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What to Wear To a Wedding

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

wedding attire, wedding guest, dresses, nude dress, blush

It’s that time of year again…Wedding season! While some of my best friends are already married, I still have a good deal of friends that still have yet to tie the knot or are getting married this year. Most notably .. I’m super excited to be going to Greece for a friend’s wedding this summer!  While attending weddings can be extremely exciting & fun, the most common question asked is…. What To Wear To A Wedding ?

Blush has always been one of my favorite colors due to it’s feminine & romantic charm. Hence the reason why it was one of my wedding colors! It’s also a favorite color of mine to wear to weddings. Traditionally most brides prefer to be the only ones wearing white, but keep in mind that every bride is different.  I’ve seen more & more modern weddings where they actually don’t mind. The perfect example is my friend who is getting married in Greece, she asked all of her guests to wear white. (I mean an all white party in Greece? Can’t go wrong with that, right?) As most of you guys know I wear A LOT of whites and creams on the regular, but this is the one day I’ll stay away from those colors, unless the bride & groom says otherwise. Respectfully, you don’t want to take the spotlight away from the bride, so I also try to stay away from really bold colors such as a fuchsia pink or neon. (Again, every wedding & bride is different, but these are my personal opinions after attending a number of weddings and being a bride myself.) That’s why blush pink and pastels have always been a go to color for me to wear- neutral but not too neutral, colorful without being too colorful.

 I’ve had this pink two piece for months now, and have been looking for the perfect excuse to wear it out. First of all I love that I’m able to wear these pieces separately. (I paired this pinkAssali top with a more casual outfit HERE. ) Allen & I got invited to a black tie wedding in August, (we have 8 weddings to attend this year! ah!) and this two piece would be the perfect thing to wear. Which brings me to another point… make sure to look at the Dress Attire on the invitation. It’s important that you are not overdressed or underdressed for a wedding.

Anyways… does this location look familiar? We decided to take a trip down memory lane and shoot this story at Greystone Mansion where I got married 3 years ago (watch my wedding video HERE)! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Just for fun Karen and I tried to recreate my wedding dress photo as seen here! For those of you that recently got engaged, be sure to check out my wedding series to get an idea of what you’re in for when it comes to planning and prepping a wedding! & for the guests .. be sure you read up on proper wedding etiquette!

Happy Friday!


P.S Below are some great outfit ideas ( in the widget) for those of you attending weddings this year.


  • Oroma R. R. says:

    This outfit is amazing! Love it so much <3

    / O.R.R. || A Life & Personal Style Blog

  • Chriselle, You could make a potatoe sack look runway ready!


  • Rose says:

    Love this dress! Discovered it in this article and wanted to share: http://smcontributor.com/fashion-and-beauty/yuki-ito/wonder-woman-chriselle-lim/

  • Prudence says:

    Really elegant and lovely two-piece perfect for a wedding guest outfit look! Especially love the button design at the back of the top, very chic detail!


  • Denise says:

    Woooow amazing outfit! So elegant!


  • Kiara King says:

    That outfit is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! The colour on you is so perfect, and I love your tips. It’s sometimes so hard to figure out what you should, could and would wear to a wedding.


  • A&I says:

    Aww I remember watching your wedding video on youtube. It always brings tears of joy!
    You look stunning Chriselle! And I’m in love with the blush color!

    xx // A&I

  • Aronne says:

    Wow you look so gorgeous!!!! It must be really nice to have friends from all over the world! That’s awesome how you’re going to GREECE


  • Emily says:

    Ahhh I still remember watching your wedding series…
    By the way, that dress is so on point 😀

    -Emily Kwok

  • La Bijoux Bella | by Mia says:

    As always . . . Pure perfection & romance blushing in the wind. An unforgettable look or a special occasion yet subtle and silent whisper of a classic timeless look. 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Hannah says:

    Beautiful dress and style. I love it! xx

  • Monika says:

    I love this look! It’s so flattering and I agree that it’s a great color to wear to a wedding. That wedding in Greece sounds amazing by the way!


  • Glam Latte says:

    I love the idea of wearing a tiered look to a wedding! Plus the color palette is gorgeous!


  • mash says:

    Super cute dress! Love everything about it!


  • Natali says:

    You look so enchanting in this fairytale like dress!!
    Amazing photos too!


  • absolutely love how you styled and the photography is stunning.
    the mauve pink colour looks very romantic, perfect for attending a garden wedding especially!


  • Nana says:

    The shoes are ugly :/

  • shannette says:

    You look lovely hun. Your dress sits on yoU perfect.

  • Rachel says:

    I’m always in love with the photography on your blog. I think blush is such a pretty colour too. It’s so feminine and easy to wear. The outfit definitely looks elegant but in an understated way.

    The Runaway Journal

  • Lyndsay says:

    I’m feeling a little silly right now. I just switched to a new e-mail address yesterday and I can’t seem to find where to sign up again for your e-mails. I jumped the gun and unsubscribed from my old address, and now it seems like those old links aren’t working at all. I really enjoy seeing your posts everyday and I want to make sure I don’t miss any. Could you point me in the right direction or just get me set up again? Thanks so much.

    BTW I love the color of this outfit. Blush is one of my absolute favorite colors and a staple in my wardrobe.

  • Diep says:

    Everything about this is perfection! <3


  • Liz says:

    that is such a pretty dress


  • Pam says:

    This is exactly what I would want to wear to a wedding. It’s elegant, classy, sophisticated and perfect for the occasion. As always, thanks for the inspiration!


  • Emma says:

    This is the perfect dress to wear to a wedding! There’s so many other occasions it could work for too!

  • Marsya says:

    You look fabulous and oh my, you look wonderful! xo


  • Kate says:

    Love this on you! Amazing!


    Come see my picks for the perfect Summer ready LBD’s!


  • THis s such a beautiful ensemble! Love the delicate pink and unique flare cut! So elegant, feminine and definitely not dull!

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