lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_18 lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_8 lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_2 lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_14

lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_16            {Gold earrings, on left hand-gold ring, tri-link ring, on right hand-gold bracelet}

lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_7 lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_12 lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_10 lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia

{MCM clutch, MCM shorts, Finders Keepers blazer, Christian Dior heels,  Lovegold jewelry}

lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_13 lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_4

{Selection of Hoorsenbuhs, Elena Votsi and Temple St. Clair pieces}


There’s nothing more humbling and inspiring than traveling to an unknown country. Although I travel to Asia every year, this was my first time in Hong Kong. It’s a unique destination  that has adopted different cultural influences, all while remaining its rich history. There’s a certain energy and richness that Hong Kong offers that I’ve never experienced elsewhere.

Born in Texas and raised in a small town in Northern California gave me the opportunity to dream big. Although it seemed surreal at the time, I’ve always dreamt of  living a glamorous life  in a big city.  (You may recall in this post HERE and this video HERE where I bring you back to my hometown, and share with you my love story with Gold. ) So when LoveGold asked me to wanderlust along to Asia with their glamorous gold jewels from Hoorsenbuhs, Elena Votsi and Temple St. Clair, I couldn’t have been more excited! Although I’ve always associated gold with glamour & richness, there’s a certain warmth that comes along with it. Similarly to Hong Kong, there is an undeniable energy & richness to the city, but what I found most comforting was the open & warm hearted people.

Gold has become a part of my identity.  There is rarely a day when I go without it , or in this case Wanderlust without it.


Streets of Hong Kong photography by Paul S

Indoor + product photography by Karen Chen


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