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PFW Day 4: Sick in Bed

Today actually took a bit of an unexpected turn because I ended up getting quite sick and I had to skip all of my morning shows and appointments. Not going to lie – we went pretty hard the first three days and my body told me it was time to slow down. I ended up staying in the entire morning to rest and am feeling fully recharged again.  Since the team and I arrived in Paris, we’ve been running off about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Today was the first day I actually got a full 7 hours of sleep and let me tell you, my body felt quite amazing when I woke up.  I actually received compliments today saying how great looked (oh, what the power of sleep can do for you and your skin)!

3PM: Elie Saab Show

I started off my day with the Elie Saab show. This is my 5th consecutive Elie Saab show (including haute couture) and it’s always such a pleasure attending. What I appreciate about the Elie Saab Ready-to-Wear collection is that it’s so different than their couture collection. It felt so young, fresh, and edgy. The theme was Standing On Stardust and as you guys can imagine, there was tons of glitter and shimmer. All of the It Girls like Karlie Kloss, Hailey Baldwin, and Gigi Hadid exuded so much glamour as walked one of the glitziest shows of Paris Fashion Week.

4PM: Mihano Mimosa 

Immediately after the show, we walked over to a showroom to check out a new designer I recently discovered called Mihano Momosa. He’s a designer from Serbia and he is just the sweetest thing I’ve ever met! He told me that his inspiration comes from how his mom used to dress. A mixture of elegance and femininity! There were A-line silhouettes and beautiful gowns, but their signature piece they’re known for is their bell sleeves. I saw this white set and immediately knew I wanted to try it on. The intricacy to his work is insane… I like to call it romantic wearable couture.





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5pm- Aimee Song’s Book Signing

One of my dearest friends Aimee Song of the blog Song Of Style was having a book signing at Colette for her newly released book titled “Capture Your Style.” Naturally, I rushed over as quickly as possible to go and support my girl! It took her so many years to write this and I am beyond proud of her.

6PM: Street Style

I pretty much wore this outfit for the majority of the day. I decided to go with a lace lavender lace top and paired it with a simple pair of white trousers. I’ve been keeping it quite simple this week with my fashion week outfits but I think it’s a good reflection of my personal style.



6:30PM: Roger Vivier Presentation

This was such beautiful collection and I was so impressed with not only all of the new styles, but all of the intricate detail on each piece. It was the perfect mix of classic silhouettes and modern styles. I’ll take one of each, please!

dg1a9674-copy dg1a9683-copy dg1a9675-copy dg1a9676-copy
7:30PM: Nina Ricci Show

After the presentation, I went straight to the Nina Ricci show. There were sporty vibes mixed with glamorous and classic shapes and I loved the purple theme throughout the collection and the venue. From slip dresses, velvets, stripes, mixed prints and a whole lot of shimmer, Nina Ricci killed it yet once again.


8:30PM: Mugler Store Opening

I went to go visit my friends at Mugler to celebrate their store opening. I haven’t seen David since the Vogue Paris dinner so it was definitely a treat to see him again! The store looked gorgeous and it happens to be their first store in Paris. Big congrats!

11:30PM: FWRD Party

I was reunited with my FWRD/Revolve fam, Raissa and Michael where we really got our dance on. The last time we all hung out like this was at the Revolve House in the Hamptons so it was great to see them in Paris!

Although I had a rough start in the morning I’m glad I was able to rest up for a few hours. As important as Fashion Week is to me, my heath comes first! I hope you all enjoyed today’s PFW Day 4 post, and be sure to see the rest of my Paris fashion week craziness (if you haven’t already) herehere and here


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  • Amber Reneè says:


    Amber Reneè of,

  • Elizabeth T. says:

    Aww I hope you’re feeling better Chriselle! 🙁 It sucks to be sick while traveling, and I’m glad to hear that you at least got to rest a little more! On another note, the Elie Saab show was amazing! Loved all of your looks as well!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • sahara says:

    Love those dramatic sleeves <3


  • Wow such beautiful photos, I really really love that blouse. It is the perfect shade of lilac, and I can’t ever get enough of lace <3 | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.


  • Anne says:

    Love the feature of Mihano Momosa too! It’s like finding a hidden gem.

  • Anne says:

    Sad to see you sick! But I really love the posts. As much as I want you guys to keep them coming, would really prefer for you and your team to have the due rest you need. Missing Chloe! God bless

    Xo from Dubai

  • Glad you were able to rest up!! Lovely photos and those bell sleeves!! x

  • Mireia says:

    You have a lot of fun every day!

    Mireia from TGL

  • manuela says:

    Hi beautiful girl!!!!! you are amazing, even when you don’t sleel 7 hours!!
    fantastic looks, but I love your Mugler outfit!! Abso gorgeous!
    I’ll wait the day 5 of PFW!!
    thank you so much!
    xoxo M.

  • Vivian says:

    Glad you got some well deserved rest! Photos look so fun~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  • Luz says:

    It’s really difficult to survive with 3/4 hours of sleep! I need 7 in order to be productive!

    I love your minimal, effortless, chic style! Don’t change!

  • Michela says:

    Loved these pictures 🙂

  • Jessica Lam says:

    Love love love your style Chriselle! That purple top is amazing!

  • yolanda says:

    Impressive pictures and I just love the top from Elie Saab!
    I hope you will feel better soon.

  • Kathy says:

    Hi Chriselle,

    You are the only fashion blogger that I follow so closely and look forward to the snapchats every single day. Sorry you’re sick! Don’t mind if the blogs are uploaded at a different time instead of being live, but I do very much enjoy them all!

    Kathy x

  • Hayley Larue says:

    That purple color looks beautiful on you! <3

  • Natali says:

    Amazing post yet again, so much inspiration in every single photo and every single day of the PFW!

  • Shloka says:

    Firstly, I hope you’re feeling better! Poor you – I can imagine that with the travelling and the lack of sleep your body must be exhausted!

    You still look SO fabulous and it’s so amazing that you still managed a full day of activities! The shows look amazing, especially the Ellie Saab one – so different than what usually comes out of that amazing house!

    I absolutely love Aimee’s book! It’s been a pleasure to read and you can tell how much time and effort went into it!


  • Andy says:

    Hi Criselle!
    I really love reading about your PFW experience but as you said on your snapchat it’s hard work to do. I would not mind if the posts would come up at a different time or different times for each post…
    maybe keeping the schedule more flexible will bring you more sleep?


  • Eve says:

    Hi Chriselle. It must’ve been hard and tiring for you to do recaps daily, but I am enjoying it so much and I anticipate your nyfw and pfw posts everyday! 🙂 Rest well! x

  • Jenni says:

    Love your street style look! 🙂

  • lynngweeny says:

    I’m obsessed with the daily posts and snapchat. Please know that all your hard work is appreciated. How else would I ever experience these incredible events???? I’m in awe of the dresses and venues and Paris and your energy! THANK YOU Chriselle and team!

  • Thuy says:

    Love your Mugler outfit and Derek Lam shoes. Also, I’m glad you listened to your body and rested up. Good for the long run 🙂

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Beautiful clothes … Glorious sceneries! Absolutely breathtaking as always! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Anna Grace Birley says:

    So sorry you’re sick!! I love everything about these recaps I know you work so hard to get them up. Thank you for your hard work and your outfits are so inspirational and to see what you get to do during fashion weeks is like being there especially on snapchat!! Lots of love

  • Mary says:

    i love all your looks, so sorry you got sick!

  • Alisha Ricki says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! Love all your looks =)

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