5 Korean Beauty Tips + Giveaway


One thing that I immediately noticed in Korea was the beautiful skin all the women had in Korea. Granted that there is much more humidity in Korea than California, everyone’s skin looked dewy, shiny (in a good way), and healthy. Although I spend more time on my skin than the average woman, I would like to think, I decided to put even more effort while I was in Korea. The results? Incredibly moisturized, hydrated, and dewy skin. I even got comments that I looked younger due to the elasticity and dewiness of my skin. Here is 5 Beauty tips that I incorporated into my beauty Regime.


1.Wash my face with a towel soaked in warm water- It not only opens up your pores, but also takes off all the debris that is not able to be taken off with a regular face cleanse.


2. Carry around Essense (Mist)- Throughout the day I noticed that women would hydrate their skin with this Essence Mist, which energizes your skin, but also freshens up you your makeup midday. It’s a great afternoon “pick me up” for your skin. I found a few in Korea that have multi

3.SLAP IT- I’ve seen my mom do this as a little girl, and I never understood why she would slap her face so hard! And of course early on I adopted this into my own skin care routine. Slapping your face stimulates circulation and elevate the elasticity of your skin (over time).

4. SPF = BFF- I was the type of girl who used to NEVER where sunscreen, but I started to wear SPF consistently for the past 3 years, and the difference it has made in my skin texture and color has been dramatic.


5. MASK IT- I discovered so many unique masks when I was in Korea. There seems to be a cure for everything! I found masks that targeted to “lift” your face up for more of a “V-shape”, for laugh lines, moisturize and plump up your lips, and of course brighten the eye. The one I’ve been using religiously (daily) is the collagen gel eye patch , and the moisturizing oversized lip patch.


The Collagen gel eye patch not only spot treats, but also adds elasticity and making your under eyes tight and bright.


I’ve suffered from chapped and dry lips, so this  moisturizing lip patch has helped me get baby soft lips. It also helps smooth out the lines on the lips.


These are products that are all very hard to find here in the states, and that is why I decided to buy some extra products in Korea to giveaway here on the blog! It’s been a while i’ve done a giveaway here, but I thought this would be a great way for me to introduce some unique Korean beauty products to you guys! 2 Winners will be receiving the entire package above which includes:

1. Baby Face Mist (Power Hyaluronic Acid)  2. Baby Face Mist (Super Collagen 3. Egg Cream Mask 4. Pure Firming V Mask 5. Smile Wrinkle Line Gel Patch  6. Lip Gel Patch  7. Collagen Eye Mask 8. Egg Cream Mask

Here’s how you enter :

1. Like my Facebook page HERE

2. Find the same image above HERE (the last one with all of the beauty products lined out) on my FB page and “share” it on YOUR Facebook page.

3. Leave a comment below and let me know if you have any secret beauty tips!

This is open worldwide, and the giveaway will end this Sunday, June 22nd. Will be announcing winners here on the blog on Monday, June 23rd.

Good luck everyone!



  • Oh noooo I missed this giveaway!!!!! And I have to agree that these all look like amaaaazing products! I just love Korean beauty products in general because I grew up with them–with my mom slapping my face. Not to torture me, obviously, but to slap on the lotion, haha. Your skin IS beautiful and so clean! Reminds me of my baby’s soft and pure complexion. 😉

  • Mariah says:

    The biggest secret: petroleum jelly. It can be used as highlighter, lip balm, mascara, moisturizer, you name it!

  • Judy Nguyen says:

    Okay i reactivated my facebook and shared your photo now :) i commented before what my besuty secret is but ill comment again. My beauty secret is putting fresh turmeric on scars to face them!

  • cynthia says:

    i always wanted to try Korean products as i have never gotten my hands on it. My favorite beauty tip is i never towel dry my face after washing it i always air dry it. This has made so much difference to my skin. I haven’t used a towel to dry my face in 2-3 years.

  • Karen says:

    hydrate with water, it costs less and healthy :) I try to drink more than 2 liters per day and I can feel it helps me a lot in weight loss, hydration and digestion! thanks for your post chriselle, i hope i will win

  • So my beauty secrets are not too secret anyway, but..
    First, and the most important I try my best to be kind! And also give my best smile to everyone. Because everyone is beautiful and for me, every girls look prettier when they smile wholeheartedly. It can affect the other’s mood too to be happy and they won’t run away from you. It is also a nicer thing to be called ‘kind’ than ‘grumpy’.
    Second, I make sure to keep every part of my body clean. It will never be nice to be dirty and smelly, right?
    Third, sometimes I make my own face mask with natural ingredients such as yoghurt, honey, or anything you can browse in the internet. Or mask sheets.
    And last but not least, I try to use make ups just minimally. I like to appear natural or more dramatic just for special occasions.

    Ok that’s all I think, have a nice day!

  • Cyndi W. says:

    It’s great to have an aloe plant in the house and have fresh aloe juice/pulp as a moisturizing mask!

  • melina says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t you have to dry your face with a towel, just let your face dries alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like that, your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good

  • Paulina says:

    I simply adore korean products. I was in Seoul last year and spent all my money in goodies. But now they are gone and don’t have enough money to go there again hahahah Love your blog, regards from Chile :) 화이팅!!

  • Jill Patel says:

    -sleep well
    -drink lots of water n tea
    -sunscreen when I go out
    -use oils for my face n body: vitamin e, avocado, coconut, n almond oils
    -brown sugar n honey body scrub that can be made at home
    -healthy diet

    -always keep smiling n laughing :)

  • Aimee says:

    Daily facial moisturizer and SPF is a must. I also use a lip balm with SPF to protect my lips from the sun.

  • Jaiden Wirth says:

    I use an Aztec green clay face mask weekly for my acne-prone skin to help prevent breakouts and make my large pores less noticable.

  • BC says:

    wow I can try some good tips!

  • Samridhika says:

    My beauty secret is using scrub and mask twice a week.

  • Katy says:

    It does sound boring but the best advice for anybody, is drink ALOT of water! Everything functions 100% better! ♥

  • Kristine says:

    Thanks for the great blog post as usual, and the giveaway, Chriselle!

    My beauty tip would probably be to massage the face vigorously for around a minute every morning and night, and also use water to smooth out the eyebrows before applying any makeup.

    Chriselle, could you also post where you got these products in Korea? I may be heading to Korea soon and I’d like to see if I can get some of these great products! Thanks so much!!

  • My best tip is to hydrate! Drink lots of water, and use a light, moisturizer. My skin was troubled with break outs, and I thought I had to dry the break outs, but my skin got a lot better when I started to focus on hydration. Mandom Barrier Repair hydration serum is my favorite 😀

  • Layla says:

    I like Erno Laszlo washing system.

  • J. Luu says:

    A little extra step I like to do is take a good minute or so to focus on lightly tapping and massaging my serum and moisturizer into my skin. I feel this helps the blood to rush to the skin and help it absorb better…just a feeling though!

  • blazka says:

    my mother is not in to make-up or beauty but this is what she thought me, so easy but i haven’t heard beauty bloggers talking about this;

    when you paint your nails and you don’t know if they are already dry, you can just touch them with your tongue and if they taste like polis they are not dry yet. the polis however won’t transfer on your tongue and you won’t destroy your manicure with your fingerprint.

  • Jay says:

    SKII is the key! I felt a significant tightness in my skin after trying out some of their products <3

  • Cat says:

    Hi Chriselle,

    My beauty tip/secret is to drink warm lemon water in the AM before intaking any food. That cleanses and detox your skin and body. And works wonders to shed a bit of belly fat. Also, I always enjoy putting coconut oil in my hair before a good workout then head towards the sauna after. thanks for the giveaway! PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS!

  • Rosh Gurung says:

    I don’t really have any beauty secrets. But when I am out of face masks, I make turmeric homemade mask, which helps to brighten my face also it helps to fight with acne and blemishes. I also use Innisfree’s green tea products. It helps to hydrate my skin. (:

    I hope I can win. ☺️

  • Jasmine says:

    I put a thin layer of vaseline on my eyelashes before i sleep and it promotes growth 😀

  • Evelin says:

    All I do is make sure I get enough sleep, hydrate, so I drink A LOT of water and wash my face every morning and moisturize… Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  • Narine B. says:

    I started drinking a loooot of water and eating clean! It has improved my skin a lot, though I still have some spots from my acne,

  • Cindy L says:

    Lots of rest and nutritious food every day! I also limit myself on the amount of makeup I use. Also, I place lemon slices in my water for flavor and detox :)

  • Emily Bingham says:

    I am super pale, so pale that I always look tired, so I put crisco under my eyes every night before I go to bed so I can look more awake the next day.

  • Natasha says:

    I use moisturizing calamine lotion – reduces heat rash and helps skin moisturized through out the day in the Sun :)

  • Jennifer says:

    I wish they sold these products in the states! I like Cerave’s daily facial moisturizer with SPF!

  • Tiffany Chan says:

    Keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water is the best beauty tip! :)

  • Vanessa Salgado says:

    I make a homemade oatmeal face mask by blending the oats with water. It freshens my face up!

  • Carolina G. says:

    Keeping your pillows clean help prevent acne, for a lot of residues like oil or dirt from your face rub off. Always wash your face before sleeping & you’ll be good. :-)

  • min says:

    Wash my make up of every night and making sure I wear good,high spf every day. :)

  • Charleena says:

    Lots and lots of water! Diet is important too as I eat a lot of fish and do a green smoothie every morning!

  • Angie Suh says:

    Wearing no makeup to let my skin breathe and applying SPF every day :)

  • Danya says:

    Beauty tip: drink a lot of water through out the day, have enough sleep and always moisturize your face after washing it properly

  • Stina says:

    My face does well when it is not dried out, so washing it once a day has helped a lot to keep moisture and natural oils locked in. I also use tea tree oil (holy grail for acne) and Vitamin E cream as a moisturizer. These two alone have made my skin clear. Plus, lots of fluids always works well to clear out toxins.

  • Emily Jung says:

    Beauty secret:
    When you get a bruise roll a fresh egg on it . The bruise will slowly start to lighten up and it won’t look as bad!

    Hehe Korean secret taught by my gma:)))

  • I drink a lot of water and wash my hair everyday.

  • Lai Cheng says:

    For me, enough sleep is very important..and that’s my beauty tip 😀

  • I love this! I do think the trend in Korea right now puts a little TOO much emphasis on the dewy look (I’ve watched more than on Kdrama where I thought the actress was lookin’ a little sweaty!), I do agree that overall their dedication to skin care in commendable. Have you watched the Eat Your Kimchi vlog Simon and Martina did on Korean skin care? it covered some pretty good points!

    The warm towel is a great idea. I was raised with my mom putting a wash cloth under hot water and then laying it on our faces for a few minutes. It feels soooo good, and my skin has always loved it. Also: I was raised to put face cream on everyday, and I didn’t realize that wasn’t a normal thing until I was with my friends more often! It definitely helps! Also, I hoarded a BUNCH of those face masks when I lived in Seoul for a summer, and I wish I still had some–they’re perfect for an end of the night breather. I remember I’d get a lot of the green tea ones.

  • Hoa Dao says:

    Skincare is essential. I use oat mask to get a brighter face and freshen up the skin.

  • Jenny Chen says:

    Drink a cup of hot water everyday in the morning 😀

  • Angela Ko says:

    Beauty secret for healthy legs:
    Every night before going to bed,
    put your legs upwards against the wall for about 30 minutes…
    It helps with the blood circulation and you feel less tired legs instantly!
    Don’t fall asleep though! Lol ^^

  • Sy tan says:

    the secret is not to be lazy. Hardwork when comes to beauty.

  • Gabriela says:

    When I was younger my mom shinned some light into some great beauty tips I could use for the rest of my days.

    I know sometimes it’s hard for us working women or students to be able to afford some of those high quality products, for example face exfoliators, with just a lime and some sugar you can exfoliate and brighten your skin but only so this once or twice a week since lime is acidic and can harm your skin if used too often not only is lime good for your skin but it’s great for your teeth! It can be used in combination with baking soda to whiten your pearly whites. For those of us who don’t have the time to apply mascara in the mornings, a good rub off some Chapstick can make them look long and shinny, don’t forget Chapstick is a great moisturizer for your eyes. Nevertheless, nothing is better than staying hydrated by drinking enough water and keeping your skin healthy by excersising regularly!

  • Alina says:

    I love mud masks from the dead sea. They tighten pores, and there are specific ones for each face type!!!

  • I use sunscreen to protect my skin everyday. It’s also an effective anti-aging method <3

  • Rania Djemil says:

    My beauty tip doesn’t have to do with the face, but with hair. During a shower, I massage my scalp to promote blood circulation and nourish my hair. After my shower, I douse my hair in really cold water. It helps restrengthen the hair after being exposed to hot water, which weakens the keratin bonds. It makes my hair really shiny and less prone to breakage!

  • Jokebed says:

    Drink hot water w/ lemon (need to incorporate that more myself)
    exofoliate 2x a week

  • tkt says:

    eat a lot of fruits, drink water and of course sleep :)

  • Connie says:

    I think my beauty secret would have to be always using toner and sheet masks at least once a week. It always assures I have a clean face and sheet masks to moisturize my skin really well. another secret would be just drinking green juice. It works opwonders everytime.

  • Hunter Beckham says:

    If my skin is giving me problems I like to do a quick lactic acid peel to refresh my outer layer, then to add the moisture and essential nutrients back I rub a few drops of Vitamin E on my face. After that I moisturize.

  • Susan Chon says:

    My fave beauty tip involves using the Face Shops’ blackhead/pore peel! I leave it on and then it helps peel off some of the blackheads and gunk I have (sorry, gross I know!). But, since my pores are open, especially after a hot shower, I use some ear swabs and get all the rest of them out! It leaves my skin feeling smoother and my pores are noticeably smoother/clearer.

    I hope I win, please pick me! :)

  • Caitlin C says:

    I have a lot of beauty secrets!
    Aside from the typical “drink lots of water” (which, you really should) tip, you should always focus on what goes inside you! I drink a large bottle (1 quarts worth) of green juice every day. I use a combo of matcha, green proteins, and a superfood blend. All those vitamins and minerals are great for you! I incorporate lots of greens and fish into my diet, as well as kimchi and kombucha! All are beneficial to your skin :)

    I also only wash my face once a day, and that is every night before bed! I use a basic cleanser after removing makeup. After, I have three options: 1. put on a sheet face mask and then rub in the serum or 2. use a coffee scrub followed up by cocoa butter and an anti aging serum or 3. just go straight to the serum and cocoa butter! ALL of these options have left me with soft, wrinkle free skin! Prevention is key, no matter the age!

    Another secret? TEA! Skin detox tea and green tea are the best teas. I drink tea all the time, so I get a healthy dose from each!

    Last secret? VITAMINS. Collagen and biotin are the best! Take them in either gummy or solid form twice a day for healthy skin, nails, and hair!


  • Kerrie says:

    Not to boast but I have always had nice skin besides the pimple or two, blackheads and freckles. I’m 20 now and do not really have a beauty regimen that I religiously stick to. However I make sure to only wash my face with a cleanser once a day to not dry out my skin and always have SPF in my day moisteriser to prevent further freckles and sun damage.

  • lady says:

    Exerciseeeeee and sleeeep

  • Cami says:

    Well, I’m in my early twenties and I’m a med student, so I don’t get that much sleep, even though I’d love to. So whenever I can I try to sleep well, eat healthily, drink lots of water and exercise. Also, I use a light gel moisturizer at night.
    Those are my not-so-secret beauty tips! :)

  • Isabelle says:

    My beauty secret is I use korean facial brightening mask. It helps keep my skin looking young and brighter.

  • Sarah Jang says:

    All i really do is to drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated, sleep well, try not to be stressed to break out less, i also use the slapping technique, using hydrating moisture lotions/refiners/and mask lotions. I also put on oils that do wonders to the face and exfoliate to get rid of dead skin and make skin softer.

  • Brandy says:

    Hi Unfortunately I don’t have any tricks or tips I’m still learning how to take care of my skin since I have a bad habit of not doing so. But every tip you post on your blog helps me make sure i take care of my skin also looking at the tips in the comment box also help me. I try to get enough sleep and wash my face but I’m still finding the best tips for my skin type. :)

  • Flo says:

    I apply lotion as soooon as I dry off my face before it dries up!

  • Simone says:

    I’m fresh into my 30s and truly the biggest secret that my friends and I are on repeat about these days is the sleep factor! Without a good night’s sleep, none of our other beauty arsenal will be as effective (trust me, you’ll realize this when you hit your 30s if you haven’t already). The lack of sleep speeds the aging process, so yes, sleep is a beauty thing! And it’s something especially us females struggle through with that stress-and-hormones combo. We’re great at everything. We focus on our relationships, our careers, our fashion, and even saving this planet, but there’s honestly not too many of us that focus on our sleep!

  • Nisha Kansal says:

    Here are some of my skin tips :)
    – Drink as much water as possible throughout the day to hydrate the skin!
    – Always pat your face dry gently after washing (with paper towel or a washcloth)
    – Always gently pat products into the skin instead of rubbing and pulling at the skin
    – Cleanse my face using warm water, but always finish off with cold water to close the pores and increase circulation

    Hope I win! :)

  • Jocelyn Wong says:

    I have very dry skin, so drinking LOTS of water, getting enough sleep at night, and taking naps have helped to keep my skin nice and moisturized. Also, once I get out the shower, I put lotion all over my body when it is not completely dry. This was something my doctor told me to prevent dry skin. :)

  • Phui Man says:

    I just started using the Olay prox advanced cleansing system and it really helps cleaning thoroughly of the pores and makes my face feel more ‘light’ and refresh its something like the clarsonic machine! I really recommend that!! And me tooo I hated SPF!! But now I know sunscreen is my BFF! Thank you pretty Chriselle for the tips

  • Chloe A. says:

    Beauty tip: before leaving the house, always prepare your pearly whites, because you’re never fully dressed without a smile! 😀

  • Laura says:

    Lots of beauty sleep and water.

  • 1. Water!! Hydrate in and out!!
    2. Loving my Laneige BB Cushion ( I got it from you! ) nice cover with great SPF in the summer. It’s cooling too!
    3. Sleep!!
    4. Good and healthy food
    5. Exercise.

    – Thank you for always inspiring me and others for the beauty in and out :)

  • Esmé McBride says:

    I find that it really helps me if -halfway through my skin care routine- I reapply my moisturizer so it can sink in more thoroughly and it helps keep my face well hydrated until the morning time :)

  • Elysa Ahn says:

    After I wash my face, I try to not to dry it with a towel, especially in the summer. Instead I lightly pat my face and follow up with the skincare regimen within 30 seconds. This will help the products to better penetrate into the skin and stay moisturized :)

  • Livia Horton says:

    Clay makes for a great face mask that helps clear up your acne :)

    Coconut oil helps keep your skin moisturized and soft. It can also be used in your hair.

    Use toner – it does wonders in helping balance your ph levels.

  • Kayla says:

    My tip is make a paste with baking soda and your face wash. Wet face with water apply paste and rinse with cold water. It evens skin tone and fades acne scars and exfoliates skin.

  • Michelle says:

    I like to keep my eye cream in the fridge so when I use it at night it gives me a cooling effect under my eyes.

  • Judy Nguyen says:

    I’m sorry, I dont have a facebook anymore but i hope i can still qualify for this! A beauty secret my family uses is turmeric. Turmeric when put on imperfections like pimples, scars, or new wounds can help prevent scarring and fade scars. When you get a cut or have a pimple you just scratch off some turmeric with your nail and apply in on the area. Though it does leave a yellow stain behind its easy to remove. :)

  • Susan says:

    Clarisonic has been my best friend lately and I’ve been using a whole lot of lemon to give my skin vitamin c! Just juice out the lemon and pat it onto my face after I wash my face!

  • Ashley Quynh Diem Nguyen Trinh says:

    Sunscreen + moisturize everyday, and exfoliate your face and body 1 to 2 times a week! :)

  • Kalalyna Murphy says:

    I always drink tons of water and wear sunscreen whenever I plan to be outside for long periods of time. I always wash my face and moisturize every night. Get all the dirt from the day OFF.

  • martha says:

    I have been using Laneige Multicleanser to wash my face. I recently added Origins Charcoal mask to my beauty products. I also use the clarisonic to clean my face and Dior HydraLife cream to moisturize my face.

  • Joyce says:

    many people tend to forget, but the most essential and basic beauty tip (especially for your skin) is to get a lot of sleep. many studies have shown that your skin rejuvenates between the hours of 10pm to 2am. So sleeping early and getting an average of 6-8 hours of sleep will definitely make your skin brighter and less prone to breaking out. Of course, what you eat in your diet is important as well!

  • Kimm says:

    I wasn’t one for many beauty/skin routines until my aunt started recommending them and it doesn’t hurt that they’re all natural!Lol So I do a lemon & sugar body scrub and do it at least once a week for super soft skin! I use a Vitamin E oil and the actual juice of a grape as a mask for my skin before I go to bed because it helps prevent wrinkles. I of course also drink plenty of water and get enough rest(:

  • Diem says:

    I drink lots of water and clean my face with an astringent twice a day. I also do a steam bath a couple times a week!!! Opens up my pores and cleans it well!!

  • Annie says:

    Oil blotting sheets are my saviour during the summer months!

  • Angela Jung says:

    drink water with cucumbers, lemons, and limes

    never touch your face with your hands except while washing your face and applying makeup (for obvious reasons)

    surround yourself with people who make you laugh

    Live for a greater purpose other than yourself

  • kari says:

    I love using witchhazel toner it’s improved my skin significantly!!

  • Elizabeth Carroll says:

    My mother is also from Korea and I would always laugh at her slapping techniques, but they’ve worked! I’m always sure to follow my beauty routine religiously. Coconut and Argan oil are good for just about anything!

  • My fave beauty secret is super cheap and easy! Coconut oil for your moisturizer & drinking lots of water all day! This helps flush all the toxins and keeps me feeling & looking refreshed all day long

  • Sunny Eom says:

    Foam cleanse once a day!
    Face scrub once a week!
    Nose packs once a month!
    Face masks once a month!

    Over time I find you don’t need to do certain things (like masks) as frequently as long as you’re routinely doing them.

  • Ka-Ling says:

    I make sure to wash my face everyday! Morning and night with my favorite charcoal soap!! :)

  • Tyia B says:

    I try to drink lots of water and wash my face and use sunscreen.

  • Lucia R says:

    I love washing my face with rice water or oatmeal water it is just soooooo nice !

  • I love using coconut oil as a makeup remover and moisturizer!!

    FB name: Jasmine Patterson

  • Masha says:

    Sleep well, drink a lot of water

  • Kayan says:

    Also my lips are mostly dried and chapped which bothers me so I would like it not be so chapped and dry at most times of my day and daily life.

  • Kayan says:

    I would wish to have these products, so I can some better experiment with these kind of things, which I don’t, I don’t know anything about these products and stuff like these, but I would love to and I would wish this to be my chance :)

  • I put cocoa lip balm on my lips every night :)

  • Erika K. says:

    I love this blog! My beauty secrets are to wear SPF year-round, use face masks 2-4 times a week, and layer skincare products! I absolutely love Korean face mists to keep my face hydrated and dewy all day!


  • Yang says:

    I always put aloe vera on my skin before going to sleep! 😀

  • Swarnim says:

    I don’t really have any beauty secrets except for remembering to cleanse and moisturise my face every day ! :)

  • […] 5 korean beauty tips {the Chriselle factor} […]

  • melina says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t dry your face with a towel, just let your face dry alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like that your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good :(

  • Maggie says:

    My beauty tip is water and when moisturizing, don’t rub in! Pat! You don’t want to add more wrinkles!

  • Michaela Catolico says:

    My beauty tip would be doing a face mask at least 3-4 times a week. It moisturizes, rehydrates and cleans your skin. After taking off my face mask, my skin is so soft and glowing. I love it!

  • drink green juice once everyday

  • eat healthy to feel beautiful inside and out

  • cucumbers and green tea bag for eyes

  • brenda evans says:

    i think eating healthy,excercise,sleeping well and drink lots of water would be best. but still would like those cute korean products! XD

  • Suzy says:

    wear SPF and stay hydrated :) thank you for the giveaway!!! good luck to everyone XD

  • Kai Wu says:

    Sleep well, drink a lot of water or maybe green tea, eat healthy food and be happy ^0^!!!

  • Ying says:

    My secret beauty tips – to have a good night sleep, drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits rich in vit c and have a cheerful heart, mind and soul! :)

  • Anna Thalia says:

    Awww…just joined your giveaway! ♡ I really need those little loves for my skin. I’m 17 & an architecture student – and oh the stress I get and as a student still can’t support my skin’s needs, i’m still recovering from my acne tho :/ However I still do try, after washing my face, I don’t dry it off with towel. I let it dry on its own because I’ve read somewhere that it would dry the skin if I rub my face off with a towel :) korean’s skin tho ♡

  • Monica Kim says:

    Love your tips! Cucumber facial–slices of cucumber on your face until they dry up–is a favourite Koeean beauty practice!

  • Veronica Murroni says:

    An opacizing and idratan cream! 😀

  • Andrea S says:

    I make sure that I drink lots of water and I get plenty of sleep :)

  • Ceres Lau says:

    My beauty secret is.. to stay healthy!

    I was always and still am a late night sleeper due to the heavy workload (every designers’ sweet nightmare) I get heavy eyebags, panda eyes, and a really dull lifeless face. I’ve decided to drink at least 3 litres of water a day, workout for a minimum of 30 mins to an hour just to sweat it out, using used japanese green tea bags (overnight in fridge) on my eyebags, put on some korean mask 3-4 times a week, pat at least 300 times on my face after applying all the skincare product, and I started to see a huge difference on my face, as well as my body

    but most of all, drinking lots of water, and working out really helps you to achieve not only a beautiful face, but a healthier body as well. It’s giving you the best of both worlds

    P.S I started working out at home after looking at your workout vid that you’ve posted, I thought it was really smart and efficient for people like me that’s always working from home!

    Your videos helped a lot, from styling, to one’s lifestyle, and health, thank you! :)


  • Danielle Manalili says:

    Drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep :)

  • Elena BklK says:

    I don’t have any beauty tips, they are all well known.

  • Yes of course i have secret tips for my beauty daily Routine. Actually my skin is acne-prone, so after wake up in the morning I put 1tbsp of Tea to Luke warm water or Hot Water and Wash it to my Face, 4-7days my Acne is Decreasing, and also The Redness is gone! hehe

  • Nancy says:

    Apple cider vinegar!

  • Julia says:

    Drink lots of water and always stay hydrated :)

  • Sandra says:

    Drink a lot of water :) thats my fav tip ♡

  • bring a portable face mist to keep face hydrated during humid and hot weather

  • hydrating sleeping mask the best for dry skin and have skin baby soft the next morning

  • argon oil to keep hair smooth, healthy and shiny

  • Lemons! make lemon mask to whiten your face naturally

  • vaseline!! put on lips and the moisture is just amazing!

  • Lucille says:

    wash face before going to sleep and drink a lot of water

  • Milady says:

    I haven’t got lots of beauty tips, just an healthy routine. Moisturise my skin morning and night with a Nivea “Soin du jour” cream, wash my face with clean hands ^^, hydrate my lips with a balm and do sport! I think my skin is never better than after sport, running for me, she is healthy, clean, refresh. And my few red buttons disappear after a good session of sport. And if I workout I can eat more pastries but keeping a good skin ♥♥♥♥
    Sorry if my english is imperfect 😉

  • Mary María says:

    Moisturizer, gotu kola and water is my secret

  • Joanne Byun says:

    My beauty secret is using a wine peeling jelly softner, (that I got from Innisfree) which is a serum you put on your face and rub to remove dry extra skin as well as white heads (called 피지 in Korean). This really helps with keeping my skin clean and soft. Right afterwards, I put on a face mask to moisture my skin :)

  • MY secret is using a face wipe in conjunction with Pond’s makeup remover cream! Magical baby soft results :)

  • Coconut oil as
    – Hair mask
    – Make up remover
    I also apply egg white over face and cover with tissue as blackhead remover (have to bear with the smell! But it’s very effective for me)
    And then soothe it with yogurt and honey 😀

  • Timmy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! A beauty tip is to stay hydrated with water :)

  • Amelia says:

    My beauty secret is reading the Bible each night. I know, it’s odd. How is reading a book every day a beauty secret? Well, the Bible renews my mind and allows me to take care of my inner beauty. Also, I eat a clean diet. Starting my day out with a smoothie and eating fruit as snacks throughout the day.

    Most importantly, I do a facial exercise consisting of mouthing the vowels (a eh ee oh oo) before I go to sleep!

    I love your videos and your chic-ness :)

  • melina says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t dry your face with a towel, just let your face dry alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like that your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good./

  • Brenda L says:

    One part of my face that I can’t seem to upkeep, are my lips. They just keep drying out and cracking. Matte lipstick does not look good on dry lips, I’ve tried. Therefore, those lip masks sound perfect.

    My secret beauty tip: Lather your lips with vaseline or lip balm, until they’re shining from the oil (sounds disgusting, but trust me). After 10 seconds, place a piece of facial blotting paper between your lips and press your lips together. This removes the excess oil and leaves your lips instantly softer. This is only a temporary (no time) fix though, I choose this method when I have a last minute event.

  • BlackAsphodel says:

    I don’t have any beauty secrets. I cleanse and moisturize twice daily – that’s enough to keep my skin looking glowy and matte.

    FB: Black Asphodel

  • Amanda says:

    Two things I do to have keep my face fresh:
    1) When I take a shower, I always wash my face last. That way my pores on my face are all open for a good cleaning from the steam from the shower. 15 min facial steam without the extra time!

    2) I learned this from my aunt who’s a cosmologist. She says that after washing your face, to rinse of the cleanser, splash your face with water 20 times in order to keep a deeper clean. At first if your face isn’t very use to this treatment, you might break out a little, but after a few weeks (about 2) you’ll see a new level of clean! <3

  • Emi Give says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I don’t know if it’s a secret

  • Jen Trinidad says:

    Water the best natural beauty secret ever! Would love to try the eye patches so much hoping to find these goodies in philippines

  • Jason Falla says:

    Korean beauty products are by far my fav!
    When taking care of my skin, there is one thing I always do weekly:
    I usually open my pores, either by steaming or via sauna, and apply a facial mask to deepen the cleansing process. Then, I close my pores by washing my face with cold water. ^^

  • Kimberly Perez says:

    i wash my face only once a day so I can let it do its natural thing and I only put under eye concealer on a regular basis

  • Arielle says:

    I love Korean skincare – it’s the only stuff that doesn’t make me breakout out while still keeping my skin soft and hydrated. The routine is longer, but I don’t get any flakiness from my retin A (awesome for acne and wrinkles apparently) anymore!

    My favourite tip is to massage your face for a few minutes everyday. This stimulates lymphatic drainage to stimulate circulation and remove wastes that might appear as blemishes.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  • Tina T says:

    would love to try the lip mask! (my lips keep flaking)
    massaging your face regularly gives it elasticity :)

  • vivienne says:

    hmm..well..i don’t know if it’s a secret, either. but i swear by the pure egg white mask to remove the black and white heads..just apply on the clean face, and put on a layer of nicely cut watson’s facial puff (the thin kind, not the cotton ones) on the nose and through the area under the eyes, and peel it off after it is fully dry and harden..but no talking or laughing throughout this time, about and hour and a half..hahaha!

    i also recently found out about the benefits of chinese herbs, so i used a combi of herbs powder as mask, a recipe got from a taiwanese magazine (apparently none of my friend tried or knew) ..and eat a type of chinese herbal pills (白凤丸) with pearl powder twice a month..and the power of pearl powder is amazing!!

  • pallawi says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Hoping to win. I don’t know if it’s a secret but when I workout every morning, I perspire a lot. It opens my skin pores and has made my skin look clearer and younger with time.

  • Orrapim Patarapatipat says:

    My secret to youthful skin is to use a cleansing brush called Kuron. I have started using this brush since September 2013 and my skin has significantly improved in terms of skin brightness, discoloration, and pore size. :)

  • Monica V. says:

    I use an aloe face mask every couple of days before I go to sleep to combat with the dryness of summer. It moisturizes and soothes really well!

  • Jenny Han Mai says:

    My beauty secret for you ^_^:
    – Treat your skin like it’s a baby’s skin, be very gentle to it. You must notice that a lot of korean beauty gurus treat their skin very gently when it comes to skincare. I myself noticed a significant change with my skin when I was being gentle to it 😉

  • Esty C says:

    First of, thank you for the giveaway! I would totally love to win this haha~ I am seriously obsessed with korean stuff!
    I don’t think this is really a beauty secret, but from time to time, I make clay face masks. I use cosmetic clay and a few drops of fresh lemon juice. This helps my acne and depending on the texture of the mask, it could leave my skin feeling moistureized and glowy. Xo

  • Maily says:

    I make sure to always take my makeup off at night. And whenever I want to have my skin feeling SUPER soft, I use face masks from Lush. They’re VERY reasonable price and I can use one pot for several times!

  • Lydia Lim says:

    I never leave the house without sunblock and never go to bed without taking my makeup off!

  • Jamie Lim says:

    Egg whites! Soak cotton pads in them and stick it on your nose! :) good for pulling all egg whites out of your face. Well a student cant afford all expensive products so I make do with natural ingredients~ :)

  • Annabelle says:

    I find my skin gets better when I sleep more and gets worse as I stay up late more often.

  • Bonnie says:

    Lots of beauty sleep! And drink llots of water :)

  • Yumi Tamura says:

    just always cleanse, use toner and use moisturizer and sunscreen ^_^

  • Darlene says:

    Secret beauty tip: Put honey & lemon mask on your face, it prevents pimples and whitens. :)

  • Han Le says:

    My beauty secret is always stay hydrate. I usually drink a lot of water to keep my skin hydrate. I also use coconut oil to massage my face every night.

  • Lai Ting says:

    My beauty secret is to drink apple cider vinegar or lemon water in the morning, work out, put sunscreen on everyday and staying hydrated.

  • Tomika says:

    I apply toothpaste onto pimples which clear them up right away.

  • Wendy Z says:

    The only beauty secret everyone needs to know is drinking tons of water helps your beauty and health overall

  • Ann says:

    Use honey to apply it to your acne scars, it can be used overnight also. Do this regularly and you should see results, it did for me (:

  • Choua Moua says:

    I drink lots and lots of water!!! Thanks Chriselle!!!

  • Emilee Vang says:

    I love drinking water, it detoxes all the impurities, keeps me hydrated, and leaves my skin clean and clear!


    I love my loofah for a good all-over body scrub then moisturise. Plenty of sleep, lots of water & think happy thoughts. Surround yourself with happy people.

  • kashoua thao says:

    Secret? Not sure… drink lots of water and exercise and a good cleanser, toner, and moisterizer

  • melina says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t dry your face with a towel, just let your face dry alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like that your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good..

  • melina says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t dry your face with a towel, just let your face dry alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like that your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good.

  • Vicky G. says:

    Not really a secret, but drink LOTS of water & stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • Tiffany Lee says:

    Hot Tea with Lemon, and Cold Water with Infused Fruits to flush out toxins and brighten skin :)

  • Dler Xiong says:

    I use lime juice for acne and drink a lot of water.

  • Alejandra says:

    I use green tea as my skin toner and I moisterize everyday. I love Korean beauty products. So curious to try the lip mask :)

  • Le my says:

    Oh i love these eye gel patches from Korea..They were amazing. I bought them when i had a transit in korea and got to tour around the city. My beauty secret is always keep your face clean before going to bed, apply moisturizer and suncreen at all times..excercise, eat healthy and be happy :))))

  • vanessa says:

    When applying cream or anything around the eyes, always use the 4th ring finger (finger next to pinkie) That has the least amount of pressure so it wont make your skin wrinkly or create too much pressure when applying products

  • Elsie Lau says:

    My tips is never skip daily protections, cleansing, peeling and sleeping mask even very tired, it helps a lots for the next day’s skin quality, and make up base, sunscreen is really important too =)

  • stephanie yang says:

    my tip is to always make sure your face isn’t too dry, drink water and stay out of the sun haha

  • Happy Lily says:

    My tip: drink lots and lots of water…and use sunscreen :)

  • Helena says:

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    I m new on your blog and so happy to follow you.
    FB:Jens Lundstrom
    Shared the post:
    My beauty secret is the mandel oil that I use to my hair and my skin.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Ka Zoua says:

    I use honey and lemon on my face, to make it smooth and glow <3

  • simona says:

    All done!
    I don’t have any secret xD

  • mary says:

    My secret to healthy glowy skin is is definitely Korean and Japanese beauty products, regular routine and lots of water, veggies and a variety of fruits! My favourite products at the moment are Laneige Balancing Emulsion, Lancome genefique essence and Aquamoist toner/lotion!

  • Jenn So says:

    Must have SPF on my face when i go out!

  • My beauty tips is drinking a lot of water everyday, wash your face after waking up in the morning, always use toner and mosturizer or bb cream with spf if you want to going out especially with the sun heat. Clean your face and hand to apply it in your face. Do pamper yourself mask, or peeling or anything at least once in 2 week, make your own mask if possible it’s natural 😀

  • Nancy Lo says:

    Always use lip balm.

  • Lenoxja says:

    Hi! They seem to be great products. I’ve never used them before :)

    My secret is olive oil-honey-egg yolk mask for hair. They are soft, shining and healthier after this mask 😀 Have a nice day!

  • Jearry Quach says:

    Drink lots of water and wash face with cold water at the end to close up the pores!

  • Jasmine Ortiz says:

    Water is magic so always drink a lot of water because it helps you in every way. Coconut oil is good for everything also. For my hair I never wash with hot water. Cold coffee helps for shiny hair and make masks with eggs and yogurt for smooth soft hair. For my face I use morning burst and loreal 360 to wash it in the morning and during the day. The best and simple way to exfoliate is definitely with brown sugar and olive oil. I also like to put warm green tea on my face and ALWAYS use face moisturizing creams with spf. For my skin I like milk and oatmeal soaps all the way. Have never used Korean products but I would love too! ^_^

  • Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    Hope to win some of those goodies!

    Sleeping early and drinking plenty of water :)

  • mylie says:

    I hope I win… just had a baby in the begin of the year and planning to get married at the end of the year.. since having my angel my skin care has been rough…. but my secret is aloe plant… I would cut some fresh aloe in the morning and use it as a mask to hydrate and soften my skin. It help me with break outs…

  • Fides Joy Villa says:

    I drink lots of water to keep me hydrated, I doze off early to help my skin heal and have a beautiful glow the next day, exfoliate atleast 1-2times a week and moisturize, moisturize and moisturize

  • Anh Hoa says:

    I loves drinking lots and lots water and wearing a high SPF sunscreen everyday. Twice a week at night, I’ll do some sort facial masks either from organic brown eggs or mud mask for deep cleansing of the pores. Then I’ll hydrates with a rich face moisturizer. I’m so excited for this giveaway, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so thoughtful!!!! :)

  • Alison Thai says:

    Drinking more water. I am really bad at drinking water daily so now I make it a habit to drink water.

  • Jessy says:

    Not touching my face so much and using a mixture of salt, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil to lighten my acne scars and also scrub my face :)

  • Rosie says:

    Drinking water has improved my skin so much :) and when it gets dry I like to apply an oatmeal and olive oil mask

  • Kathleen Domingo says:

    Drink a lot of water. ENough sleep. Don’t sleep with make up on. Lessen sweets. Egg white and lemon juice mask. Hope I can win those cause I never tried those. I’m in search of good and best beauty product.

  • Use equal part baking sods, salt and gel cleanser… apply the paste to the nose to get rid of extreme dirty deep blackheads

  • Betty Vang says:

    My secret beauty tip is to apply skincare products from the thinnest consistency to the thickest. When applying the products, also make sure to let each dry before continuing on to the next.

  • Kathleen Domingo says:

    I’m still in search for the best beauty tips.I used egg whites and lemon juice as face mask. I even tried honey and salt, and apple cider vinegar for pimples. Wish I could win those. I’m wondering though if the mask would be effective for me because I have chubby cheeks and a round face but I wanted to have a v shape face.

  • Jini Villalino says:

    My beauty tip is that wash your face regularly, scrub your face once a week to remove blackheads and use sunscreen to protect your skin.

  • Sanne says:

    Take care of your skin. No amount of make-up kan replicate a healthy natural face!

  • Lorelei says:

    Drinking water, cleaning in the morning and in the evening, exfoliating every other day.

  • Tatiana Archangelo says:

    Good luck!

  • Penelope Cheung says:

    My beauty secrets are:
    1. drink and eat plenty antioxidant food such as blue berries and green tea.
    2. face masks for increasing hydration in my skin
    3. good night sleeps :)

    I hope I will win because Korean cosmetic products are awesome 😛

  • Aniesa H. says:

    Sleep on satin pillowcases instead of cotton. They’re more gentle on your hair and face when you sleep.

  • Great giveaway, I really hope I win! I’ve dscovered Korean makeup just recently and.. LOVE it! It’s so good and so cheap. I’ve been loving brand Etude House.

  • Chandani says:

    To be honest I’ve no secrets and I am not good enough on my skincare(thats so sad of me

  • Kristine Albis says:

    Keep yourself well hydrated all the time I make sure I wash my face before going to sleep and change my pillow cases every 1-2 weeks!

  • Le Phuong Thao says:

    My beauty advice is to eat a lot of fruit and veggies and drink a lot of water! Love you Chriselle! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cristina says:

    I often drink green tea :] And my skin and face are lighter.
    I used to drink Chamomile tea too with a little cinnamon.
    I don’t make excesses… I make a break after 2 weeks and then I begin again.
    And honey is a better replacement of sugar… not too much, but it’s good a little.
    Drinking tea is good not only for external beauty but for your body too. <3

  • Nikki says:

    adding a small amount of baking soda to the face wash routine to create instant exfoliating scrub!

  • maiv yaj says:

    My beauty tips:
    1) do an egg mask wIth the egg’s whIte n hair mask with the yolk n coconut oil
    2) wash my face with my soap
    3) use my lotion on my hand n start massaging my face
    4) apply Bacitracin on my acne

  • put vaseline before sleep. Next day get pinkish moist lips

  • Lucija Lončar says:

    I clean my face twice a day and use moisturizing cream.

  • Jessica L says:

    I wash my hair with a can of beer once a week. It helps with dull and fine hair to look shiny and healthy.

  • Put vaseline on lips before sleep. Next day, lips look pinkish and moist!

  • Jacque Jaime says:

    I hope I win. My beauty tip is simple – ICE CUBES! It brightens my skin and tightens my pores! 😀

  • Cherry Lou says:

    Olive oil plus sugar = lipscrub!

  • Pat Ramos says:

    Aztec secret indian healing clay + Apple cider vinegar works well for my oily skin. I also use snail products.

  • Nikolina says:

    use baking soda with a bit of honey as an awesome peeling!

  • Maria Elena P says:

    My tip is something my grandmother taught me: use rose water as a toner every night after removing make up. It is very gentle and leaves skin clean and with rose smell

  • María Elena P says:

    Hello dear girls
    My grandmother taught me to cleanse my face every night with rose water after removing all makeup. Even when little I sneaked and cleansed my grandpa’s face. It is super gentle and leaves the skin with a total rose smell


    The best scrub for face: sugar&olive oil.The best face mask: avocado&banana.The best lip mask: honey!!
    Thank you!

  • Rayna M says:

    Stay hydrated, stay active and be happy :)

    Rayna Miller

  • Kamara H says:

    I love using coconut oil on my skin – it feels super soft and is completely natural!

  • Sonida says:

    Eat healthy, get enough sleep and make sure your pillow case is changed frequently XD

  • Sarah Liong says:

    To keep your skin soft, supple and shiny, we have this method of exfoliation and massage process involves a paste made up of turmeric, temu lawak sandalwood, jasmine oil and rice powder turmeric that have been soaked in water and blended into a scrub. The paste is then massaged into the entire body and left to dry for 20 to 30 minutes. After the paste has dried, it is then rubbed off to complete the exfoliation. The remaining paste is then washed or showered off. A slight yellow tinge may be left on the skin because of the turmeric in the paste; this will easily wash off with soap. I do this every week or so. You need to make sure you wear your non-favorite shirt as the turmeric powder can stain the shirt.

  • Sarah Liong says:

    You can make natural toner with apple cider vinegar and water. It tightens pores, helps clear up acne and fights future breakouts. It’s anti-bacterial and an antiseptic and helps to re-balance your skin’s pH level after it’s been disrupted from washing it. Just make 50/50 measurement of both ingredients.

  • Aileen says:

    Just stay pure on the inside..Makeup just defines the beauty inside.

  • Olesia Flegka says:

    I always use fruits/yogurt for masks)

  • Nia Morais says:

    Drink a lot of water and green tea, eat healthy food, exercise and get enough of sleep:)

  • Carla Chua says:

    I recently tried something similar to this one:

    Bought it in Japan and used it for twice a week – works wonders to remove dead cells and dirt. :)

  • Rajlakshmi says:

    I love using korean beauty products 😀 this is an awesome giveaway.
    I use gram flour and drops of lemon juice face mask to remove suntan … it also acts as a natural exofiating agent.

  • Reema says:


    Love your blog!

    Its essential to keep your body hydrated too . i drink 3 litres of water everyday, even when i am not thirsty.

    and i stay away from junkies and stress too.

    Love Reema

  • Hi! I shared it on my facebook page and tagged my friends who are face mask fanatics too! :)

    My “beauty secret” aside from using face masks to hydrate my skin? I drink lots of water, eat healthy and sleep on time. For my face, I wash my face soonest I wake up and before I sleep with only the foam of the soap to clean it (note: very lightly and in circular motion). I always make sure that I clean all my make-up brushes–liquid soap and water will do the trick and dry it well. :)

    Btw, when I use face masks, I have it cooled in my refrigerator first to have an even cooling effect on my face. :)

    Hope this helps! (And hope I win!) ^___^

  • dalena duong says:

    Tea tree oil 😉 seems to always do a good job with pimples

  • Jennifer says:

    My beauty secret is an acne spot treatment that really reduces acne the next day from the korean brand Thefaceshop… I have tried other acne spot treatments but they don’t work as great as this one. I also wear sunscreen that is oil free and specifically for acne prone skin to help with acne as well as protect my skin from the sun…

  • Tina says:

    I like to lightly dab the middle of my bottom lip with red lipstick, after lip balm/gloss, and spread it out all over my lips for a really subtle blushed lip look.

  • Jamie Lim says:

    Hey ya!

    I have entered my comment previously but I couldn’t find it! Haha so if you see me appear twice…sorry!
    Hi I am Jamie from Malaysia:) I think egg whites are amazing for clearing the pores! Soak cotton pads in it & place it on your nose (or other parts of the face). Wait for it to dry (it’ll turn ROCK HARD) then pull it out! Might take a few hours but it’s worth it! xx

  • Meylinda says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I love to win

  • melina says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t dry your face with a towel, just let your face dry alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like that your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good

  • Jaynise Perez says:

    My beauty secret: Iced tea bags for puffy eyes!

  • Amy says:

    A good nights sleep is as important as any cleanser or moisturiser!

  • Sarah says:

    So excited about this giveaway! My beauty secret is to make sure my products aren’t too harmful to my over all health (! If you are healthy, you’ll look it! :)

  • Jessica says:

    My beauty secret is Olive oil to remove my Make up at night.

  • Maris demott says:

    My secret beauty tips that I swear by are:
    1: The Mr. Clean magic eraser or the Dollar General equivalent. Make sure they have no added cleaning solutions to them. You just want the plain jane versions. Soak in a nice hot tub or do this last in your shower. Wet the sponge, squeeze it out, and gently and I mean GENTLY! Rub it on your dry skin problem areas like legs, feet, hands, elbows, and other areas. Be especially gentle on your face. After a light swipe or two you will litteraly see the dead skin coming off in big rolls. It’s kinda weird at first but you get use to it.

    2: Use an African Black Soap or an active Charcoal Soap. (I am with a company were we hand make all of our soap, lotions, candles, and skin care products, but there are plenty of good brands out there as well) Yes Charcoal soap is expensive. I use it two ways, for my hair, which you will never have cleaner hair if you use charcoal soap. Second, after my light scrub down I make sure I use a nice puffy and l lather up my whole self up with it, let it sit for a few seconds and then rinse it off so it detoxes me especially the newly exposed areas that had dead skin build up.

    3: Use a whipped body butter that isn’t on the oily side and will soak right in, and make sure you are still warm and damp while doing this. You can also use pure coconut oil or pure jojoba oil. If your going to use the oils I would highly suggest the jojoba oil since it’s the least likely to have any reaction due to it being mother natures closest oil to our own oil our bodies produce.

    4: Limited to no sun exposure. Yea you may like a tan but laying in the sun and or tanning beds does serious skin damage. If you want your skin a bit darker feel free to put food grade cacao powder in your lotion. Yes you read that right. Unsweetened straight cacao powder that can be found in your baking needs isle at a grocery store. Mix some in with your lotion till you get the color you want. It will darken your skin and last about two to three washes as long as your not magic erasing yourself. I prefer to be ghost white, but that is my preference and not a lot of other individuals.

    I’ve been following these steps for over two years and I barely have acne or any non smooth, dehydrated areas on my body. I can not stress enough, with the magic erasers if you do decide to try them out you need to use them extremely gently until you get a personal feel for how they work. They can rub your skin absolutely and painfully raw if you do not use caution. Once in a blue moon I will use hydrating facial masks as a little bonus after a rough day but that’s at your discretion.

    Call me crazy but this so far has worked for me. Enjoy :)

  • MaiNhia says:

    My beauty tips is to wash the face every night and morning to keep the bacteria away from the face :)

  • Angela says:

    My tips:

    Wash face daily with warm water and apply sunscreen before going out. Drink a lot of water helps too!

  • nothing secret I just do an egg facial to help hydrate my skin during winter, but these look like they would be fun to try with my brother . ;D

  • Tiffany says:

    Whenever I cut my nails, I make sure to keep them bare, and soak them in olive oil for 10 minutes, so that my nails don’t feel so dried out, and my hands feel softer after- just make sure to clean your hands well after this. 😉

  • Kate says:

    My beauty secret is to ice my face every day, which involves simply taking an ice cube and rubbing it all over my face until it melts. It closes my pores after I’ve done my skincare routine and makes my face feel soft and firm. I’ve also experimented with freezing rose water, aloe vera water and green tea, which all have different benefits. I would also try mixing in different oils, such as lavender oil and tea tree oil.

  • Kaofoua Yang says:

    Not much of a secret but,
    I tend to wear face mask at night to help moisturize my skin because my skin tends to get dry a lot.
    Drinking lots of water is good for the skin :)
    A good sunscreen to protect the skin.

  • Kiana Meikle says:

    I usually use aveeno skin care products such as the mask/ scrub and moisturizer and I drink lots of water and I cheat a little with epiduo lol ( medicine to lessen acne) :)

  • Oksana says:

    My beauty tip is not to forget to rinse off a make-up every evening!!!!

  • Glara Lee Choi says:

    My secret beauty tip is that I’ve been wearing anti-aging / depuffing under eye cream since I was in 9th grade (first year of high school). You can never start too early when it comes to taking care of your skin.

  • Kelly says:

    My beauty tip is a little goes a long way.

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    one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam
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    much appreciated.

  • Marcela says:

    Here in brazil we have to be carfuly with sun cuz’ is to strong. My Secret is….sun protection and alot of coconut water..drink and make a compress with it in your face for 10 min.

  • Sasa says:

    Drink lots of water with a few slices of lemon, wash my face every morning and evening, exfoliate my face at least once a week, do not touch my face throughout the day, use tissue instead of towels to pat my face dry after washing

  • Gaye Ibara says:

    I wash my face every night and morning but during the winter months I only wash my face in the evening being that I want my natural oils to moisturizer my face. I could really use those eye patches as I have a lot of wrinkles from pulling my skin down to put in my contact lenses.

  • connie delottinville says:

    the best advice for skin i have is to drink lots of fluids, spf, washing and exfoliating regularly. also trying not to stress out too much

  • Kelly Yin says:

    My beauty tip is very simple: 3-steps cleanse/toner/moisturise and lots and lots of plain water.
    Love your style Chriselle. I hope I will be the lucky one.

  • Song Hang says:

    Plenty of sleep and plenty of H2O.

  • Mel says:

    Facial massage- that’s a trick I learned has helped keep my skin in top shape. These products look AMAZING, I want to try them all!!!

  • Rachel D. says:

    I use a cold spoon to put on my eyes in the morning to reduce puffiness.

  • Swan Vo says:

    My beauty tip: after moisturizing in the morning, i blot my face with one ply of toilet paper peeled in half..and it gets rid of all the shininess from moisturizing :) after that, i just caring on with my usual make up routine

  • Maria Lindholt says:

    During the summer I love drinking ice water with crushed fresh mint, and if I get a pimple, it actually helps to reduce it, if you dab it on your skin.

  • Helena Yang says:

    I use to spray iced mineral water on my face to avoid puffy eyes and dark circles.

  • Samantha Tedesco says:

    I remove the make up every evening!
    Samantha Tedesco

  • Afsoun says:

    My beauty tip: sun block. Great giveaway, thank you.

  • Anastasiya says:

    do not touch your face during the day!!

  • melina leon says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t dry your face with a towel, just let your face dries alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like that your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good

  • Lutecia Servius says:

    Personally, I like to use a facial exfoliator when I wash as face to remove dead skin and get the blood pumping !

  • Megan says:

    My big ones are not so secret, but I drink lots of water and use sunscreen!

  • Karen C says:

    My beauty tips would be lots of water and sunscreen. Look into Elta MD as your daily sunscreen if you haven’t. Recommended by my dermatologist , it doesn’t leave any white eraser mark and good to use on both adult and kids. Every friend that I introduce them to it all love them a lot. Hope I’ll have a chance to try these goodies from you as i have very chapped lips and even Fresh scrubbing doesn’t work on me.

  • Aggie Moua says:

    I wash my face three times a day and that’s pretty much it. I’m not a big fan of make up so I don’t wear much. Just blush and that’s it. .

  • Erika K. says:

    I like to put my face masks in the fridge for a bit before using them! This makes them extra soothing. Also, I freeze ice cubes with green tea in them to firm and brighten my skin. Cushion BB creams are my favorite for a nice finish.

  • Hana says:

    I shared it on my fb page!
    I have a very simple one, I wash my face every evening and every morning with water and I drink a warm cup of lemon water every morning.

  • Jacquelyn Li says:

    I have eczema, and it’s pretty bad. I just began to use Cetaphil products, and it helped to clear my skin of rashes and itchy patches pretty quickly. I also use mineral makeup because it’s natural and helps to not irritate my skin.

  • Krista says:

    I don’t think my tips are a secret, but what I do every now and then is an oatmeal face wash or mask. I have sensitive acne prone skin and when I use acne treatments for a week or a couple of days in a row my skin gets irritably itchy so the oatmeal helps calms my itchy skin and any inflammation. I also have been doing green tea scrubs after I brew my morning cup of tea. I put it off to the side and break open the bag at night and gently scrub it on my face and leave it on until I feel like it’s dry and my skin has absorb some of the goodness and then rinse. Also for puffy eyes I blend cucumbers in a blender, strain all of the pulp out, and use the juice by taking cotton pads or squares and soak the pads in the juice, place them on plates or in plastic bags for future uses. Freeze them and when I want to use one I take it out of the freezer before I jump in the shower and by the time im ready to use them it should already be thawed out and ready to place on my eyes. Feels cooling and refreshing especially in the mornings.

    Thank you for having such an awesome giveaway!

    Cheers! <3

  • ISA VAL says:

    thanks for lovely chance! :)
    love these products!!!

  • Sandra Lopez says:

    Put a pair of spoons in the fridge for a couple of minutes, and put those on your eyes every morning to reduce poofy eyes.

  • Maša says:

    I think the most important beauty tip of them all is confidence. You have to believe in your beauty to present it the right way. Girls should be more confident, I think ^^.

  • Naomi says:

    wash ur face often!!drink plenty of water

  • huma says:

    tea tree oil facewash for oily skin

  • Claudia L. says:

    Not really a secret, but just to drink more water and keep from staying under the sun for long periods of time.

  • Cristina says:

    Beauty tip: Smile, be happy and you will shine :]

  • Tririzky says:

    The products look awesome! I hope I can get them 😀

    I don’t really have any secret beauty tips, but sometimes I use cold spoon to reduce the puffiness of my eyes in the morning! I dip it in a cup of cold water, close my eyes, and then I put the concave part to my eyes for a few secs :)

  • Jennifer says:

    Sleep on your back on stacked pillows to improve blood circulation, prevents sleep lines to turn into wrinkles and prevent bloating and puffiness 😉

  • Isabelle says:

    Beauty secret: I drink a lot of warm water (never iced) and get my 8 hours of sleep! A good moisturizer doesn’t hurt either!

  • Geline Suan says:

    My main thing is exfoliation! I also put Vaseline on the dry areas of my face before I go to bed to make sure it doesn’t look dry the next day. :)

  • Elizabeth Fowble says:

    Never go to bed mad or with a dirty face!

  • Veronica Urban says:

    My beauty tip- I freeze my tea-bags after use and appy tthem the next day as an undereye soother and chapped lip / skin rehydrater. Depending on the day I use different teas (green tea to calm, ginger infused for warmth / circulation, honey infused for extra moisture). Then I layer on thin layers of aloe gel cream, and moisturizer with SPF to seal it all in. Lastly, I make the resolution to have the best day that I can and head out the door.

  • Annie Lee says:

    My secret beauty tip will definitely be cleansing. Although everyone knows the importance of cleansing I think it’s very important to remind ourselves of how important it actually is. Currently I use DHC’s cleansing oil to remove all my make up. Then I use the Faceshop’s ricewater foam cleanser to further remove all the residues and then I use either 3lab’s perfect pore scrub or clinique’s cream pore cleanser. I think it’s absolutely essential to remove all makeup, dirt and excess oil on your face before you do anything else.

  • Gracie says:

    Wash face
    face mist

    For the running around bare faced people :)

  • Jessica says:

    Natural beauty products you can find in your kitchen! Like apple cider vinegar is a GREAT toner!

  • Catherine Ahn says:

    drinking lots and lots and LOTS of water!!!! hydration is key for maintaining good skin! :))

  • Geovanna says:

    As part of my make up routine…. I curl my eyelashes with a spoon! Crazy but they look so natural and much longer!

  • Mary A says:

    Always wash off makeup before going to bed.

  • Juliet says:

    favorite beauty tips for the summer is to stay hydrated, whether it be drinking water or using products that help the face stay moisturized. summer’s also the time to play up rose-gold tones so a pop of that kind of color on your lids or cheeks is the way to go :)))

  • Yulyana R. says:

    I like to use pure shea butter on my skin after I cleanse my skin before sleep. I wake the next morning with baby soft and perfect skin. The best part is that shea butter is natural so it won’t do harm to your skin and only good without clogging your pores!

  • Sasha Wu says:

    My beauty tip would be to exercise regularly. It makes a world of difference from head to toe and in between. Portion control when eating health foods and tons of water. Good luck everyone!!!

  • Lee Vang says:

    My beauty tip is to drink water & get enough sleep.

  • Yu Qi says:

    My secret is I’m using baby oil as a make up remover.and remove ur make up before go to bed it is a using sleeping mask and normal facial mask.Drink a lot of water.of course sign up a facial package also it helps:)

  • Citah says:

    My beauty tip is if you’re a person with dry skin or you tend to forget to moisture up, then leave a bottle of Pure Romances Body Dew in your shower. It’s a body spray made from carnation oil. Helps contain the moisture in your skin after you shower. Just pat dry and spray then let the oil air dry. Also gives your skin a nice shine verses an oily skin look. For more information about this product or if you’d like to purchase one, email me at :)

  • Fangyen says:

    Happy , smile, feel blessed everyday :)

  • Corinna Cho says:

    Drink lots of water and sleep early and use masks!

  • Fangyen says:

    Smile, happy n always feel blessed :) N drinks lots of water

  • Ali says:

    Beauty tip.. drink a lot of water!

  • Hong dang says:

    Lots of serum ! And moisturise! !

  • Janesian says:

    I’m lovin’ it ! <3 I would love to win this too !!

    I usually rub my products in, massage my face, slap it and then pat it down gently.
    it's a must to stretch your smile and making bubble faces from side to side for 5- 10 sec each to exercise your face muscles for a firmer lifting skin.

    <3 u chriselle 😀

  • Alicia says:

    I use a lot of sunscreen and I am in love with the LUSH face masks. They’re soooo good :).

  • Tracy Wong says:

    For Acne, I usually make a facial mask with honey and cinnamon. i use scrub at least twice a week. I keep my skin hydrated with green tea and cucumber cream. i drink tons of green tea by the way. I also use sunscreen to protect my skin and reduce acne. Finally i use only organic cosmetics, made with natural ingredients.

  • Amelia Tham says:

    I normally just wash my face regularly and apply the usual skin care products. :) You should try the new cosmetic product called ODBO, really good. (:

  • Yohanna Wijaya says:

    Hi chriselle :)
    I am not a makeup artist nor an expert in makeup, but i like applying makeup to myself. It boost my mood every morning.
    I always use a primer (benefit porefessional) only from my nose to my under eye area. It is because i have a combination skin, i tend to have dry patches due to foundation/bb cream after few hours of makeup if i am not using the primer. And using it under the eyes just for the extra benefit of delaying the appearance of wrinkles for eyes area and also to prevent creasing. :* kisses from indonesia 감사합니다

  • Nicole says:

    my secret beauty tip is HONEY. a korean friend of mine and her mom use honey, raw natural honey, as a face mask, and they look pretty darn good, so i’ve adopted the method myself!

  • lilo says:

    my secret for beautiful hair is dabur amla oil. I leave it for the night and wash it.

  • Meili wu says:

    My beauty tip is drinking a lot of water and green tea :)

  • Meg says:

    I swear by biore acne clearing scrub and the nose strips, exfoliator and separate moisturizer for my eyes and skin and a good toner will change your life!

  • Sheryl says:

    Secret beauty tips??? It’s not really a secret. I just limit myself in eating sugary foods and drinks and salty ones too. I also limit myself from eating white bread, white rice, oats, wheat bread… etc. It helps my skin and I don’t break out anymore. And because of that I don’t crave anymore bad foods. We should eat our veggies and fruits to have great skin and drink lots and lots of water.

  • Catherine says:

    I always wear bb cream with spf and pa++ so the skin is extra protected.

  • Lidwina Gunawan says:

    I usually made my own face mask using greek yogurt, honey, chocolate powder, and a little bit of lemon juice. It keeps my face moisturized and keep the acne away!

  • Meifeng Hou says:

    My tip is one of the most obvious ones..

    Drink a lot of water/ green tea, wash your hands really really good before touching your face and sleep on your back!~

  • Marry Liu says:

    The only beauty tip that I could think of was drinking a tablespoon of aloe vera juice after breakfast and dinner. So far it’s helped with making my skin clearer and smoother.

  • Hi i have nothing to share, i am not that conscious about things like make-up and stuff. but i am really super duper mega ultra ( hahahahaha ) conscious about my EYEBAGS. huhuhuhuhahahahaha i want it so bad

  • Tejaswini Bhagwat says:

    I always like to put on moisturiser (face and body) immediately after taking a bath. Thats when the skin is the softest and aborbs all of the the moisture and locks it in to keep you going the whole day!! In addition, I try and drink a lot of water (nothing added) throughout the day, irrespective of the season. :)

  • shellisa says:

    my daily routine that’s a must is to always always cleanse my face no matter how tired i am and put on toner and moisturizer to keep my skin clean and hydrated.

  • Adriana says:

    My best beauty tip is nothing new or innovative, but its the best tip I can give anyone, and that’s to always use sunscreen before leaving the house. I leave in Puerto Rico so this is definitely a ritual for me, and ever since I started doing it my skin looks so much better. :)

  • Allison says:

    NORMAL ROUTINE: It’s no secret that daily cleansing and moisturising your face will help to keep your skin perfect! However, I do like to emphasise this point. While I’m in the shower, I like to let the steam open up my pores so that it is easier to clean all the gunk out. Afterwards, I moisturise my skin using a gel formula instead of cream as I have oily skin. Using this moisturiser, I massage my skin in an upward motion in order to encourage the retention of elasticity in the skin. During this massage, I apply thin layers of moisturiser as my skin absorbs the moisturiser quickly. On days that I feel like pampering myself, I like to use hydrogel masks in order to brighten up my complexion.

    SECRET TIP: Green tea! You can drink it to detox your body from within, or apply it externally. Using two tea bags, make a bowl of green tea. Use this water to cleanse your face as it brightens up the skin and slows down the ageing process. This water can also be used to rinse hair as green tea is full of antioxidants which help to sooth dandruff and other scalp irritations. The vitamins contained in the tea also helps to stimulate hair growth. DONT THROUGH THE TEABAGS AWAY! These teabags can be placed over the eye to help brighten up the eye area. If you freeze the teabags, they will also help to relieve dark circles and eye bags, the cooling sensation is also an added bonus since it is the summer!

    When in doubt, just smile! A warm, bright smile not only helps to relieve stress, it’s a sign to the world that you have confidence and believe in happiness!

  • Rama says:

    Haven’t got any secret beauty tips as I’m still in the process of learning and knowing about my acne prone skin although I do consume lots of fruits and water if that counts :)

  • Marta Morales López says:

    My best make up secret is put the same love and time in removing your make up that you put when putting it on. Nothing ages more than a not clean face over night :)


  • Sinn Yee, Tay says:

    Besides cleansing and care, daily intake of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, helps beautify inside out. *your face condition is an indirect reflection of your health.

  • Julie says:

    Would love to try these products, its a fantastic give-away! :)
    I also discovered Erborian BB cream, amazing texture and colors, made of ginseng extract. Its also a Korean brand, and would definitely recommend it :)

  • Patricia Teixeira says:

    Hey Chriselle!! My biggest beauty secret for my skin (i have acne prone skin) is to use steam and mix the water with some oils and a bit of salt (which works as an antiseptic). After that i just use egg whites on my face and this makes my skin super clean and there’s no need to use any chemicals. I also noticed that my acne is a lot better because of it :)

  • Filipa Semedo says:

    My main “secret” is actually SOS Lip Balm by Labello ( This is the only lip balm that can save my lips during winter. Sometimes it stings a bit, if my lips are really dry, but it’s worth it, since I put this on before I go to bed and I wake up with really smooth lips. If I’m in a hurry I start by gently rubbing my lips with a wet towel and then I use the lip balm. Besides that, when it comes to my skin I like to buy powder green clay at an herbalist and add water to make a mask. I do that about 2 times a week and it works great for my skin :)

  • Sinn Yee, Tay says:

    Besides normal cleansing and care, daily intake of Nutrilite Bio C helps. A powerful source of antioxidant, beautifying inside out, since your face will indirectly reflect your health condition.

  • IreneChan says:

    Get enough sleep, keep myself hydrated by drinking lots if water. Eat healthily & regular exercise, but most important of all be POSITIVE & BE HAPPY. smile always…..inspired by you…

  • I use a turmeric mask on my face. It brightens dark spots and treats acne really well. And I massage my face with coconut oil every night!


  • Inna says:

    I use before Skin 79 and Missha of korean cosmetics….like much

  • Marie-Lou Meyer says:

    After all the skin issues I have dealt with for the past 5 or so years – I’ve adopted a skin regimen that I’m finally happy with. Although it’s a bit time consuming it’s worth it! I think the best beauty tip I would share is to take time with your skin (massage products in), understand it (target your skin type or skin concern), and sleep with a clean, fresh face (thoroughly remove all make-up).

    Thanks for the giveaway Chriselle! I loved all your travel pics while in Asia – I miss that area of the world too! I was in Japan in May, my family and I are from the Philippines, and I would love to go to many other countries 😉

    Warmest Regards,

  • Michelle says:

    I think I don’t have any huge kind of beauty secret. I just drink lots of water in a day and end my night with another glass before going to bed. They say good hydrated skin comes within. I like walking under the sun at around 7-8 am, it makes my skin kinda blushing after. :)

  • Alice says:

    Hi Chriselle,

    I only use Laneige, which I can only buy once a year when I’m in Hong Kong. It would be awesome to win this package so that I can try different products


  • Michelle says:

    I don’t have any huge kind of beauty secret. I just drink lots of water in a day then end my night with another glass before going to sleep. They say hydrated skin comes within. I like being under the sun at around 7-8 am. It makes my skin kinda blushing after. :)

  • Sarah says:

    Hi chriselle, a DIY skin care regime I picked up while in Karachi was yogurt facials. Simply apply plain yogurt on your face with a brush and leave it on for at least 15 mins, the result is soft, supple skin and the active cultures reduce bad skin bacteria and help with acne. Poor girl solutions lol

  • Naomi Thompson says:

    Face masks 2-3 times a week, daily foam face wash cleanser and moisturiser each morning and night and plenty of exercise! :)

  • Rukhsar H. says:

    For me it made a huge difference, when I used clean cloths/towels for my face, like you change them up every 3-7 days and wipe your face when it’s cleansed. Not using the same towel over and over again but a clean towel, makes your face even more clean. My skin looks so much better today because of this simple trick. :-)

  • Katie says:

    Having a hot bath and then treating yourself to a homemade egg mask! Perfect Sunday treatment !

  • Mylinh Nguyen says:

    Drink a lot of water w lemon, work out -run/jog for 30 min in the morning (help u boost ur energy), spf lotion, clean ur face morning and night and last- beauty sleep ♡♡♡ xoxo, fan from Norway :)

  • Chi Arevall says:

    Use virgin coconut oil on face daily. Best moisturizer and makes skin soft and smooth❤️

  • Wiam says:

    My beauty tip would be ARGAN OIL ! It’s been used in my country for generations, because it’s just full of benefits it’s a moisturizer, hair conditioner, anti-aging, use it for your whole body you won’t regret it !!!

  • Claire says:

    green tea is your bestfriend!

  • Grace Imanuela says:

    drink a lot of water, eat healty food, be happy

  • Bella says:

    My secret isn’t much of a secret, but it’s to drink lots of liquids(water would be the best)! And go do your nature’s call often. It’s bad to be holding in your urine for a long time. I would suggest to go whether you have to or not because you’ll never know what’s going to happen next and there might be no bathroom.~

  • Carmen says:

    My latest fave is definitely Enzyme Cleanser, does the job without the grainy gritty feeling and moisturizes too..

  • Eunice says:

    My beauty secret is very simple and priceless, I just smile and laugh!

  • Eunice says:

    My Beauty secret is very simple, I just smile and laugh! It make me look younger. Not only my beauty outside but also inside, It helps me relieve my stress.

  • Myrian says:

    I use moisturize with SPF and I drink lots of water. Always take my makeup before I go to sleep and I use night cream.

  • I ‘m exfoliating 2 times a week my face and 1 time m entire body,when I apply cream around the eyes I like to pad it instead of rubbing,because the skin around the eyes is so thin and delicate, and I use spf sunscreen everyday .

  • Morgane-Léa says:

    I LOOOOOOVE to treat my lips ! So I often use a DIY lip scrub with honey and sugar. I also like to use green tea to treat my eyes :)

  • Christy Li says:

    My secret beauty tips are: put facial masks in fridge (away from food) to cool and refresh the face, stay hydrated daily, eat antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables daily, use facial cleanser in shower towards end of shower routine to allow the steam to open up pores for better cleansing, moisturize in the order of low to high product thickness (e.g. freshener, serum, facial cream)

  • Abbie says:

    To lighten my dark circles i use some of the oil in a vitamin e capsule and spread it under my eyes. After that i just drink the rest of the capsule with water

  • chinyean tay says:

    I find cleansing the face with diluted green tea is really refreshing and calms me down. Would love to win these products 😀

  • Kristina K says:

    My “secret” beauty tip is thermal water, it’s amazing! :)

  • Jamie Lim says:

    As a student I have limited money to spend so I like to use natural ingredients. I soak cotton pads in egg whites & then stick it on my nose to clear my blackheads. It does wonders!!! My pores instantly look smaller & my face glows! Now that I realised exercising improves my skin condition, I will try to make time for small workouts everyday, like the one you did with Cassie(blogilates)! <3

  • anna rita c says:

    I always use before going to sleep the pure argan oil

  • Inga says:

    Hey Chriselle,
    I love to go to the gym in the morning and have a little workout, afterwards a shower and than my skin feels realy well with a rosie glow (then I don’t have to use much make up). Of course eat healthy this helps your skin, hair and mood :)
    do what ever makes you happy, a happy person is a beautiful person.
    PS: I am sorry to not post it on my facebook, but I don’t like facebook and I amnever online. I also know that I dont win but I wanna post because I love you guys and I love beauty tipps :)

  • Lucy says:

    I like to do a string of face masks in a row, targeted at different areas. Such as a clarifying clay mask on the nose and chin, avoiding any dry areas, followed by a hydrating mask for the cheeks etc. Its better than just slapping it all over which can irritate combination skin! :)


  • Kimberley Anne says:

    Annyeong chriselle unnie!
    Erm my beauty tip is just washing the face 2 times a day use a toner and emulsion then moisturizer. But on days that i have pimples i use the facial wash for acne. And tadah! I looklike a 15 year old girl thought i’m 21 already. Thats all ♡
    I hope unnie will pick me to win!
    kamsa ♡ ~chu

  • Mandy says:

    I use Cetaphil for moisturizer, Clinique all about eyes serum in the morning and evening; Neutrogena SPF 60.

  • I try to drink a lot of water through the day, which is the best thing to do for your skin. Also, I like to do a clay mask 2 times a week to really clear out my skin. 😉

  • Hey Chriselle!

    My beauty tip is to skip the cleansing wash in the morning.

    Now let me explain…i know i thought this impossible at fist too! But ive had troubled skin for a very long time and tried all sorts of treatment from, Proactive,, all sorts of chemical over the counter stuffs and natural remedies DIY you name it!.

    Ive found to just give my skin a break on all the treatments. And be more gentle on my skin by skipping a wash in the morning and right now my skin is feeling fresh! with just scars and little breakout during the menstrual cycle. Im at it for 6 months now and im thinking after the long break i can now go back to some treatments and still looking into some nice asian-products this time!

  • Teresa says:

    Hi Chriselle, Iam from India, Bangalore so it is very difficult to find products from korea however i would like to win this giveway contest, for me the secret to keep my skin glowing and fresh is to use CTM (cleanser,toner,moisturizer) daily twice, morning and night.

  • Valerie Lodevico says:

    One of my most coveted beauty secret is to never forget to use a moisture with SPF in it. It kills two birds with one stone, and I don’t have to stress over the thought if I remembered to use sunscreen.

  • Angel says:

    Thanks for this giveaway Chriselle! Lately I have been putting on Vitamin E lotion on my skin to make it extra soft!

  • eua chroni says:

    Sleep well, drink plenty of water and of course wash your face daily

  • Nina Nguyen says:

    My beauty secret is that once a week a do a little spa treatment for myself. It makes my skin happy but also I feel less streesed out after a treament for myself. One facial mask I like to do is mixing Fresh Avocado with Turkish Yoghurt and a little cinnamon, leaving my skin very moisturized and feeling calm. A nother thing I REALLY like to do is taking organic Green Tea leaf and scub it on my face! It takes away dead skin and leaving all the nutrition and making skin feel really babysoft. I hope some of you will try this at home 😀

    Love Nina <3

  • Elena says:

    My secret tip, which is not so of a secret: drink lots of water and wear sunscreen on your face, at least SPF 50. :)

  • rhia says:

    Drinking lots of water, vitamins, sleep, moiusturizer and i carry my spray mist wherever i go.. and eye cream everynight.

  • Yuka says:

    I use a clay mask once a week to get rid of the oils trapped in my pores

  • MichelleA says:

    My secret beuty tips are simple but efficient.First of all,my daily-routine begins with a big bright smile on my face because as long as I am happy I am feeling beautiful.Secondly,I add a few drops of cinnamon oil to my lip gloss and it gives me some added oomph.Thirdly,to keep my skin from drying out, I use two different face washes-a heavy duty gel-based one in the evening and a lighter milk-based cleanser in the morning. A lighter cleanser in the morning helps my skin retain protective oils.And that is all)

  • Amadee May says:

    Great post, I’m going to try some of these. My tip is sticking to the skincare basics, avoid alcohol and make sure the ingredient list is short.

  • Pachi Moua says:

    Whenever my face needs a lift…

    1. Ground Long Grain Rice + Organic Honey = Scrub, Warm Rinse
    2. Green Tea Leaves + Banana + Facial Moisturizing Oil = Mask, Warm Rinse
    3. Cinnamon + Egg White = Acne Treatment, Warm Rinse
    4. Lay thin layers of cucumber all over face, Cool Rinse
    5. Followed by daily toner and moisturizer

  • Anna says:

    My beauty secret is… Washing my face twice! Once to get the make-up and dirt off that accumulated all day, and then again to deep cleanse my pores :) My acne has gone down soooo much since I started washing my face like that ^^

  • Bonu Ioana says:

    Hey Chriselle,
    I don’t have for any particular beauty routine as I’m always running out of time, but I always remove the make-up before going to bed, spray some micellar water and hydrate my lips.

  • jana says:

    I also take my face mist everywhere I go to hydrate my face throughout whole day. I really helps with dry skin.

  • Deb Devocion says:

    My beauty secret is to try everything at least twice, you never know what may look good on you. :)

  • Mai hills says:

    I wouldn’t say this is a top secret or anything, but 2-3 times a week, I would wash my face with oatmeal.
    It sounds weird, but i just soak a handful of original oats in hot water and rub it on my face as soon as it water turns slightly cloudy. This makes my skin feels soooooo refreshed and baby soft :)

  • Vlai Yang says:

    A beauty secret tip I use whenever I wear make up is mixing my BB cream with a darker tone foundation because the BB creams are too light for me even though I’m Asian. Lol. I want to have the BB cream benefits too so by doing this, it helps a lot. (:

  • Micah Gabay says:

    Some beauty tips:
    1. First of all, SMILE!!! :)
    2. Drink lots of water.
    3. wash your face with water only every few hours, basically just be hydrated all the time
    4. give your skin a break from heavy make-up
    5. cucumbers may be a natural substitute for collagen eye gel patch, but I still hope to win and try these products! :)

  • Alina says:

    I really love to use oils for my skin like olive, coconut and argan are my favorites. It’s an organic and good way to take care of yourself.

  • Yer Vang says:

    Using a FaceShop cleanser and a Neutrogena moisturizer. :)

  • Silvi says:

    Definitely the basics for a healthier and happier life :) water, sleep, healthy food and a biiiiig smile!

  • hyanki07 says:

    i generally don’t go for any particular beauty
    routine as i feel lazy doing it but i apply fresh aloe
    vera once in a week in my entire body plucked
    straight from the plant!! its really effective..
    soothes your body and gives immense shine!! and also
    eat watermelon as an alternative of water.. because
    i’m not able to drink water much!

  • Iram Intiaz says:

    truthfully I don’t have any beauty secrets :s …

  • Bibi Bobo says:

    I burn very easily in gte sun, and I’ve found -I kid you not- that ghee helps almost immediately!! Very weird I know, but I’ve heard so much and it was a desperate move lol. Turned out to be a life savor! Thank you for the giveaway, my poor skin could use some TLC ^_^

  • areeba ilyas says:

    I use fuller’s earth in summer,since the summer here is very hummid which tends to make my skin very oily, fullers earth help me control the oil.

  • awanis hapsari says:

    I have no secret of beauty tips, like ordinary girl I wash my face with foam cleanser, use a serum, drink a lot of water. Thats it :)

  • Michelle says:

    I’ve recently started moving my moisturizer into a small spray bottle with water instead of slathering it on all over my face. It is less hassle as well as cleaner! Also drinking green tea every night before bed helps my skin a lot and makes me feel so much healthier

  • Mei Yen says:

    Sleep early, stay hydrated, exercise and eat fruits!:)

  • That’s a great giveaway and a great opportunity to try some Korean products which I’ve heard are reallyyy good!!!

    My beauty tip is a scrub for my lips which are getting really dry durind winter. so I use olive oil, sugar and lemon and brush them to exfoliate. It does work 😉

  • Kat Untalan says:

    Mine is not a secret. But I think having a balanced diet and staying hydrated is a key to good healthy skin!

  • Ayaka Royal says:

    Usually drink water with lemon everyday, even when going out to eat. Not a lot of soda during the day. Another thing i do lot is to wash my face with facial wash, and then use toner to re-hydrate them. Even on days that i don’t feel like washing my face, i know i have to because i break out so easily. Also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits through out the day.

  • Soumya says:

    Exfoliating and moisturizing everyday has done wonders for my skin. Also a clay mask twice a week helps bring the glow back. And of course green smoothies and loads of water!

  • Audrey Petalio says:

    put sunscreen even when you think you dont need it, specially this summer!

  • Michal HXTan says:

    Cleanse ur eyes no matter u re on makeup or not! And make sure u apply ur facial product in correct way. Apply serum by tapping the essence all arnd ur face cuz it’s easier and quick absorbing. some product will need to apply in circulation movement.
    Most important, don’t apply ur bb cream or sunscreen in circulation movement as it will clog ur pore. Just tap it!

  • The best beauty tip I really found effective was to drink 8 or more glasses of water a day. It never fails!

  • Sherynn Li says:

    My tip (not so big of a secret but hard to follow): drink a lot of water, sleep early, eat less sweets/spicy food and stay away from high-sodium food.
    What you eat will eventually have an effect on your skin.

  • Hanna Brieven says:

    My secret beauty tip is using a moisterizer for oily skin. It’s great because it prevents your face from getting oily and shiny all day long! Even if you wear makeup over it. (I use the one from Clinique)

  • Michaela says:

    My beauty tip is to start using the wrinkle cream before you need it. Prevention in the key. Also stay hydrated, water works wonders for everything!

  • Irene says:

    I like to use leftover green tea leaves as an eye mask to reduce puffiness on my under eye.

  • Nath Čuláková says:

    I believe that good skincare especially moisturization is the key but i haven’t found one that suits myself yet. also drink LOADS of water and don’t eat junk food!

  • Tara says:

    Nice Giveaway Chriselle! My go to beauty tip is – Eat fruits daily, save a piece to rub on you skin and drink 10+ glasses of water :)

  • Roxandria says:

    Lovely stuff, and my beauty tip is SLEEEP and lots of it. I use to have the darkest undereye circles but finally I got regular nice long sleep and they are mostly gone now.

  • Angelina Ling Hui Eng says:

    Usually I would drink handmade detox fruit water, and I would use products that contain pomegranate fruits cause it shines my face on the second day. I will apply it a night before so my skin would absorb it :)

  • Allison Wu says:

    Moisturizing is everything, from the inside out. Drink plenty of water, use a good face lotion, don’t forget your sunscreen and always bring lip balm.

  • Tiffany P. says:

    Hi dahlin! My beauty tips are never go to sleep without washing your face! Drink lots of water, fruit & veggie smoothies. Always wear high spf sunblock, exfoliate at least twice a week & use skincare products with natural ingredients. Hope I win! Xo

  • freddy lee says:

    i looove egg white masks.
    smell weird and sometimes waste egg though :/

  • Bhoomika says:

    Hi i’m from India… and one of our major beauty trick for brighter and clearer skin is using turmeric.
    Indian brides even have this tradition before their wedding where relatives come and apply a little turmeric paste over the the bride’s face. Turmeric is an excellent exfoliating agent and can help you defeat the signs of ageing. it also inhibits facial hair growth. it also prevents acne… i usually mix a little turmeric powder with aloe vera and yogurt and apply it on my face till it dries… the smell is a bit bothering but the total thing is absolutely worth… <3

  • Natalia says:

    NO CHEMICALS in our food, this is though but it has made a difference, in less than a month my nails stopped breaking, my hair stopped falling, my skin doesn’t crack as much and so many other things and I’ve lost weight yay! :) and have a lot more energy and no cravings for junk food, and my daughter eats her veggies lol

  • Patricia Carino says:

    I have this tip: when i ran out of masks at home, i use a mixture of lemon cut in half and then squeeze it with tablespoon of baking soda until its thick already. I leave it in my face for about 10 minutes.. And then wash it off with water.. woalaah!! a bright and clean face.. :)

  • Holly says:

    I have pretty awful skin. I use medicated-products from the doctor for my skin. I’m incredibly happy that I finally asked my doctor for help, my skin has improved dramatically. Yet, blackheads are still a small yet annoying problem. so anyone with tips would be greatly appreciated! ! YouTube has helped me out loads with skin tips. just keep hydrated. clean your cell phone regularly to keep germs off your hands and face. xox

  • The one beauty tip I try my hardest to stick to every day is to drink A LOT of water. Also sunscreen, especially for the pale people like me. I really want to try those eye masks though!

  • A beauty tip my mom taught me (and she learned from her grandmother) is washing my face with cornflower infusion and using patches with the same lovely potion to fade of the thin lines around the eyes :)

  • Sarah Robinson says:

    I get my beauty tips from my sister, she is a MUA and Model. I love when I can sit back while she does my makeup and hair. It’s like having my own stylist. :)

  • Michelle says:

    My not-so-secret secret beauty tip would be to try to keep my hands away from my face! It’s difficult..especially during class so I’ve adapted to lean onto my fist(underneath the chin) or hand to hair(:

  • Michelle wong says:

    My secret is no secret, drink plenty of water and sleep early ! Once in a while use a mask (:

  • Judy Tran says:

    I think the best beauty tip is to drink toooons of water and use moisturizer and sunscreen! I also wash my face twice a day! :) And never sleep in your makeup!

  • JessaNerd says:

    Well, I am a light sleeper due to kids and experiencing hot flashes, so getting enough sleep is tough. I notice I break out if I don’t drink enough water during the day, so hydration is key. I do the face slap and under eye tap with my moisturizers and serums. Currently looking for a new under eye cream. I apply any blemish cream with a q-tip. I have age spots and freckles on freckles from not using SPF when I was younger and from pregnancy hormones. I find that retinol creams help reduce the appearance of those spots.

  • Sophia Chin says:

    hey girls,
    a beautician once told me her secret…
    1) always sleep before 12
    2) always eat breakfast
    3) drink a lot of water
    4) eat lots of fruits and vegetables
    these are the result of getting a healthy skin!

  • Caroline says:

    washing my face with both a cleansing oil and then a cleansing cream/foam…also lots of sunscreen all the time and drinking lots of water. I find the face sheet masks are great for hydration as well! love your blog and thanks for the tips!

  • Anna Nguyen says:

    My beauty tips are definitely: wear sunscreen
    waterproof your makeup, buy waterproof or longlasting makeup
    pamper ur skin once in a while with a face mask
    exfoliate once a week to brush away impurities in the skin
    moisturize your skin very well especially in the winter

  • Rhea Chavda says:

    Stay hydrated! and Cream sun screen that dries with a powder finish!
    I wish I win :/ I always try out for things like this and nothing ever happens and I really wanna try out the eye and the lip masks xD I’ve never tried it before.

  • Colleen M says:

    A beauty secret I learned from my grandma is always try to drink lots of water! She drinks almost 8 bottles per day and she is 63 but only looks like she is in her 40’s. She also does not show any aging on her hands because of it which is a big giveaway on how old a person truly is!

  • Dina Heng says:

    Hi lovely Chriselle! My beauty secret is to eat as many fruits as possible. eat foods that nourish you and you will glow from the inside out, i promise 😉

    xoxo stay gorgeous, as always!

  • Joan Jap says:

    Drink lots of water and put conditioner to my hair keeps it hydrated (:

  • Jennifer Tran says:

    I put coconut oil on my face every night, and it shows drastic improvements within the first few days of use. It is indefinitely a cheap miracle worker with many skin benefits! :-) :-)

  • Jennifer Tran says:

    I put coconut oil on my face every night, and it shows drastic improvements within the first few days of use. It is indefinitely a cheap miracle worker with many skin benefits! :-)

  • Erin Chen says:

    For me, the only beauty tip is drinking plenty of water and sleep well.

  • Hnou moua says:

    I don’t really have any beauty tip but recently I’ve learned that because I have oily skin, to hydrate; I must use a gel or water base face lotion. I have been using Laneige water bank serum and I haven’t broke out once. I love it!!!! Good luck everyone.

  • Julie says:

    I don’t really have a Secret but make sure you wash your face everyday

  • tira nurfaizah says:

    Not only makeup tips i also want to share a skincare tips.. if you want to have a fresh and soft face a face mask is not going to work.separate egg yolk from the white. Shake the egg yolk in a bowl for 1 minute after that put the egg yolk on top of the mask you use leave it for 15 – 20 min.. and there you have it soft and fresh face.. btw i would love to try all of those the product:)

  • max daria says:

    Eat 80% clean and healthy and it shows through your skin! <3

  • Vicki says:

    Moisturize, sunscreen, drink lots of water, and lots of rest!

  • Helen Zhang says:

    My beauty tip is to eat healthy and stay away from anything that is really greasy! I’ve also noticed that it’s helpful to not put on too much moisturizer and lotion on when you’re young. I just stick with a lightweight gel moisturizer and it’s more than enough for me during the summer.

  • karen malinao says:

    My beauty secrets are drink lots of water to hydrate your body, sleep enough every night at least 8 hours as possible, eat healthy meal, exercise regularly and lastly smile as wide as you can because smiling will make you more younger and beautiful.:)

  • Linda says:

    I have no secrets. But I have been looking around for products now since I’m aging and pregnant. I would love to win and try these products out myself. Thanks :)

  • Isabelle says:

    My beauty secret is throughout the day i use a floral facial mist. Keeps my skin looking fresh and hydrated. I can’t live with out it!!

  • Phương Thanh says:

    I’ve used my potatoes+fresh tumeric+milk mask every night, it helps my skin more shiny, it also brightens up my skin and all my black heads are almost gone. However, the most important things are excercise and drink a lof of water.

  • Sonal Chotai says:

    My secret is getting a good night’s sleep and using overnight treatments to repair the skin!

  • Mimi says:

    I recommend drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and keep your skin beautiful. Also try green tea, great for so many things!

  • Anita Tou says:

    My secret beauty tip is basically never sleep with make up on :p lots of people always forget or is too lazy to take it off :p not so secret secret beauty tip :)

  • Arlene says:

    My beauty tip is to find a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin but also cleanses it and a good moisturizer that’s light weight but still moisturizes and doesn’t feel too oily or greasy.

  • Gwendolyn Mitchell says:

    to get rid of acne and moisturize your face put aloe Vera on your face before you go to bed. in the morning rinse your face with water and you will see improvement in only 2 to 3 days!

  • Jay Cain says:

    It seems like I just went over the importance of skin care with my 9 year old. She is getting to that stage where that flawless skin will have to be worked on. So my advice is Warm Water! you have to open those pores. Then a gentle foaming wash with a brightener (better done at night because the sun will kill the brightener) splash with COLD water then moisturize.

  • Jane says:

    Using gauze dipped in honey and warm water and leaving it on my face overnight! Thanks so much for your generosity Chriselle!

  • Carmen says:

    As for me, I think good skin can be achieved if we wash our face properly. Many people neglect the importance of the step. However, this is the most crucial one because our skin can only absorb the rest of the products that we apply later if we have a clean skin to start with.

    Also, i will NEVER leave the house without sunscreen, because the UV rays are very harmful to the skin and they cause our skin to age faster.

    Not only that, healthy eating habits also contribute ALOT in having a great, flawless skin.


  • What i do to take care of my skin is using sunscreen protection everyday, even though I go swimming everyday and i’m a bit burned, i drink green tea pretty often, sometimes I use a mascara of tomato and lemon, and a treatment (for the hair) of olive and almond oil.

    So in resume:
    1. Sunscreen protection
    2. Exercise
    3. Green tea
    4. Tomato and lemon mascara
    5. Olive and almond oil mascara
    6. Sleep around 9 hours

  • Andrew Hu says:

    Wear sun protection whether it’s sunscreen or layers of clothing. Aging prevention is the key to everlasting beauty. And waking up telling myself that I am beautiful and the world is beautiful!

  • Sophie randle says:

    For dry skin types a great homemade scrub in the morning is olive oil mix with sugar microwaved for a couple of minutes. Make sure to wash off with a nice gentle fash wash.

  • Amanda Jean says:

    It’s not much of a secret, but starting the day with a glass of ice water with lemon is great to jump start your body healthily for the day and give you much needed hydration and antioxidants in the morning!

  • Jay says:

    Grapefruit halves, rub gently on the face, works really well! :)

  • Scott Hallal-Negishi says:

    Keeping youthful skin is just a commitment. The rest falls into place through an obsession with skin products.

  • Fritzie Sebial says:

    My beauty secret is to sleep early.

  • Jihi Johnson says:

    I drink smoothie every morning. Cucumber, green grape, spinach, ice, honey, kale, orange. It makes my skin soft and smooth. I also drink plenty of water throughout the day. Also I eat purple sweet potato for vitamins, antioxidant, and fibers. It helps me fight the hunger and satisfy my cravings. :)

  • Aleriena says:

    I think the only secret I know is to drink a lot of water. That keeps your face hydrated. All the other stuff I do I learned from watching you fashionista and makeup guru on youtube. :) I am 35 turning 36 this month. I get told I have nice skin and still look very young, but I have notice there more wrinkles on my skin. I have been trying to figure to slow the process without getting a face lift. Of course.I can’t afford that anyways. :)

  • Mimi Le says:

    I’ve been suffering hardcore acne for 3 years now. I’ve tried over 50 products. And coconut oil is the only thing helping my acne. I put it on like moisturizer at night. I see instant results. it clears up my acne scars and blemishes.

  • Angela G. says:

    I drink a lot of water and every other day or so I put a warm towel on my face or I fill a bowl with hot water and let the steam hit my face.

  • Eun Neam Lee says:

    Eat Papaya for bigger boobs!

  • Priscilla Chang says:

    Staying hydrated with water, going to sleep with a clean face, sleeping early, and washing my pillowcase frequently has done wonders to my skin. 😀

  • Lilian says:

    Let see… Daily morning detox water, workout: pop Pilates to be precise, eating clean, and great attitude and determination!

  • Yi Chin says:

    My secret beauty tip to remove black heads – soak cotton pad with egg white, apply cotton pad onto nose region, let it dry and peel! Voila! smooth nose :)

  • Liz says:

    Drinking lemon water helps a lot with getting clear skin! I always use toner, serum then moisturizer every morning and night. And, it is so important wear sunscreen!

  • Jill Patel says:

    Ive been into skincare lately and here are some of my tips!

    -drink lots of water and add things like fruit or lemon to detox or get a yummy taste!
    -coconut oil is a greattt natural moisturizer
    -vitamin c cleanser by avalon organics is amazing!
    -eat tons of fruits n veggies
    -wear sunscreen! Im south asian and thought I would never need it but I do!
    -organic, raw honey is a great fask mask and cleanser!
    -wash your face with a hot towel then final rinse should be cold to seal your pores with great oils like vitamin E or any good products you used

    Hope I can try out the korean skincare products :)

  • Cathy says:

    Here are some beauty tips that I have lived by since my acne days (which are long gone):

    Tip #1. Products can only go so far…. what you put in your body is most important.

    1. Eat lots of detoxifying fruits such as blueberries and drink LOTS of water.

    Tip #2. If you work out…

    2. Take a shower RIGHT AFTER you work out. Your pores open when you work out so that your body can sweat out the toxins. If the toxins are not washed off right after your workout, your body will reabsorb those toxins and they will clog the pores as they contract/shrink again.

    Happy workout and eatings!

    Tip #3. Where you sleep is actually more important than you think…

    3. Doing laundry? Throw your pillow case in the pile every week and throw your bedding in the pile at least every other week.

    4. Do not repeat pj’s for more than a week. If you can change more often than that, that’s even better!

    Why are these important?

    Oil and dirt will accumulate in your pillow case and clothes since you rub your face, hair, and body all over them!

    If you’re too lazy to wash your pillow case every week, flip your pillow! I started doing this and my acne practically disappeared!

    Good luck~

  • Chau Truong says:

    I have tried Korean products before but it left me looking dark and more fuzzies on my face. I hope this products will do the opposite.

  • Aliena says:

    My secret beauty tip: Wash face with green tea! You can use cold water or warm water. Green tea really soothes your skin and it’s good for small pimples. You splash and pat your face so the green tea water absorbs your skin and pat dry.
    Also, there’s a tip to really moisturize your skin after a hot sunny day. You take a thick toner and spread it across thick cotton pads. Stick it all over your face. This acts like a face mask. If you feel like the cotton pad is drying, you spray essence/serum mist on it. This helps your skin to absorb lots of it to really energize and moisturize. I hope this helps(:

  • Jill Patel says:

    Asian girls have amazing skin! I love learning about beauty products from around the world! Some tips I have:

    -organic honey is a great face mask and cleanser. I use it for mild acne and it reallyy calms down my face and smells good!
    -olive oil, honey, lemon juice, and brown sugar makes a great exfoliating body scrub and lip scrub!
    -vitamin c cleanser bg avalon organics is so great! Brightens your face and smells amazing!
    -coconut oil is a great face, body, hair moisturizer

    I love organic and natural products and especially ones from around the world that do amazing things for your body without harsh and hard to read chemicals!

  • My beauty tip is that always, always have enough sleep in order for your body to regenerate and feel renewed. It keeps not only body energized but as well as your skin!

  • Jūratė says:

    I just drink a lot of water and juices. :)
    I also try to eat healthy a.k.a. I do it myself :)

  • Alison Ahn says:

    I use Vaseline on top of my eye creams to lock in added moisture and condition my eyelashes. I keep a container next to my bed and reapply at night if I wake up and my eyes or lips feel dry. Vaseline is also excellent for removing eye makeup gently.

  • Kah Bui says:

    Recently, I discovered that my skin looks best when I have healthy diet with lots of green.
    Also, a little sweating from doing exercise does boost your skin alot

  • Viviana Li says:

    Personally I use some Korean skin care product from the Face Shop that is available in Canada, but super excited to have a chance to experience more awesome goodies 😉

    My skin care advice is try applying Vitamin C to our skins. When skins are exposed under the sun for too long, our skin not only lose hydration but also lose radiance. That is also more of the reason some people get tanner than others. Vitamin C help to regain the radiance and prevent our skin to get hurt. I usually apply Vitamin C masks from the Korean Brand the Face Shop that is available in Canada after a long day of sun exposure. Vitamin C help my skin to look smoother and shinier~

    Hope it helps 😀

  • Teneile says:

    Don’t have a beauty secret but working on a beauty regimen to get healthy, glowing skin!

  • Elizabeth Lee says:

    One of my beauty tips is to allow your bare skin to breathe at least once a week. We put so much on our skin daily that we should allow our skin to breathe without any chemicals (good or bad) for a day.

  • Maye Elle says:

    My favourite beauty tip is to massage the face to prevent wrinkles ! Push out and upwards and don’t drag your face ! I also love masks, they really push the hydration right into you hahah + of course drink as much water as possible !!

  • Maniika says:

    I’m loving Nature Republic Aloe Soothing Gel. It keeps my skin hydrated.

  • Germaine says:

    Hope to win! Serum is my BFF!

  • Julia Corbo says:

    My mother used to tell me the best thing was to wash your face every night and every morning! Cleanliness is next to godliness :)

  • tira nurfaizah says:

    My beauty tips is if you want to have a dewy face using makeup blend your bb cream and foundation in 1:1 ratio.. and if you want to re-apply your makeup blend sunscreen, foundation and moisturizer in 1:1:1 ratio. . And there you have it dewy face all day long:)

  • Coolcat says:

    rubbing fresh aloe gel on my skin, it really faded my scaring due to acne

  • Dina says:

    Eat fruits and exercise. I promise :)

  • Monica Santiago says:

    I always drink a lot of water A gallon of water per day! and also eating a lot of fruits and veggies!

  • Katie luc says:

    I think the most basic thing to have good skin is drink more water

  • Linda says:

    try drinking warm water its good for us woman’s body and our health too. so try not to drink cold stuff if possible. 😀

  • Isabel Maldonado says:

    Hey I really hope I win!!!! I love trying new products especially from different cultures and origins. Love you!! And my Britt secret it to moisturize at all times . My other trick is to make green tea icy cubes and rub them on my face after a hot shower or after cleansing my face.

  • Diana says:

    My secret beauty trick is to use tea tree oil on my acne and use witch hazel as a toner over my skin.

  • Dina says:

    My beauty secret comes from the inside. Always eat foods at it’s purest and most natural form and you’ll be naturally pretty!

  • Maria Velasco says:

    My beauty secret is to take off your eye make up with avocado oil and leave a little bit of the oil on the under eye area as a night time routine. Of course, WATER WATER WATER!!!! I use to be bad about using SPF everyday but I found the importance of it when I saw how bright my face looked with recent daily use!

  • Isabella says:

    I love Korean cosmetics–I don’t own many, but I hope that changes soon!
    One of the best beauty secrets is using BB cream. It’s never too heavy or too light–it’s perfect.

    Also, when using powdered make-up, I like to start with a tinted moisturizer first–this really helps my face look dewy, and usually when I use powdered mineral make-up, my skin looks dry, but putting the tinted cream on first really helps!

    And finally, with dry lips, I use a little bit of face scrub and Vaseline for the night, so in the morning its smooth and ready for lip gloss!

  • Kim Nunez says:

    Korea has really great skin care products! I mean just look at their skin :) My beauty secret is I brush my lips with toothbrush to make it soft and diminish dark areas.

  • Somsuda says:


    I don’t have any special beauty tips, my daily routine would be to just thoroughly wash your face, then use moisturizer and sunscreen or SPF cream over the moisturizer. That’s all I really do, nothing special. XP

  • celina huynh says:

    because i have acne-prone skin, i can only drink lots and lots of water ! ((i really really want to the lip mask??))

  • Ly says:

    Entered the giveaway. Beauty secret? Facial massages. It helps drain lymph, lift the face, decrease eye bags, and more.

  • Reksi says:

    I try to exercise regularly at least once a week, or 3x a week for light exercises. Exercise makes you feel fresh, healthy, and I even see my face ‘glows’ a bit. It’s a common misconception that you have to spend money to gym just to exercise–just find videos on youtube, such as exercises from Victoria’s Secret models, and do it regularly (it’s only 15-30 minutes if you do it full reps). Even my constant headache seems gone!

    Also, use moisturizer even if you have very oily skin–I put a little on my fingers, rub them a little bit to warm it up, and slap it on my face (yep, this works). Wearing moisturizer also helps to make your foundation lasts a little longer and make them appear natural (not too cakey, because I always use matte foundation). Good luck!

  • Liana says:

    My beauty secret is drink plenty of water, never forget applying sunscreen everyday, apply concealer where is needed, and have an enough sleep to keep your skin bright. ^__^ v

  • Diyana says:

    I dont have any beauty tips other thn drinking lots of water.
    I wish i could win this xD

  • Ingrid Gindin says:

    I use a vitamin C serum on my skin everyday. It helps protect your skin from sunburn and keeps it dewy and youthful. I also use eye cream every single morning and night and put an extra dollop of vaseline around my eyes (over the eye cream).

  • Jane T. says:

    I have really acne prone skin, so I make sure to follow the 3 step routine of cleanse, tone, moisturise. I also get plenty of sleep, because I’ve noticed I tend to breakout if I pull an all-nighter! :)

  • Joined the giveaway! :) My beauty secret is actually just drinking lots of water and 8hrs of sleep!

    xx Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie

  • Kimmi says:

    My beauty tips: sleep (but not too much), drink water, eat healthy. Also, surround yourself with people and things that make you happy and encourage you to be a good person. Beauty comes from within!

  • Michelle Kim says:

    Green tea and papaya would be my top beauty secret.
    Also, since I have dry skin, I like to use coconut oil/avocado oil or kiehl’s lip balm (sounds weird eh?) on extra dry areas after my night routine :)

  • Theresa Chan says:

    My beauty secret is one told to me from a friend. She brews two green tea bags and after brewing, puts them in the fridge. After they are chilled, she puts them under her eye area for 10-15 min. This tip definitely helps with eye circles and drowsiness :)

  • paola delaflor says:

    I’m gonna go smack my coworkers and tell them I’m making them prettier haha my beauty secret (although an obvious one) i moisturise everything before bed: lips with baby lips, face with aveeno, and body with lubriderm :) always looking for new products to try tho

  • Gina says:

    My secret is to exfoliate the skin every other day, and to put a wet warm towel over the face. I also slap my face when putting any type of moisturizer and I am never go without sunscreen! :]

  • JaynM says:

    coconut oil is amazing for hair , skin & for cooking :)

  • Sylvia says:

    my secret beauty tip is to find someone who makes you feel beautiful! <3 but we can always help this feeling and improve it 😉

  • Kathy says:

    I hope this comment enters me into the contest. Since i don’t have a facebook account and all these products look amazing! I don’t have any beauty tips, but find the slapping your face one really interesting. I’ve used that trick when I’ve needed to wake up!

  • Omaïma says:

    Well, since the weather is getting warmer this day, I try to adjust my skin care routine with lighter products. Since I have an oily skin, I use more watery or gel products in the summer so that my skin is still moisturized without feeling heavy ! :)

  • Mariana M says:

    During summer I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Also I use sunscreen and an special lip balm with spf so that my lips stay moisture!
    Kisses from Argentina! I really like your blog and youtube channel.

  • Anna P. says:

    A little beauty tip that I use is after everytime I wash my face I rinse it with cold water. It closes your pores and keeps your skin tight. I also recently learned that heat actually makes your skin age faster, so doing this should help your skin in the long run:)

  • Rachael Wang says:

    My secret beauty tip is a secret straight from my mother.

    You can never go wrong with using egg whites to wash your face. The results are smooth and bright! (Different story for people with egg allergies!)

  • Tania says:

    I live in a desert city, so to me it’s very important drink a lot of water and hydrate my skin.
    One of my beauty secrets: put some vaseline under eyes and lips before sleep, this keep it fresh and prevent age marks.

  • My tip is to always be hydrated (so carry a cute jug of water with you on the go) and to always wear sunblock (go figure!), but it’s an absolute must. Also, I love using jojoba oil or raw coconut oil to remove my eye makeup because it glides right off.

  • lizet says:

    Well…. To tell you the truth I don’t have any secret beauty tips , but I wanna start because I’ve been noticing my face looks dry, weird with not good coloring , lips are always dry no matter what I do.I do drink alot of water, and fruits alot. Sorry not an expert

  • lizet says:

    Well…. To tell you the truth I don’t have any secret beauty tips , but I wanna start because I’ve been noticing my face looks dry, weird with not good coloring , lips are always dry no matter what I do.I do drink alot of water, and fruits alot. Sorry not an expert

  • Beatriz says:

    My simple beauty tips are:
    Keeping myself hydrated,
    Washing my face with a mild soap and placing a warm towel over my face every night. 😉 Hoping to Win as well.

  • Nina Stones says:

    My secret beauty tip is to wash your face with COLD WATER every morning and right before you sleep. It helps close your pore and wakes you up in the morning. Also, it’s really good to wear sunscreen every day to help reduce skin cancer, and aging! 😀
    OMG hope I winnn, i really like korean beauty products because they are good for your skin and also are not that heavy

  • Beatriz says:

    My simple beauty tips are:
    Keeping myself hydrated,
    Washing my face with a mild soap and placing a warm towel over my face every night. :)

  • Sarah Lin says:

    Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Sleep early and wake up early. Always wear sunscreen when going outside.

  • kiashalee says:

    Best beauty trick is to get a good nights rest and to engage in exercise regularly

  • Kaela Pollard says:

    I use baking soda, get it wet, and rub it on my face to make pimples disappear! It really works!

  • Karinna says:

    I use a korean essence mask pack every other day :)

  • India Jefferson says:

    My beauty tip is to stay hydrated. I know a lot of people have already stated this, but I learned that from experience. I used to refuse to drink water and reached for a soda or juice. Recently I’ve started noticing that if I drink juice or soda, my thirst isn’t quenched. I always go back and drink lemon water. My skin has cleared up and basically glows. Also I open my dish washer when the dishes are being dried. The hot steam immediately unclogs my pores!

  • Alex Ngauv says:

    I wash my face every day and exfoliate two times a week. I try to use a mask of sorts at least once a week but that doesn’t always happen. Then I always use a toner, serum, and a good moisturizer. Since it’s been hotter in my area since May, I’ve started to carry around facial mist in my purse :)

  • Kerianne Chen says:

    Hi Chriselle! My beauty secret is using a microfiber towel for washing my face and body. You can really tell the difference because it exfoliates your skin so well that you can see the dead skin pill up!

  • Monica says:

    Papaya & pineapple facial scrub and mini facial steamer at home

  • maryann monicah mendoza says:

    My simple beauty tips are simple. I wash my face with my facial wash every morning and before going to sleep. Also, tried drinking green tea every other day for my skin to glow and for me to be healthy.And I tried many natural beauty tips back then ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Roberta says:

    I think the best beauty trick is to moisturize your skin everyday! Like drinking water and also using a cream for your skin. And never skip sleeping even if you have something very important to do! sleep is not for the weak!Haha ^.^

  • Katrina L says:

    My tips are:

    1. Stay hydrated
    2. Sleep lots
    3. Treat myself to some DIY masks every now and then

    Not super special or secretive, but this is how I stay feeling fresh and beautiful!

  • Jessica Jenkins says:

    I use apple cider vinegar. I mix it in with my clay mask, which I use once a week (but it works great as spot treatment overnight too!). It’s also a good cleanser on really hot days.

  • Theo says:

    I always use sunscreen and drink lots of water for my skin. If I don`t drink water, at least 2l per day I get really dry skin. So you should always take care to be hydrated 😉

  • Wendy Yung says:

    Have you ever gotten sunburn on your face and you’re debating what is gentle enough to cleanse your face with?
    Well, I love using oatmeal as a natural and ultra gentle facial cleanser. I would take regular rolled oats (not instant), mash it around in my hand with warm water, and use it as you would with your regular facial cleanser. I find that the oatmeal offers gentle cleansing that doesn’t strip moisture and if your face is red/inflamed you will see a dramatic difference after using it. It is an effective and affordable means to cleanse the skin. =]

  • Pa Lia says:

    Always wear something with SPF.

  • Christina says:

    A beauty routine is so so vital
    Mornings= towelettes-> cleansing oil-> cleanser -> toner essence (living skin food ones!) -> facial mask (2-3per week) i love the inisfree ones!-> serums (its skin yeast extract! Love it and it smells
    Pleasant)->moisturizing essence
    And for night routines just replace the moisturizing essence with a sleeping mask! And your skin would feel amazing! And bonus, if you have those acne spot stickers they greatly help in those annoying pimples, i use a tea tree spot sticker and in the morning my pimples are literally gone!

  • raven says:

    I use a lot of facial moisturizers that are oil-free due to my acne prone skin, and oddly enough, with the right amount of moisture you acne goes away naturally!

  • Carol says:

    Wish i win, i have never experimented those mist before. :)
    I totally love your blog, you’re such an inspiration !
    I live in Brazil and here is always very hot, and my cheeks get red very easily. Cause of that, i always carry thermal water mist to apply on my face and it gets better so fast! I tottally recommend it !

  • Vivian says:

    I recently heard about facial massage with an asian soup spoon, most likely similar to the slapping of the face that you mention but perhaps a little less painful :) I’ve been trying it lately and I think it does help a bit with the circulation and what not. Here’s the video that I saw:

    Loved this post! Thanks for sharing your beauty tips.

  • Camila Huang says:

    i don’t really have any secrets. Just keep in mind to apply moisturizer after washing your face as it covers up the open pores with some good stuff :)

  • Dominique says:

    Vitamin E capsules! Take them orally & sometimes pop and rub on my face & décollage.

  • Kristen O'Brien says:

    Korean products can be hard to find in America! While they are becoming more and more popular now, I still find it difficult to get my hands on certain products. I really love that you are listing the highlights and benefits of Korean skincare products. I simply adore them. I have two beauty tips that I swear by: (1) Do a face mask at least once or twice a week (2) Use a gentle exfoliator at least once a week. I noticed a great improvement in my skin when I remembered to exfoliate (to get rid of dead skin/skin impurities), and the face mask was a great way to relax and pamper my skin, while also ensuring it gets enough moisture!

  • Vicky says:

    Hi Chriselle,

    Well, I suffer greatly from having dark elbow patches. So, my mom and I decided to make something home-made that would have a brightening/whitening effect on my elbows. It’s simple, some white sugar (not brown because it’s pigmented) which exfoliates the skin, a bit of olive oil (or any other) which gives hydration to the skin and some lemon juice which acts as the acidic agent to whiten the skin.

    Tah-da! I do this twice a week, for less than two minutes. I can say that I’ve got pretty elbows now!


  • Vicky says:

    Hi Chriselle,

    Well, I suffer greatly from having dark elbow patches. So, my mom and I decided to make something home-made that would have a brightening/whitening effect on my elbows. It’s simple, some white sugar (not brown because it’s pigmented) which exfoliates the skin, a bit of olive oil (or any other) which gives hydration to the skin and some lemon juice which acts as the acidic agent to whiten the skin.

    Tah-da! I do this twice a week, for less than two minutes. I can say that I’ve got pretty elbows now!

    Much love,

  • Dominique says:

    Vitamin E capsules!!!! Taken orally & sometimes, I pop them and spread over my face and décollage.

  • Yira says:

    My beauty secret is; before I do my makeup in the morning, I always put on hydrating sheet mask on my face to prep for my makeup. Putting a mask sheet in the morning before you put on your makeup does wonders by keeping your face moisturized through out the day :)!

  • Cara says:

    Sunscreen is my biggest secret. It may sound like common sense but it’s really important to keep protected from the daily radiation the sun gives off, no matter how cloudy or gloomy the day it is. Never underestimate the power of the sun, keep protected :)

  • Elyse says:

    I will always drink lots of water and have at least 8 hours of sleep. Another way to be beautiful is to maintain a happy mood. With a happy mood, you can easily notice that even your skin is “smiling”. :)

  • xime g says:

    My beauty secret is not a secret at all 😛 Always use sunblock (even during winter), drink lots of water, get enough sleep and be happy 😀 If you do everything else but being happy, you’re missing the most important beauty secret. The body is just a reflection of our inner spirit 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway, I hope to be one of the lucky winners =)

  • Loma says:

    OMG I need these lip gel patches – my lips are always so dry! I envy korean skins, so bright and flawless – but it seems like a dream to me! Recently, I recovered my skin from intense acne and oil by using that Proactiv system – which helped me a lot. But I still have marks on it. Hope I can get rid of it! 😉

    Do you know if I can find the lip and eye patch online?
    It’s sooooo hard to find korean products stores that also deliver to Brazil :(

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway! Good luck for me 😉 HEHE

  • Haeun Hong says:

    I try not to use press powder because of my dry skin. I like hydrating my whole face in the morning, but press powder seems to take all the moisture away.

  • cristina says:

    i really want to go on a teip to korea!!!!

  • tiffany says:

    so excited, really want to try these products because I never tried them before!!!

  • tiffany says:

    Drinks lots of water and use face cleanser
    never rub eyes= reduces dark circles

  • Yosse says:

    My beauty secret it’s aply some rosewater before my make up, it makes my skin look, and feel cleaner and works as shine control too

  • amanda says:

    My mom is the queen of great skin!!! She looks younger than me and she is 32 yrs older than I am:)
    She says exfoliating is key, and making sure to moisturize properly after exfoliating is equally important!
    And obviously drinking tons of water!

  • Quynh says:

    Drink a lot of water, do exercise, and be happy.

  • Katja says:

    SPF!! and lots of water an eating healthy! 😀

  • yoko mwah says:

    Since teenage ages, I’ve always had oily and dry skin..Keeping myself hydrated keeps me from breaking out. I’ve never tried these kind of products before..btw. and would like to give it a try. I definitely don’t have any what so ever secret beauty tips. ((:

  • withlovejv says:

    One of my beauty secret is deep cleaning my face with a Mint Julep mask once every week. It’s always nice to have one day out the week to just take extra care of your face (:

  • Kathy Chan says:

    Not huge on skincare..but when I have puffy eyes, I stick two spoons in the freezer for 5-10 mins and use that to de-puff. The shape of the spoons are a great fit=D

  • Riddhi Trivedi says:

    WATER! Not a huge secret but it does wonders! Drink water ladies!

  • Linda Vang says:

    Something I like to do is use the steam from hot water to open my pores. I boil water then pour it into a bowl. With a towel over my head, and bending down over the bowl, with my face a few inches away, I let the steam go over my entire face. I do that for about 2-3 minutes at a time. Afterward, when cleansing my face, I rub it in circular motions for up to 5 minutes before washing it with cold water.

  • Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    I want to try those Korean beauty products!

    I shared on FB:

  • Qing Pineda says:

    Is running a beauty secret? 😀 I suffered severe hormonal acne and running helped me a lot.

  • Paola Angelica Germanotta says:

    My beauty secret would be washing my face with ice cold water.
    Washing my face with could water has many benefits:
    1. Reduces swelling.
    2. Tightens pores.
    3. Promotes blood circulation.
    4. Its a natural anti-wrinckle.
    And with the heat of the summer who doesnt love the feeling of could water in your face. Its so refreshing, so nice.

  • Sara chuyangheu says:

    Exfoliating helps take away flakiness on dry skin

  • Helen Ngo says:

    I really like to use cucumber slices for puffy eyes, avocado for hair conditioning, and a sugar scrub to exfoliate my lips.

  • Nitu says:

    I want to share a beauty tip my mom n sisters taught me. Peel orange n dry the outer layer in sun, when crisp dry grind it fine. This is a fabulous natural scrub. Mix it with besan (chickpea flour) n use it as ur facewash/ scrub before going to bed. U can also add milk n small pinch of turmeric powder to make paste if u like. Turmeric is a natural anti-acne product. Hav a g8 day ladies :)

  • Mary Lee says:

    Truth be told, with this summer heat, I was not expecting to have the kind of skin I have now.
    I recently discovered I’ve been drinking A LOT more water than I did before and I’ve been taking daily naps.
    My skin is “glowing” ♡
    My secret beauty tip would be: HYDRATE and give your body enough sleep/rest!

    And then, every now and then treat myself to a mask 😉 “Spa day”

  • Anna says:

    I use 4 hydrate mask every week it help my skin to stay moisturise~

  • Villa Thao says:

    Using Ice cubes to massage your face with till it melts, good for controlling acne and wrinkles :)

  • Yer Her says:

    When I am forming pimples I use egg as a face mask and the next morning my pimples has decrease in size and the redness is gone ^.^ Hopefully you’ll choose me! It’ll be great to try out the unique lip “moisturizer” ^^

  • Maria G says:

    I just … cleanse my face … with a lot of care and the .. I put moisturizer. On the days that I sleep few hours only (or do not sleep at all :( ), I put sleeping mask. And I drink a lot of water :)

  • Lisa H. says:

    My secret beauty tip is using a banana peel to rub it on your face to reduce redness, moisturize your face and also heal pimples! c;

  • shaden says:

    Hi chriselle I really love your style you’re so talented ,one of my beauty tips is to keep my face clean & use face masks often :)

  • Alara Asude Ozkan says:

    If i get through any stressful day or week I prefer to sleep with purifying mask from Shiseido.This can be your lifesaver if you have any acne problems depending on stress like me :)

  • carmen says:

    I have just discovered the miricles of enzyme cleanser. It’s not abrasive like your normal exfoliators and leaves your skin moisturisered straight after.

  • Araceli Bravo says:

    Before going to bed I put on a face mask that comprises oats, honey, lemon juice and water.I leave it on for 15 minutes. Than wash my face with warm water and put on coconut oil. :)

  • Jessica Anthology says:

    Always wear sunblock, and a hat when outside. Also, make sure exfoliate your skin, and then apply product such as a mask, lotion, or serum.

  • Sarahlyn says:

    Drink LOTS of water!!! I notice I breakout more when I don’t drink lots of water. :)

  • Sherry Yang says:

    My secret is to eat healthy, drink lots of water, and keep my face clean and moisturize.

  • Kathy says:

    I love using the Cure Natural Aqua Gel to exfoliate my face!

  • Karin Shaim says:

    sleep a lot of hours if you want your skin to look healthier

  • Karin Shaim says:

    if you want healthy skin, sleep well!

  • Rosa Zeng says:

    Throughly remove your makeup (When I didn’t, my skin was the worst it has even been: darks spots, bumps, pus, inflamed acne). Because of this, I just don’t wear makeup anymore (Tip: Barely wear makeup aka don’t wear it too often) and I try to watch what I eat.

  • Jalpa says:

    Love these beauty tips. You look great. My favorite beauty tricks – wash your face twice a day, wear sunscreen everyday and drink lots of water. I’d love to win these products. The gel patches look like miracle workers.

    – Jalpa

  • Vanja Fjeld says:

    Being a girl that is always on the go can be hard, and the excuses to not do something comes easier. Instead of taking a 15-20 minutes long shower after every single workout, what I do is I wash my hair twice with shampoo, towel dry it, put in a hair mask, tie it in a bun and heads off to the gym or grocery shopping or where ever you don’t really mind that your hair looks wet and/or a bit greasy. The mask get to do it’s job, and when it reach the highest recommended time, it simply doesn’t do ANYTHING after that. If it says that your mask can sit from 5-20 minutes, it stops working after 20 minutes, it doesn’t improve your hair nor damages it if it sits longer (I’m a hairdresser so, I know my hair products). Same goes with eyepatches. If I have had a rough night, I just slap them under my eyes and throw on some oversized sunglasses. When you are a girl on the go, multitasking is required.

  • Julia Yang says:

    I actually used the wrong email… WHOOPS!
    The I is not a typo… It was supposed to be hormones but i mistyped when I got the email! I hope this is in order with my first post about misutgaru….

  • Katrina Millet says:

    This is not really a secret of mine but keeping yourself hydrated all day (i.e drinking lots of water) will make your skin look better..also getting sufficient amount of sleep and never sleeping without removing your makeup

  • Julia Yang says:

    I loveeeeeeee all your blogs and posts to the moon and back!
    This post reminded me of a powder pack that I do from time to time.
    It’s ground up roasted rice powder (misutgaru) mixed with water that hydrates the skin and adds nutrients
    It’s also good to drink as a blended drink with milk! :)

  • Julia Fang says:

    Water! I know it’s not a beauty product really, but I heat up really easily and I have low blood sugar, so keeping hydrated in the summer is superly duperly important to me.

  • Rachel says:

    Hydrate for sure! My skin tends to look it’s best if I eat well– more fruits and veggies!

  • Chih-Jou Chu says:

    My guidelines to maintain good healthy skin:
    1) Important to wash face every day with a cleanser
    2) Hydration cream
    3) Sunscreen all the time even if it’s cloudy or it’s winter
    4) Exercices
    5) Drink water throughout the day
    6) Maintain a good sleeping routine
    7) Hydration mask once every 2 weeks.

  • sara says:

    This may not be a secret per se but it is so important in my daily face routine: ALWAYS pat tour face dry, never rub. The face is so sensitive and rubbing it will cause irritation and a whole bunch of other bad things

  • Olivia Z. says:

    Coconut oil! Whether you warm it up and use it like a hairmask, or a leave in conditioner for dry and neglected ends — it lends loads of shine and moisture! Even for the skin (especially great on freshly shaved legs). Never goin’ back 😉

  • Kriselda says:

    Just a happy life :)

  • Kriselda says:

    I born I Philippines and grow up there I move here in japan when I was 15 I just notice Japanese women put a lot of make up on their skin but I feel not comfortable using a lot of make up on my skin I just put powder and I’m ready to go cause I believe that a happy women has a happy skin :)

  • Aradhana says:

    I use chickpea flour (besan), yogurt, turmeric and honey as a facemask :)
    It brightens your face and leaves it smooth and healthy.

  • Nicole says:

    My secret beauty tip would be staying hydrated.

  • MaiKia Lee says:

    My beauty tips are:
    1) Don’t believe in ugliness, cause there is no such things that are ugly, but things that are only simplified as beautiful!.
    2) Don’t feel insecure.
    3) Always keep your head up high, and never feel ugly.
    5) Perseverance, let that beauty show your happiness, not your sadness or madness.
    6) Everybody is equal, so no one is perfect than one another.
    7) You’re surrounded by beautyness, so don’t forget, and always remember.
    8) No matter how ugly you think you are, you’re really not.
    9) Make up isn’t only what makes you beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside.
    10) Always keep a smile on your face no matter what!. 😀 <3

  • Emmanuel Covenant says:

    I just experience some sort of tiny bores around my head, it’s so so bad looking at it with a mirror, please I really need tips on how to get rid of it, thanks!

  • Valerie says:

    My morning/ night routine is washing my face with neutrogena wash gel, next i use my neutrogena lotion and then i use my neutrogena face cream! i ALWAYS do that routine without exceptions and it helps me a lot! :)

  • MaiKia Lee says:

    My beauty secret tips are:
    1) I always keep my face clean.
    2) I like to try new make up.
    3) I always put my time in make up, && try to look the best through each day.
    4) Even though I use a natural look in make up, I’m always willing to try new make up styles.
    5) In my way of thinking, is that beauty is what everybody has.
    6) There’s never been a time as to when I’m not wearing make up I feel ugly.
    7) I just don’t think that there’s someone ugly out there, cause beauty is what we all have, not ugliness.
    8) Like in 7, I don’t believe in ugliness.
    9) Perseverance
    10) Always to keep a smile on your face no matter!. 😀

  • melina says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t dry your face with a towel, just let your face dry alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like that your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good

  • Anielka says:

    I drink lots of water & try to always use sunscreen every time I’m outside.. Eating healthy..

  • Lisa Tang says:

    I don’t think I have a secret beauty tip, except try to remember to get to bed early and eat lots of veggies and fruit :)

  • Petra says:

    I know it is a well-known fact but for me drinking a lot of water and eating healthy is the best beauty tip because everything that gets in my body shows off on my skin. Also good sleep and active life is great thing for your body. But when it comes to facial care I like to prepare homemade masks because I always know what I put in and what it can do to my skin :).

  • melina says:

    My secret is that in the evening you have to wash your face but don’t have to dry your face with a towel, just let your face dry alone or with air then when your face is completely dry apply some oil in your face, next in the morning when you wake up, wash your face only with water because if you wash your face with some face soap or something like your skin can lose some chemicals that your face needs. I wish win PS.sorry if something is wrong, my English is not too good

  • Lila says:

    Stay hydrated and get your beauty sleep!! Also always wash your face when your about to sleep!

  • Crystal says:

    After I wash my face, I put two drops of jojoba oil into the palms of my hands and warm it up and pat it onto my face.

  • Nia Radjamin says:

    Since I live in Indonesia where the temperature and humidity is high, my secret beauty tips is to always use moisturizer & SPF before going out and I put on minimum make up (face powder + lipbalm). Also, to deal with dry lips I usually apply olive oil on my lips before bed and in the morning I wake up feeling hydrated :)

  • OMG, your skin is perfect! Is this the secret? In these products? Or is a genetic thing? Because it is beautiful!

  • Kit yin says:

    I drink a lot of water and tea. I do that too, wash my face with a towel with warm water, that is so relaxing. Have enough sleep.

  • mia santos says:

    Moisterizer and water is my secret beauty tips……

  • lyka santos says:

    I dont have a secret beauty tips, but i drink alot of water!!!

  • Laura S. says:

    The basics which are so often neglected: sleep and lots of water!

  • Samantha says:

    Omg I need this >~< My skin is so dry ;-;

  • Jacqueline Ma says:

    My beauty secret is putting on a sleeping mask on, especially one’s under your eyes, the next day, your eyes will not look as puffy and brighter! : )

  • Lily says:

    I’ve recently been great about putting sunscreen product on my face, but bad about my body. So my beauty tip is get lotions/foundations with SPF. So much easier for us lazier girls. That and face massages!

  • Before shaving/waxing/epilating, use a body scrub. I like to make my own using brown sugar, olive oil, honey,(vanilla extract and cinnamon optional, mostly for scent). I also like to run my hair, face and body in cold water after a shower to close down pores which is very helpful! My hair is less frizzy (curly hair essential)

  • Emma says:

    1) Spend the same amount of time removing your make up as you spend putting it on.
    2) sleep (everybody says that but it is simply true)
    3) happy girls are prettiest

  • Mariana says:

    Best tip is use sunscreen and if you want your eyelashes longer use almond oil , one of my friends have an accident when she was doing her makeup an she accidentally rip off her eyelashes but she used almond oil and now haves very long eyelashes

  • Margriet says:

    Get enough of sleep is my beauty secret. Still have to found out more secrets regarding beauty ;).

  • Inny Kim says:

    My secret beauty tip is using expired milk and egg whites to whiten my face! Works wonders :)

  • I always make sure to apply a light sunblock/lotion before makeup, and I never fall asleep with my makeup on! I also use (mostly) oil-free products, & I like to exfoliate every other day :) Trying out different organic face products never does harm, either!

  • Cerina says:

    I work at a dermatology office and the main factor that I see that damages and prematures the skin is UV. People who wear sunscreen daily look so much younger than those who don’t. And the difference gets more obvious as you age. So my not so secretive secret is sunscreen. Then there’s sleep, exercise, and healthy diet too.

  • Beauty tip: If you want an instant wavy hair, sleep the previous night with your hair braided :)

  • Chanelle says:

    Great tips! I also double cleanse my face and started using toner, which have helped improve the clarity of my skin. Agree that women in Korea have such beautiful skin!

    My post on the Korean skin care process:

  • Jacqueline Truong says:

    best beauty tip is sunblock everyday!!

  • 100% Pure cold pressed argan oil, I slather it on my face every morning and night.

  • Sharon says:

    The best tip that I think every woman should keep in mind is to be diligent! However good the product may be, if we’re not diligent about following our skincare routine everyday, I think that the effect would never reach its true potential!

  • Ivone says:

    My secret to perfect skin is double cleanse every night. First to remove the makeup and second to clean up the pores. :)

  • Nadia Ferra says:

    I like to prepare products with natural ingredients so I usually mix some coconut flour with almond oil and a little soy milk. It smeels delicious and it’s edible as well! :)

  • Linh Chieu says:

    I would drink at least 1.5 L of water everyday to hydrate my skin

  • Marilyn Hernandez says:

    I use Freeman’s feeling beautiful avocado and oatmeal facial clay mask, it leaves my skin feeling super soft reduces the visibility of my blackheads

  • Cristina! says:

    I clean my face every morning and night with oatmeal soap, that really helps to have a healthy skin.;)

  • Zuzana says:

    Well, it is not a secret – but when I have really dry skin,I like to use an olive oil and for tired eyes is good very cold spoon :)

  • Zoua says:

    I love beauty products, but I have yet to come across my own beauty secret. I am, however, always in search of the next greatest beauty secret. I also love sheet masks and will keep the excess liquid to use the next morning after I wash my face and use a toner.

  • Preeti says:

    Yay!! Thank you for the giveaway. My secret tip or should I say ingredient is honey. I use it as a mask for my hair along with an oil, or with egg yolk for nourishing face mask, exfoliate lips with honey and sugar. The best one is to take honey with warm water infused with lemon to cleanse my system.

  • Cristina! says:

    My beauty tip is: to clean my face I use once a week, oatmeal soap and put sugar or oats all over my face during 5 minutes and then my face feels so much softer like a baby. I wanna Win!;D

  • Tra Mi says:

    Besides masks from the drugstore I try to “feed” my skin with different home-made masks using ingredients like avocado, tomato, oatmeal, green tea, honey or rice flour. And of course drinking plenty of water to clean the system!

  • Zoua Khang says:

    Instead of using money on face scrubs, I use sugar and honey for my face. I also like using salt and lemon in my face and drinking tons of water with cucumber, strawberries, lemon and mint leaves.

  • Dilek says:

    When it comes to Korean beauty tips, I really know a lot but as in the States, in Macedonia as well it’s very hard to find such products. I follow a lot of Korean beauty shows(best one for me is Get It Beauty with my fav actress Yoo In na as MC) and the best tips I have gotten are these ones requiring no special products.
    1.Before make-up, wake your face up by softly pincing it and do a lymphatic facial drainage massage. It works wonders on puffiness and if you drink hibiscus tea in the meantime, it will help your face to better accept your foundation/BB/CC.
    2. As you said, Korean women tend to moisturize during the whole day with mists, but what you can do to keep your face better moisturized is to put on moisturizing cream before make-up and apply a warm towel on your face for 20 sec. It opens the pores and helps the skin absorb the cream nutrients
    3.Lastly, a glowing skin needs regular cleansing and releasing of toxins -detoxing (again hibiscus tea helps a lot, and there are a lot of detox recipes including tomatoes, spinach, carrots, brocoli).
    The thing that I love about Koreans is how much they concentrate on health then good skin and lastly make-up because you cannot expect make-up to work wonders. ^^

  • Helsy says:

    Put damped tea bags on the fridge and then put them un tour eyes as tan eye mask! It removes puffiness 😀

  • Michelle Chen says:

    I make sure to take all of my makeup off at night and i never sleep with makeup on.

  • Gabriela Chams says:

    I love using honey and olive oil to moisture, and sugar and coffee to exfoliate.

  • Betty D. says:

    I try to always wear SPF and drink a lot of grean tee and water. :)

  • Yui Dwirama Yanti says:

    Yay, giveaway, thank you Chriselle ♡ wishing to win it ♡hehe
    my beauty secret is Hyaluronic Acid for my face routine ( I use HadaLabo Gokujyun Series, it’s cheap & it does work well on my face) + I take 1000mg of vitamin C a day (500mg 30mins before having breakfast, 500mg before my night sleep)

  • Kim says:

    Get enough sleep so you don’t look like a panda in the morning :)

  • Seechaa Vangg says:

    Secret beauty tip;
    using vaseline on your lashes and putting on mascara, and at the end of the day your mascara will be easier to take off, and not sticking to your lashes causing you to pull some of your lashes off when you are trying to remove mascara. HOPE THIS HELPS :)

  • Mariana G. Ropero says:

    My beauty secret is constancy with cleaning/hydration routines and lots of water ^_^

  • Chloe says:

    I’ve got lots of tips :)
    – Put masks/face cream in fridge – feel so good in summer! – Wash face with a bit of baking soda for a brighter complexion.
    – Exfoliate face with sugar.
    – Frozen spoons to help with puffy eyes.
    – Rub 1 tsp of salt with 1tbsp of olive oil with both hands until salt is melted (around 15 mins). Pat dry with towel after, do not wash hands. hands will feel very soft and smooth!

  • Nasmita h says:

    If you have oily hair and you r in a rush( no time for shower), dab in some baby powder onto your scalp n voila! Oiliness is gone. Also use q tips dipped in vaseline to remove your eye makeup n lipstick! :) i love ur blog, chriselle!

  • Russell Pippa says:

    My beauty tip :)
    The most important part of your face to have looking great all day everyday is your eyes :) so a good night sleep and a good concealer. Use under eye masks as well :)

  • Nasmita h says:

    Dip ur q-tips in vaseline and you can easily remove your eyemakeup, lipstick. Also, if u have oily hairy and you are in a rush ( np time for shower) , just dab some baby powder on ur scalp. Oilyness will disappear !! Yay

  • kaila says:

    I use yogurt mask & drink aqua to hydrate my skin.

  • Nhu Tran says:

    I often use turmeric and yogurt mask. It leaves my skin clean and moisturized!

  • Mary L says:

    I don’t really have any beauty secrets or tips. Just moisturize and sunscreen.

  • Youa says:

    Beauty tips: use SPF and moisturizer everyday :)

  • I’d love to be win these amazing products. I usually like to use moisturizer and make sure that I am hydrated :)

  • Yayao Xiong says:

    A few beauty secrets that I incorporate into my skin care routine is using organic fruits. Tomatoes for skin brightening/moisturizing, plain oatmeal for blemish control and exfoliation, lemon for acne treatment, potato slices for skin tightening/brightening and the list goes on! I tend to use organic fruits on days when my skin is reacting negatively to skincare chemicals! Of course, keeping your body hydrated, exercising, and eating a balanced portion of alkaline and acidic foods will also help! :-)

  • Tiffany says:

    I use cotton pads to soak it with toner to reduce the redness of my skin!

  • Micah says:

    Before you go to bed, grab an ice cube & massage it over your face. It will keep the fat, acne & wrinkles away. And get adequate sleep. Regardless of the numher of skin care products you use, if you keep neglecting your sleep, the stress will still show.

  • Mary rose salcedo says:

    I never tried korean beauty regimen yet but im hoping to do soon . Ive been using day/night moisturizer everytime after showering or washing my face and then put some eye roll on . And some lipbalm to keep my eyes and lips refreshed .

  • Cheyanne says:

    I use just a little bit of coconut oil to take off my mascara. It works great and does wonders for my lashes!

  • Lucia W says:

    My beauty tip is to use coconut oil for everything in my daily routine care! :):):)

  • Bettina says:

    To get rid of the dead skin on my lips, I like to rub my toothbrush on it, very lightly, with the toothpaste. You won’t waste your time bcuz you’ll brush your teeth anyway, everyday, its cheap and effective!

  • Paulina says:

    Smile, eat cherrys & hydrate ^_^

  • Reem says:

    NO FOR FACIAL SOAP !! and yes to makeup removal + moisturiser before bed ! YAY! I love you chriselle

  • Johanna Shimabuku says:

    Beauty tip:

    Collagen sheet mask :)

  • Monica says:

    I wash my face with green tea. Leave it for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water ^o^

  • Phares Chappell says:

    Hydrate is my biggest thing and what I’m worst at. (I love my coffee) What I’m just now finding out and loving is taking probiotics. I take non-refrigerated pills three times a day and feel so much more pure and healthy!

  • Mai says:

    SPF and hydrate yourself with plenty of water!

  • Cora Hoogeboom Siegel says:

    My tips:
    – drink enough water, hydrate yourself
    – sleep enough every night and sleep regular times
    – eat healthy, what goes in, shows on the outside.
    – exercise: it will help you de-stress and feel good

  • Nancy A. says:

    My beauty tips have been – drinking a lot of water and always carry with me a face mist since my face is always so dry … it has saved me from the cruel past winter … would love to try some of those products and thank you for haring Chriselle …. Good luck to everyone –

  • Alexandra says:

    I love learning about the beauty regimes women i other countries follow. These lip gel patches look awesome, too!

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  • My tips are: Eat healthy, be happy with yourself and shine from the inside, don´t use too heavy make up and highlight your favourite face part (eyes/lips/cheeks), use a honey-lip-mask.
    Love, Anna

  • see vang says:

    My Lil tip is don’t wear makeup or just a lil everyday of the week. And cleaned real good :)

  • Mee Thao says:

    Using my Clarisonic Mia along with a gel cleanser has made a great change on my skin. Makes my skin smoother and brighter.

  • thaothao says:

    wow those are awesome products 😀
    my mom says that drinking soy milk is good for the skin –
    her skin is really good – but i hate soy milk xD

  • marie maria says:

    I use rose water on my face it is a good alternative for toner. I always use bb cream because it is way better than liquid foundation. And I always make a point to have a few days without makeup to rest my skin.

  • Maria Antonietta says:

    Hello Chriselle! ^_^ First of all I want to say that you’re beautiful and you inspire me. I don’t have a secret beauty tip. I drink a lot of water and I’m obsessed about lotion, cream and mask. Love from Rome, Italy
    P.S. Why did you write “the giveaway will end this Sunday, July 22nd”? It’s a typo, isn’t? :)

  • Grace says:

    Don’t forget to apply coverup on your neck as well so you are not two tone.

  • Samantha says:

    I use my moisturizer and massage my face every night.

  • My secret is using an egg mask and splashing water on my face in the mornings. Your diet is also very important to great skin!

  • Keep the essence from sheet masks packs to use the next day!

  • Pamela says:

    My beauty secret is leave my face without makeup while i stay at home

  • Jinjutha Vasinsukon says:

    Do not sleep with your makeup on! Drink a lot of water.

  • Elisa says:

    My beauty secret is my clarisonic mia 2 face cleanser! I love it, it leaves my skin so fresh and smooth!

  • Fei says:

    These Korean beauty products looks so awesome! Tips: Use warm water to wet your face, so your pores are open and you can have a deeper clean. I also do a gentle exfoliation before using facial masks, so my skin can drink up all the goodies in those masks!

  • ilse Gutierrez says:

    I tend to use vaseline alot when it xomes to my beuty routine. For example, before heading to bed, I always apply some vaseline in my eye lashes. I seen the growth with such a dramatic length. By two weeks the growth Is quite noticeable. I also like to place used tea bags under my eyes, it helps alot when it comes to my dark circles.

  • katrina says:

    My beauty secret is to wash off your makeup before going to bed but moisturize your lips with a lip balm at night. ^_^

  • Kash Alba says:

    Oops sorry i meant to say wash. :)

  • Lori says:

    I wash my face cleanser off with cold water to shrink my pores and to seal in moisture. I’ve been doing this consistently for about two months now and it’s really improved my skin. In addition, I love my Coreana Clean Solution Peeling Magic. It buffs off dead skin on my face and other sensitive areas such as my neck without the abrasiveness of a regular facial exfoliant that contains beads and other particles. I would love to try out the Korean products, especially the lip patch since I have such dry skin!

  • Kash Alba says:

    I was my face with the leftover tea water after I’ve finished my tea. :)

  • Michiyo says:

    I love sleeping with a sheet mask on, the next day your skin feels so soft and blemishes are faded really well

  • Huong Nguyen says:

    My beauty tip a happy smile!! Shining from the inside is something that make you really beautiful :)

    And my MAC lipstick ‘kinda sexy’ is amazing too!

    xoxo H

  • subekshya says:

    My secrete is turmeric and chick pea flour. brightens ur face and the flour acts as a scrub. I hope I looks tempting!!

  • Christina W. says:

    I wet my face w/ warm water but wash off the facial cleanser w/ cold water (it improves circulation!)

  • Virginia says:

    My beauty secret is that at night, before cleaning my face with my regular face cleanse, I massage my face with some coconut oil :)

  • Lynn Liu says:

    shade is my best friend. genes. moisturizer with spf. I used to wash my face with a warm towel. Now I’ve gotten lazy…

  • Priya Ghale says:

    I guess it’s not a secret but to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

  • Katja says:

    Wish I win!! I have never tried these products! 😀

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