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What better way to spend a Summer day than on the balcony of the Montage Hotel (Beverly Hills) soaking in the rays?  It was the perfect opportunity for me to take advantage of  the beautiful weather while getting in some color. Maybe it’s the history of bad sunburns, or paranoia from witnessing my asian mother cover herself up silly from the sun, but I’m not one to lay out and sunbath for hours. I have fairly sensitive skin, so i’m usually able to withstand the heat for about max 20-30 minutes. I’ve been a loyal fan & user of self tanners, and I thought I share with you today a few of my favorite products and {safe} tanning tips so you can get a natural glow for the Summer.



1. PREP YOUR SKIN- I’ve seen a number of bad {faux} tans,  and I like to believe that most people overlook the importance of prepping & exfoliating your skin before the application. For that airbrushed silky smooth effect you want to make sure you exfoliate in hot water to get rid of any dead skin.

2. PICK A SHADE THAT IS SIMILAR TO YOUR NATURAL COLOR- No matter how dark you want to get this Summer, make sure you build up from your natural color. Its important that you moderately increase the color level, and not aggressively jump from a 1 to a 10.

3. APPLY IN MODERATION- Ever seen an orange tan? Well, that is the reason why you don’t want to over apply  the products on your skin. Apply sparingly, and be patient to see the results before deciding to apply some more.

4. MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN- To keep that summer “glow” you want to make sure your skin is extremely hydrated. Also if your skin is hydrated the tan will last longer.

Below are my ultimate top 5 favorite self tanners that I’ve used in the past, that I highly recommend for this Summer.


1. Clarins Instant Gel – This is a unique gel formula that soaks into your skin instantly in no time. Perfect for the girl on the go that wants something quick, easy, and instant. (Works for both body & face)

2. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess- I’ve always had a hard time finding a great natural self tanner for the face , until I found this one! It gives that natural “lit from within” glow to the face…. perfect for girls like me who have sensitive & delicate skin!

3. St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil- Absolutely love this one! Because of the oil, it not only nourishes your skin but it also helps the tan to last longer.

4. Jergen’s Natural Glow- You may recall from this post HERE, where I shared with you my 3 day experience with this product. It’s still currently one of my favorites, and is great for a gradual (yet instant) color change.

5. Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Face Towelettes- Pads & towels are the easiest and quickest of all the self tanning applications out there. This towelette not only moisturize, but it also brightens your complexion!


Special Thanks to the Montage Hotel Beverly Hills

Photography by Karen Chen


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