A Second Chance at Life // 1 Hotel Central Park




Even though the hustle and bustle of NYFW was in the Soho area, I actually preferred to stay in Midtown, away from it all. It’s away from all the chaos of fashion week, but still centrally located enough to get everywhere! Ever since I had Chloe, traveling hasn’t been easy for me. Getting homesick is something that happens often now when I’m not with my family, so finding a hotel where I feel comfortable and at home in is very important to me. Especially when I’m gone for so long!

Thankfully, my friends at 1 Hotel Central Park hosted us and I honestly can’t think of a better place to call home for fashion week. 1 Hotel worked with local suppliers for their building materials, which let them give some amazing character to a modern, eco-friendly hotel in New York City. They’re known for their hemp sheets, and have live plants everywhere you look. It truly is a refuge in the middle of Manhattan! 1 Hotel actually opened up just 3 months ago, but the minute you see it from the outside, you know it’s something special. After a long and tiring day, the minute we’d get dropped off at our hotel, I would see the greenery covered building, I knew I was home. From the nice and attentive staff to having a doorman named Dior, the white marble bathroom, and the spectacular view of New York outside my window, 1 Hotel was the best home to have during our stay for fashion week. But I fell in love with the grand entrance, which was made with fallen tree branches from Central Park. I love the idea that these fallen branches now have a second chance at life! It just made everything about the hotel even more special because they are eco-friendly, but still incredibly luxurious. I loved the small details the most. All of the wood was recycled and the water was triple filtered! Even the hotel room key was made from recycled paper. Everything from the intricate textures in the lobby to the scent of cedar that greeted you right when you walk into the hotel reminded me of California.

Since we were conveniently next to Central Park, the location gave my team and I a chance to take random walks throughout the day, or just to get a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed being able to check out of the fashion week scene when I was done for the day. I found myself catching up with e-mails, enjoying my cup of coffee (that espresso machine in our room though!) and getting work done in between shows or facetiming Chloe! 1 Hotel’s atmosphere was very work-friendly, but it also offered a great escape. And in the moments of chaos, it really helped to be able to have such a productive environment for all my needs.

 Oftentimes when people are looking for hotels, it’s easy to dismiss the importance of staying at a more unique hotel. But I think finding a special hotel is very important because it’s going to be your temporary home for the duration of your travel time! Thanks again to 1 Hotel Central Park for hosting my team and I for the perfect NY trip!




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  • Katherine says:

    I love the hotel pictures! It looks amazingly serene and relaxing!

  • Thao Dominic says:

    The hotel room is so beautiful. Love your photography as always. You look so chilled and relaxed there.

    Sun In A Golden Cup | by Thao Dominic

  • A&I says:

    Loving seeing you with glasses. You can pull anything up (even the blonde wig on your snapchat!).
    That door is stunning!

    xx // Afza

  • Mikayla says:

    What a beautiful hotel, I really love the earthy decorations. So chic. xx


  • Rhea says:

    This hotel looks so unique and special! Love the decor and of course that it is eco-friendly. Hope you had a great time. 🙂

  • seer5 says:

    looks like must visit

  • Love Climate says:


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  • Eden says:

    Love the unique style of this hotel! Midtown is my favourite part of NYC too, great location to see everything 🙂

  • Viviene Kok says:

    I love hotels that are like this. Growing up in a city, staying at a place with an ‘escape-y’ feel makes another city vacation much more interesting 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Real Life Nerd //

  • ana says:

    Such a gorgeous and quirky hotel! I love all the touches x

    Check out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    A home away from home is an important part in our emotional support system, our human nature tends to connect to our roots no matter where the wind takes us. A beautiful and thoughtful place to stay that partly filled a void in our heart is a place worth coming back to …. 🙂

    Simply a beautiful place. 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • sahara says:

    I really like how you describe your feelings!

  • Natali says:

    Wow!! Beautiful photos! It almost feels as if I was there, that’s how real “feeling” they give me!

  • Christianne says:

    I love your hotel Chriselle! I want to stay there too one day.

  • Mash says:

    Love your blogs every more lately!! You are my inspiration!


  • Elizabeth T. says:

    The hotel’s decor looks awesome 🙂 Very modern and chic, yet at the same time, gives off a comforting vibe!
    Really glad to hear that you had great accommodations while staying in New York! <3
    Your photos are always so stunning!

    xo, elizabeth t.

  • Stephanie says:

    This hotel looks spectacular!


  • Kt says:

    What a beautiful hotel – love the pics!


    Come see how much fun Pisa was!

  • Diane says:

    This is such a beautiful hotel! It’s so natural and green. I would feel such at peace staying here!

    xx, Diane ||

  • sasa says:

    Beautiful hotel<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • Jessica Rose says:

    These pictures are stunning, the hotel looks amazing and I love the slogan with the different elements used

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