Beachside Minimalism

















Photography by Karen Rosalie 

Growing up, like many others, I struggled with my own identity and self esteem. My wardrobe consisted of “barely there” outfits, thinking that the more skin I showed, the more “attention” I would get, and the “sexier” I would feel. Wish I knew back then that confidence starts from loving yourself first, and not seeking the approval from others. If I could tell my younger self something … that would be, “You are beautiful”.

Fast forward 10 years, I can  say that my style has completely evolved since then. Occasionally I will pull out the “barely there” shorts/skirts during the Summer, but for the most part I love playing with different shapes & silhouettes.  Wide legged pants can be so challenging because it’s counterintuitive to what you might choose for a flattering shape. But I love how wide & loose these wide- leg pants are! They are also perfect for my postpartum body- extremely loose, comfy, yet sophisticated & sexy all at the same time. High waisted Wide Leg pants have a way in making your legs look longer and taller (especially when worn with a pair of heels). I’m usually one to pair a tighter top with loose bottoms, but instead I paired it with an extremely flowy and simple split back tank. I find it  extremely  attractive when a woman can rock a minimalistic  masculine outfit. It’s powerful, sophisticated, and somewhat bohemian.

I know I say it often but I’m so blessed to be able to live by the beach! The fact that I get to witness such beautiful sunsets is definitely nothing short of a little miracle. Reminding you guys to start this week with a little bit of thankfulness, and to count your blessings no matter how big or small! And remember… “You are beautiful”.

Happy Monday!


Pants: BCBG  (love these for less than $50 HEREHERE)

Tank: Express

Sandals: Sigerson Morrison 

Purse: Balenciaga 

Nail Polish: Deborah Lippmann

Lipstick: Mac Red


  • Sarah says:

    Lovely outfit and lovely post. Ahah! That’s how you wear a tulip back shirt without revealing your entire torso when the wind picks up… high waisted bottoms.

  • Amanda says:

    Could you please include where you jewelry comes from at each outfit? Your jewelry is so simple and chic which makes me want to buy some of my own!

  • stephanie says:

    Great shoots! The red tops is so stunning! <3


  • mc says:

    love the outfit, love the post ! Thanks for sharing Chriselle =)

  • vera says:

    You look gorgeous! I love the red top!!


  • Getri says:

    Very lovely photos!

    But if I’m not wrong then I can see a price tag on your butt.

  • Lindsay says:

    Pretty outfit! Love the pants!!


  • Lily says:

    How amazing it must be to live by the beach! Ugh!
    Lovely pictures. I really like the bold red with the pastel blue Nail polish.
    Amazing outfit put together, really catches the beach vibes. Lovely!

    Here for Recipes and Random

  • Zarrah says:

    Simple yet so chic
    I love the beach
    So summery feeling

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  • Juliana says:

    I think as women, our closets change as we grow, from youthful/fun to adult/ motherhood/chic lifestyle. A truly growing process. Love those pants btw!

    XOXO JuJu

  • Crystael says:

    Would you pls do a post on chic outfits that are still functional for nursing? I find it seems more challenging than dressing for the bump!

  • Hasahya says:

    This is an absolutely stunning shoot and you look so chic. Love it!

    I totally relate! When I was younger I was the same, wearing totally revealing clothes because it’s what my friends were doing and of course I wanted to fit in. My parents put their foot down as much as they could. Making me change outfits on many occasions. I would get so angry! I never understood it then but I do now – and I feel that I am much better for it.

  • What a wonderful beach look. Love the gorgeous wide pants combined with this red top!

    Laiyin | THESTYLECIRCUS.net

  • Deborah says:

    OMG love your look here…the pants are amazing!


  • rebecca says:

    Gorgeous! Love the top and bag! ❤

  • Louella says:

    Been noticing this for months: before, you were actually looking better as your pregnancy progressed. Now, you’re really looking even better and better after you gave birth! Why?!?!?! You’re so lucky to have both pregnancy and post-partum glow! I’m giving birth to my second son next month and you inspire me to stay chic!

  • Monika says:

    I really like those pants and the red looks so nice against the rosy sky! I think it’s always good to have a moment of thankfulness and to remember the good qualities you possess.


  • Konstantina Antoniadou says:

    you look stunning in every one of thes photos!


  • Diana says:

    I feel the exact same way, when I was younger it was all about showing too much skin and everything needed to be tight. I wish I could go back and tell myself that getting sexy isn’t just dressing less and tight.
    || D I A N A ||

  • Natali says:

    Gorgeous photos!! Red is totally your colour and I’m loving your Balenciaga, such a cute and perfect daytime bag!


  • You ARE beautiful!;-) Love the relaxed fit of your outfit! These wide-leg pants really convince me to try this cut! Lovely top and jewelry! Fabulous Balenciaga purse and great matching sandals!

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  • miri says:

    I love these loose pants and your red lipstick!


  • Paola says:

    Love your top!

  • sara says:

    Love this pics and the top 🙂

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