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1. Slip-on Sneakers: Joie

If you’re ever traveling, always always make sure you have a pair of comfortable shoes to walk in! You never know when you’d need to walk long distances, so make sure you travel prepared. I also wear these when I’m going through security at the airport because they’re easy to take on and off!

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2. Nude Pumps: Dior

I always bring a pair of nude pumps with me because they’re so versatile in both professional and dressy settings. If you’re limited to bringing just one pair of heels, you can’t go wrong with nude. Nude goes with most things and it’s feminine and chic for every occasion. I generally stick to neutral colored (or black) shoes since they generally match any color outfit.

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3. Ankle Booties: Cynthia Vincent (Similar)

I always pack a pair of booties with me because they are my go to shoes when it comes to adding edge to any outfit. I love how ankle booties go with  casual outfits, but they also look amazing juxtaposed with more fancy dresses. When traveling I prefer a thick stacked heel so I can spend hours in them walking around exploring the city.

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4. Black Thick Heels: Proenza Schouler

Packing a pair of black heels is equivalent to packing your undies! It’s that important! Again, when it comes to high heels when traveling I prefer a thick stacked heel as it is much easier to walk around in. I prefer walking everywhere when i’m visiting a new country, as it is the best way to explore, and that is why it’s important to have comfortable shoes! I always find myself sight seeing or exploring after a fancy dinner with friends, so it’s even important that your high heels are functional!

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5. Flat Sandal: Penelope Chilvers

And of course  a pair of cute flat sandals when I am traveling,especially during the Summer!  If I know I’m going to be walking a lot because I’ll be exploring the city, I’d want to do it in style!

I have a love/hate relationship with packing because it’s so easy to under pack, or in my case overpack. Trust me… I can EASILY pack more than 10 pairs of shoes, but after paying one too may overweight luggage fees, I have finally learned my lesson. I’ve discovered that all I ever really need are these 5 pairs of shoes, which pretty much covers all activities from sightseeing, meetings, fancy dinners, beach days, etc. Although I do get tempted to bring my statement shoes, I usually leave those at home as they are less likely to match my outfits, instead i’ve learned to stick with neutral colors such as nude, black, and browns.

I know a lot of you are going on holiday/vacation, so I thought I share one of my favorite travel tips with you! Happy Traveling!



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