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Photography by Carmen Chan

One of my guilty pleasures is luxury hotels, and i’ve had the good fortune of experiencing  a number of them around the world. When i’m traveling abroad for a long period of time it’s incredibly important for me to stay at a hotel where I feel right at home. I was lucky enough to be hosted by The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong during my 10 day stay there, and it was truly one of the most luxurious stays  i’ve ever experienced. Beyond the rich & elegant decor of the hotel, the attentive staff was what really impressed us. From our private driver, to our morning breakfasts, to our fresh flowers, midday snacks, we’ve never experienced such level of consistent hospitality. The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is also perfectly located along the prime waterfront on Hong Kong island. Waking up every morning to the spectaula view of the Victoria Harbour was quite a sight.

Not that there wasn’t enough to do in the city, but the amount of activities available at the hotel alone was quite impressive. From the 50 meter outdoor heated pool, 24 hour fitness studio, 400 meter jogging path, 2 tennis courts, and a golf range were all available. Not to mention the incredibly luxurious Plateau Spa which was the perfect quiet escape from the bustling city.  But the best part? There are nine world-class restaurants, yes NINE, that offer a range of cuisines including Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and other international options. My absolute favorite restaurant was One Harbour Road which is a Cantonese style restaurant with the utmost exquisite traditional dishes such as dim sum and peiking duck. The cherry on top? My sister and I had the chance to meet the head chef and he taught us how to make their world famous dim sum, and also their signature mango pudding dessert dish (as seen HERE).

Thank you to The Grand Hyatt team for making us feel right at home, and allowing my sister and I to truly experience the luxury of Hong Kong thru your hotel. Until next time….



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