chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_12 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_10chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_1 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_9 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_5 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_2 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_3 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_4 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_6 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_11 chriselle_Lim_samchungddong_Seoul_korea_Esquivel_Shoes_george_Ferragamo_8 As I’ve been traveling to Korea for the past 3 years, it’s as if my level of attachment increases every time I visit the motherland. I have a sense of belonging when I’m in Korea…possibly it has to do with my fond childhood memories? I lived in Korea from year 1994-1997.  Although I attended a foreign school where all my neighbors and teachers were like myself, Korean-American, but this is where I discovered my love for fashion and pop culture. And 2 decades later ….. I’m back to my grass roots of where it all began.

I spent a lot of my time in a small area called Samcheong-dong ( 삼청동) , a hilly neighborhood with an endless amount of hidden cafes, galleries, and shops. As we were roaming around  I discovered in a quiet alley a traditional style looking house,  but to my surprise it ended up being a record shop  mixed in with a cafe. I absolutely adore how this particular shop was juxtaposed by both the old  and the new, similar to my personal style.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I’m currently in Hong Kong right now , and it’s been absolutely nonstop with shoots, meetings, and of course sight seeing. There is inspiration everywhere, and I can’t wait to share all my experiences with you!



Flats: Esquivel Shoes

Sweater: 360 Sweater (similar one HERE)

Skirt: from Korea but similar one HERE & HERE 

Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner 

Purse: Salvatore Ferragamo


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