A Golden Wanderlust





lovegold_chriselle_lim_wanderlust_hong_kong_asia_16            {Gold earrings, on left hand-gold ring, tri-link ring, on right hand-gold bracelet}





{MCM clutch, MCM shorts, Finders Keepers blazer, Christian Dior heels,  Lovegold jewelry}



{Selection of Hoorsenbuhs, Elena Votsi and Temple St. Clair pieces}


There’s nothing more humbling and inspiring than traveling to an unknown country. Although I travel to Asia every year, this was my first time in Hong Kong. It’s a unique destination  that has adopted different cultural influences, all while remaining its rich history. There’s a certain energy and richness that Hong Kong offers that I’ve never experienced elsewhere.

Born in Texas and raised in a small town in Northern California gave me the opportunity to dream big. Although it seemed surreal at the time, I’ve always dreamt of  living a glamorous life  in a big city.  (You may recall in this post HERE and this video HERE where I bring you back to my hometown, and share with you my love story with Gold. ) So when LoveGold asked me to wanderlust along to Asia with their glamorous gold jewels from Hoorsenbuhs, Elena Votsi and Temple St. Clair, I couldn’t have been more excited! Although I’ve always associated gold with glamour & richness, there’s a certain warmth that comes along with it. Similarly to Hong Kong, there is an undeniable energy & richness to the city, but what I found most comforting was the open & warm hearted people.

Gold has become a part of my identity.  There is rarely a day when I go without it , or in this case Wanderlust without it.


Streets of Hong Kong photography by Paul S

Indoor + product photography by Karen Chen

  • I’m loving the low-V-neck shirt, it’s so sexy.. :)

  • Maria Elena P says:

    My tip is something my grandmother taught me: use rose water as a toner every night after removing make up. It is very gentle and leaves skin clean and with rose smell

  • Melissa says:

    Those jewels are amazing! So pretty :)
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  • Sarah Chan says:

    I’m so happy you had a chance to visit Hong Kong, Chriselle! HK is my hometown and I agree – there’s a vibrancy and sense of life that runs through the city that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

  • Carol says:

    Beautiful jewelry, thank you for the new find!

  • Brittanny says:

    I was going to say you are lucky to be able to travel so much but you worked hard for all of these opportunities. You’re doing great things. Keep it up.

  • Claire says:

    Those gold jewelry completes the whole outfit perfectly! They are very beautiful <3
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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  • These pictures are so inspiring Chriselle. Absolutely love the white on white outfit. So beautiful!


  • Paige says:

    Where is your shirt from? Absolutely stunning

  • mwanaidi says:

    nice outfit all white looks good on u,love ur jewelry

  • Feyi A says:

    white with gold accents, love it!


  • mc says:

    Love your outfits and the jewelry looks beautiful ! Thanks for sharing Chriselle =)


  • So elegant! Follow for the latest eyewear trends.

  • shandy says:

    Really beautiful. I will always love an all white attire

  • tipsy says:

    i want ur skirtt!!!!
    where can i find it :-)

    ur so stunning and love ur style, have been following u for ages and you are simply the best!

  • Inna says:

    very elegant

  • Joules says:

    Beautiful photos! I love your crisp outfit contrasted with the busyness of the city!

    Style by Joules

  • Fabulous 30s says:

    Such a gorgeous jewelry.

    Fabulous 30s

  • This outfit is beautiful and light. I love all white at the moment and I think it’s the best thing you can wear in the summer. Just looks stunning! :)

  • Vivian says:

    Such a perfect all white look! I hope you’re enjoying hk!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  • Juliana says:

    Some countries consider gold to be eith the riches, the more gold the higher the respect they got because gold and money go hand in hand. Great photos as always!

  • Loving the gold pieces..and that skirt is so hot! love love love!!!

  • Gorgeous outfit and amazing photos !


  • Jessica Rose says:

    Gorgeous collection…..sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Hong Kong..

  • Dilek says:

    Chriselle, you get more beautiful with every post! You look gorgrous in all white!

  • Rougeuse says:

    Beautiful photos in the city! x

  • TERESA says:

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely love both outfits. White is always so clean and chic. That second outfit is gorgeous and so are those jewelry pieces. Love!


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