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I’ve always been drawn to lush and stark white decor to keep my surroundings fresh & airy.  I’m currently working on a new project that I will reveal to you next week, and in finding inspiration for this, I decided to go with a light grey color for a change.  My goal for this project is to create something that is light, airy, with a touch of glamour. Grey has always been a favorite color of mine as it evokes cozy and lighthearted mood yet extremely moody and luxe at the same time.  In my search for the perfect tint of grey, I came across a new and exciting retailer (I will reveal this next week as well)  they had tons of beautiful grey colors to choose from.  Not only is Grey the fur color of my Mignon but also a reflection of his playful and lively nature . Even more of a confirmation as to why I ended up choosing it as my color inspiration. I’m excited to share the final project with you next week but for now, above are some images I’ve gathered from Pinterest for my soon to be revealed project.  The images range from fashion on the runway to cozy knits, the ocean, beauty to home decor, to simple “mood” images.  I hope you enjoy! Where do you find inspiration?



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