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Photography by Paul S

To me, travel and comfort perpetually intertwine with one another.  These past 2 weeks in Asia have been a complete whirlwind as I found myself running from meetings to shoots to sightseeing and of course catching up with old friends. It’s been nonstop since we’ve stepped off the plane, but I’m absolutely loving every minute of it. I always found it a bit challenging to find a pair of flats that could transcend from my morning breakfasts all the way to my fancy evenings, without , of course, sacrificing the chic factor. And although I love my flats, I’ve always preferred to be a bit dressier than casual…. even on my “off days”.  When I spotted these  TOD’S Gommino Driving Shoes in Korea I immediately knew that I had to have them.  The velvety & natural softness, exposed hand-made stitching, hot-stamped monogram, and the iconic rubber pebble outsole,  has been the absolute perfect travel flat.

When I feel equally comfortable as chic during the day,  everything else seems to always work into place. My shoes have always been an extension of self expression of my personal style- classic yet  trendy, sophisticated yet flirty, but most of all chic yet comfortable. sig-logo-9-125x125


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