Photography by Carmen Chan // Makeup by Gabbie Lee 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Spent the weekend in complete relaxation with the laptop buried far far away. I’ve gotten quite good at “shutting off”  (instagram doesn’t count..haha) during the weekends and giving the the hubs and my fam 100% of my time.  In the beginning I felt as if I was doing it for them, but soon realized I was doing myself a favor as I now come back to the work week full of energy, motivation, and inspiration!

Anyways these are the last set of photos that I have from my long extended stay in Hong Kong. I collaborated, once again, with the amazing photographer Carmen Chan. There’s a certain stillness & quietness to her photography that i’m completely in love with.

Also as I have finally reached my last set of outfit photos from Asia, I am just now realizing that 90% of all my looks have been various “All White” compilations. Trying to dress moderately in the midst of the sweltering heat was a challenge I faced everyday in Asia. Thankfully I brought enough breezy {white} separates that I was able to rotate over and over again into multiple different looks. This Three Floor lace crop top was one of those pieces that seemed to work with everything.



Top: * Three Floor 

Shorts: * MCM

Bracelet: Lovegold 

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (similar one HERE)

Clutch: * Diane Von Furstenberg

Rings: * Rue Gembon


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