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Perfume is one of the most understated but important details for a woman. They say scent triggers memories and I’m a big subscriber to that thought. My Chanel Chance perfume can take me back to fond memories I have associated to that scent, like my first date with Allen. But the biggest problem with perfume is that it’s short and sweet. That’s why I’m excited to share with you guys some tips I have to get a longer lasting scent from your perfume.


Tip 1: Hydrate your skin!  The perfume has a harder time adhering to dry skin so make sure you apply lotion and moisturize before applying your perfume.


Tip 2. It’s easy to focus all your attention on choosing different perfumes but don’t forget that there are also oils, toilettes and even solid perfumes, all with different weights to a scent. Oils, toilettes, and solid perfume don’t typically last as long as a perfume because their scent concentrations are lower. I like to use them as a supplement to make my perfume last all day!


Tip 3. Despite popular believe, DON’T RUB! Rubbing can cause the scent to break down, so just let your perfume dry naturally if you can.


Tip 4. DON’T apply your perfume immediately because your skin won’t absorb it as much after your shower has stripped away your body’s natural oils. Instead, I like to layer a bit of oil as base before applying my perfume.


Tip 5. When you’re picking a perfume, try to choose strong base notes. What that means is, a perfume is comprised of different scents (notes), and notes like vanilla, pine, musk generally tend to last longer.


I hope you found these tips helpful! And if there are any tips that I’ve missed, please feel free to share in the comments. Happy perfuming!



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