda Kazimi says:

    FOMO is so real! Everyone must feel some sort of FOMO at times, right?! I think 1) exercise is probably my #1 way to find calmness in chaos and 2) grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting on my porch for 10 minutes in silence is another way (and usually I do this to escape three little, at times fussy, toddlers). Side note: I am a new follower — love your content and as a fellow mama who loves fashion, I find your blog so relatable and inspiring. I also just launched my lifestyle blog ( and would love it if you stopped by and shared your thoughts.


  • Alina says:

    LOVE this photoshoot! So cool and edgy!

  • Tina says:

    I think the fear of missing out can really burden us, stress us out and make us feel like we need to do everything and be everything.
    It was my first time attending fashion week and it was nothing near as hectic as yours but I still go through the same issues! Great tips to keep in mind!

    xoxo Tina |

  • Vivian says:

    this dress is gorgeous on you!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  • Aisha says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this, love the encouraging tones & such great tips.
    You rock inside & out! Keep shining beautiful Chriselle! XXX

  • sara nena says:

    so nice dress, the fabric gives the twist!!

  • These are great tips. I do tend to go to the gym to actually calm down especially with the stress of modern working culture. I also like to have a cup of green tea before bed time, this also helps to settle the nerves down.

  • Tanja says:

    absolute love your style
    xo tanja

  • Line says:

    Which app do you use for meditating? 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    Definitely agree that eating better and moving helps so much with stress! 🙂 <3 Looking lovely as always, Chriselle! These photos are amazing!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Joyce says:

    Yes thank you for sharing the realness Chriselle! Feeling you <3

  • Mari says:

    Great tips! I ll use it when I am having stressed days and need to manage too many things and feel that I am not coping. Thank you very much!!!

  • Natali says:

    Your velvet dress is incredible and it suits you perfectly! You’re such a stunner Chriselle!

  • Alisha Ricki says:

    Great post and love this outfit !! OTK really elevates simple pieces xo, Alisha Ricki | Life(Style) &Travel

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    The fear of missing out is key to everything … having a control and balance desire and attitude without FOMO is the greatest achievement to a healthy lifestyle especially being in a chaotic environment. Simply a wonderful post! 🙂

    🍂🍁LA BIJOUX BELLA 🍂🍁| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Shloka says:

    These are all such great tips! I think it’s so important to try and eat healthy when you’re on a hectic trip – it can be really easy to just let go but then that’s how things get more chaotic! I also love that you make time for working out but also for having fun!


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