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I spent a majority of my adolescence years trying to hide under my makeup and clothes. I spent so much of my past years trying to fit in by applying way too much make up on, and spending way too much money on the latest “trends”.  Yes, there is an undeniable power to a pair of beautiful heels, and a perfectly applied red lip, but by all means it should not define who you are. Back then I was the type of girl that could never walk out of the house without a full face of makeup on because I simply felt “naked”.

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It was really after college I was able to discover my true inner beauty which eventually led to more confidence on the outside. I discovered the importance of taking care of  yourself from the inside out. Feeding your body with the proper nutrition….what you put in your body will reflect outwards. Also exercising on a daily basis for not only a healthy body but also a strong mind. And of course taking care of your skin. Not that I don’t wear any makeup anymore, but I no longer rely on it to define how I feel about myself. I’ve suffered with minor acne in the past, and I always thought the more makeup applied the more I could hide behind my flaws. But the minute I decided to take care of my internal self by drinking more water, eating healthier, and exercising consistently I started to see improvements externally. Now  that I’ve been able to get my skin to a stable state, I’ve made it a priority to keep it consistently dewy, fresh, and bright!

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As most of you know, I’ve been working with Laneige for the past few months , and it’s been truly an exciting journey to be a part of a company that believes in feeding your skin “waterfully”. Not by only drinking a ton of water, which is equally as important, but also by using waterful and hydrating products for your skin. Along with a mixture of other Laneige  products I’ve also been using their Bright Renew Original Serum, Emulsion and Cream.

It’s been quite incredible to see how luminous and radiant my skin is now compared to back then. Not only does it brighten, but it also prevents discoloration while promoting smoothness and evenness.

 Sometimes it’s healthy to strip away from all that make up and fancy clothes because true beauty starts from a healthy mind, body, soul, and of course skin. Feel beautiful in your own skin!




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