3 Ways to Detox While Flying​

I’m personally not a fan of eating airplane food because a. it’s usually not the healthiest, b. it very rarely tastes good, and c. I don’t ever digest it well. It always ends up sitting really heavy and I end up bloated and feeling uncomfortable. Which is NEVER a good thing, especially if you’re on a super long flight. To combat this, I have a 3 tips and tricks I swear by to make sure my travel day goes as smoothly as possible. Keep scrolling to see how I detox while traveling!


Tip 1- Get to the airport early. 

You should always get to the airport early if you can. Try to get there at least an hour, and sometimes more if you’re flying internationally or it’s a holiday. I always find it better to be safe than sorry! Another benefit of getting to the airport early is having the chance to eat a real meal before you jump on your flight. Get some good healthy food in you, pick up some healthy snacks, (almonds anyone?) and a big bottle of water to keep you hydrated. 

Pro tip: if you don’t want to buy a bottle of water at the airport- bring an empty reusable bottle like this one in your carry-on, and fill it up at a water fountain! I’ve even noticed some airports have actual water bottle filling stations, how cool is that?

Tip 2- Bring detox tea.

There are so many detox teas on the market but recently but I’ve been a huge fan of these two: The Caudalie tea, which you might remember from my French Pharmacy post and the Pukka detox tea. To put it simply, these detox teas help you go pee! Like… a lot. The tea basically flushes out your system, helping you get rid of any toxins your body might be carrying. And if you’re like me, you tend to retain water when you travel so these teas are a total lifesaver! I also highly suggest requesting an aisle seat for easy bathroom access (although I know most people prefer the window seat).

Tip 3- Protein Powder.

I always bring some protein powder as a meal substitute. Traveling is unpredictable, so if something comes up and it gets too busy to eat, or there’s not enough time to find a healthy place to eat, I always have a back-up! If you don’t have any travel protein powders like this one, a lot of the shops at the airport carry meal replacement bars. Sometimes, even if I have a big meal before flying, I’ll try to sleep through the flight then have a shake as my ‘breakfast’! 


I can’t tell you how much these tips have helped me and my team while traveling. Remember, your body and your health should always come first! Another trick I picked up in my travels is to wear compression socks while flying! I’m all for cozy fuzzy socks, but compression socks help blood flow and keep you from swelling. They might not be the cutest socks, but your body will thank you when you land, I promise!

Do you have any flying tips? Please let me know down below! I love hearing all of your suggestions. Happy Thursday, all!


  • Kaylee K says:

    I NEEDED this post! I’m flying to the USVI in the beginning of March and flying always takes a toll on my body (and skin). I can’t wait to try those teas!
    My favorite flying trick is wearing a huge cardigan or poncho that can double as a blanket!
    XX -KK

  • Samantha Le Simon says:

    I am always for facial spray during long flight hours with international flights.
    A must in my handbag is the Avene Thermal Spray and the Vaseline for dry lips on flight.
    Also, I’m always carrying hand lotion to hydrate my hands and nails as well.

  • Great tips! I would love to try a detox fusion. Happy day!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for these great tips and tricks! <3 I've ever only flown at night, and for not too long, so I've managed to keep my hunger at bay for now hahaha! But I can definitely see why airplane food can make you feel sick 🙁 But these tips are super helpful, especially the one about water! Thank you for sharing!

  • Karla says:

    Love these tips, I always get the same so bloated and uncomfortable! I’ll be sure to use these next time. My #1 tip is hydration! Peeing constantly is a pain but I always feel better if I’m hydrated, and my skin doesn’t suffer as much! X

  • Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Fatou Diaw says:


  • Lauren says:

    I’m the same way, always early and love a good meal to keep me less hangry 😉


  • Therese says:

    Going to try this on my next trip! I’m always bloated when I land and never understood why! Thanks for the tips

    One tip I like is to bring Herban Essential towelettes. They’re great for wiping down your seat and tray and smells great! They come in eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, and peppermint. The peppermint one came in handy when my friends had tummy aches.

    xo, Therese

  • Alyssa says:

    These are amazing tips! Thanks for sharing! xx

  • Jessica says:

    Detox tea is everything! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  • Leah says:

    I always get to the airport early. I don’t think I could drink the detox tea! I would end up going to the bathroom on the plane every five minutes! AHHH!!!

  • sasa says:

    Would love to try these:P

    Shall We Sasa

  • I adore Pukka detox tea and have been drinking it for 4 years now! Every single night shortly before getting into bed to read a book. It’s such a great way to settle your stomach. I take it with me everywhere haha I sound like such a grandma! x

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    I love tea … Always a healthy idea. Merci for the wonderful tips! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Carey says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Carey

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