cover_chriselle_lim_nordstrom_tank_gucci_sunglasses_aviator_round_Rafe_clutch_Manolo_blahnik_6 chriselle_lim_nordstrom_tank_gucci_sunglasses_aviator_round_Rafe_clutch_Manolo_blahnik_5 chriselle_lim_nordstrom_tank_gucci_sunglasses_aviator_round_Rafe_clutch_Manolo_blahnik_3

The other day my bro, Calvin Lim, and I were working on a secret project, and decided to take a quick bathroom break in between shots. As Calvin was heading outside for a quick break, I hear him frantically yelling “Chriselle get out here NOW!!” Immediately I sprinted outside thinking it was an emergency, but of course it was simply that gorgeous window lighting  that was quickly fading away into dusk. We caught the tail end of what I like to call “The perfect golden light”, therefore only had 5-7 minutes to shoot this outfit before the magic faded away. As I was getting ready to head to the Fendi event , I already had on a effortlessly sophisticated all white look, which ended up being the perfect light contrast to the dark golden shadows.

chriselle_lim_nordstrom_tank_gucci_sunglasses_aviator_round_Rafe_clutch_Manolo_blahnik_4 chriselle_lim_nordstrom_tank_gucci_sunglasses_aviator_round_Rafe_clutch_Manolo_blahnik_2 chriselle_lim_nordstrom_tank_gucci_sunglasses_aviator_round_Rafe_clutch_Manolo_blahnik chriselle_lim_nordstrom_tank_gucci_sunglasses_aviator_round_Rafe_clutch_Manolo_blahnik_1 chriselle_lim_nordstrom_tank_gucci_sunglasses_aviator_round_Rafe_clutch_Manolo_blahnik_7

Photography by Calvin Lim 

As you know i’ve always been a big fan of colored monochromatic looks , but for this spring i’ve been constantly reinventing ways to wear all white. A trend that i’m also re-adopting back into my wardrobe this season are BERMUDA shorts, yes those awkward length shorts. I found these white Bermuda Shorts at Nordstrom for a great price, and instantly bought them knowing that I would get much use out of them. I’ve always been a huge fan of wearing shorts, but have never felt entirely appropriate wearing denim cut offs to meetings during the Summer. I think Bermudas are a great business alternative in wearing shorts to work/meetings. Another recent purchase of mine  is this elegant white camisole . I think it’s safe to say that the simplest pieces are more often than not the hardest to find.  When I found this affordable  white cami I ended up buying it in multiple colors because, once again, it’s one of those pieces that I would pair with everything. So 2 things to sum up today’s post- 1. Basics are truly a girls best friend and 2. you can do no wrong with an all white outfit!

Have a great day everyone!


Shorts: Nordstrom

Tank: Nordstrom 

Clutch: *Rafe

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Sunglasses : Gucci 


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