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Photography by Karen Chen

It seems like just yesterday that I was in LA, but now I’m abroad again .. just kidding! I’m still in LA .. for now. The accessibility and luxury feel I get from my Cuyana dress, however, makes me feel like I’ve traveled somewhere exotic. There’s something so powerful about wearing silk that can remove you from where you are and take you into a land of luxury. If you don’t already own a silk dress, I highly recommend owning the Cuyana silk dress (I’ve got it in both black AND light grey!) It’s the perfect combination of lux and versatility this summer, two things I’m always obsessed about. I also decided to belt it with my husband’s worn & torn leather belt to give the dress a bit more shape, but I equally love wearing this dress just as is….clean and simple.

Another recent obsession of mine is my Cuyana leather tote bag.  It’s one of those versatile bags that works well for your every day workbag, carry on travel bag, and it’s a huge plus that my laptop fits in it . As a working woman who’s constantly on the go, I love the neutral color and durability that it gives me so I can take it everywhere I go. Definitely check it out in the more than 3 colors that it also comes in! This summer for me is all about luxury and keeping cool (but then again, when isn’t it?) so I’m really excited I got to share with you two of my essential items this summer. As always, stay chic!


Dress: Cuyana

Bag: Cuyana

Ring: Cuyana

Cuff: Cuyana

Shoes: Chloe

Belt: (Stole it from the hubs!)



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