cover_judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt_2 judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt_7 judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt_3 judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt_8 judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt_4 judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt_6 judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt judih_leiber_watermelon_diamond_clutch_lovers_and_friends_crop_top_turtleneck_house_of_harlow_Red_sunglasses_nasty_Gal_collection_skirt_5

Photography by Karen Chen

I can officially say that it has been the longest I have ever gone without blogging since I first started  3 years ago. It was completely unintentional, but I guess it was much needed. As most of you know (via Instagram) i’ve been out here in Seoul, Korea for the past week with my best friends. Amongst our group of close girlfriends we decided to take an annual girls trip to completely unwind, relax, and UNPLUG. As we only had 4 days together I made a personal decision to unwind by living life “off line”, and to ditch the blog for a few days.  I was able to create the most incredible memories  with these girls  for the past 4 days, but also I learned how to truly “live in the moment”. My girlfriends all left this morning back home, so today marked the very first day of “work” for me.

Although i’ve been itching to update you guys with not only my Asia adventures, but also some shots I took with Karen before I started my travels. You might recall seeing this clutch as I turned into The Watermelon woman, but decided to style it  in a more sophisticated way in today’s post. I’ve always been drawn to more classic, simple, and sophisticated outfits , but a fun way to add a personal touch to it is with a more whimsical accessory such as this Judith Leiber Watermelon clutch.

Hope you all have a beautiful day! Sending you guys lots of love from Seoul, Korea!



Clutch: *Judith Leibier (sailboat & butterfly)

Top: Lovers + Friends

Skirt: Nasty Gal

Sunglasses: House Of Harlow

Shoes: Proenza Schouler


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