I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite things about summer is buying new swimsuit and shoes to match. Which, of course, means I’ll need beach ready feet. Here are some tips I have to make sure you rock this summer from head to toe!

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Step 1. Exfoliate! It’s amazing how taken for granted exfoliating is, but it’s so crucial in having smooth feet. I like combining an exfoliating brush and scrub with micro-beads to get the most out of my exfoliation.

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Step 2. The next step is a secret trick I like to do if I have time around the house or before bed. After showering, apply lotion and foot oil. Then trap the moisture into your feet by wearing socks (better yet moisturizing socks)! This guarantees smooth feet by the next day.

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Step 3: Some essentials I use to get perfect feet is heel lotion and cuticle oil.  (I’m particularly obsessed with this Butter London Heel Balm / Stiletto Stick that leaves my heels extremely moisturized, and this Sally Hansen cuticle oil.) These are the most neglected areas of your feet so make sure you take extra care of them.

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Step 4. No summer feet is complete without that bright pop of summer color. Make sure you choose a bright color to make your feet really pop!

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Now put on your sandals and you’re ready for the beach! And as always, please leave any tips you have for me in the comments! Love hearing your own beauty tips and tricks!


Special thanks to my lovely feet model Laura!

Polish Color (that Laura is wearing): Essie (Chubby Cheeks) 

Sandals:  Deena & Ozzy 


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