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photograph by Karen Chen 

 As i’m getting ready to head to Asia (Korea and Hong Kong) next week I found myself feeling a little overwhelmed with triple the amount of work than the usual. So what happens when you are feeling a little overwhelmed? Prance around in nothing but an oversized fuzzy cardigan, drink some apple cider vinegar honey tea (i’ll explain the vinegar in a bit), and of course get barefooted! Promise, it always does the job and is quite liberating! I find myself feeling the most beautiful & inspired when things are kept simple.

Ok, so whats up with the vinegar? Well, I can thank my sister Jane for getting me hooked. I’ve been starting off the day with a warm cup  of water and mixing it with apple cider vinegar  + honey . After I got over the pungent sour smell I’ve been able to incorporate this into my daily regular meals, and i’ve seen a huge improvement in my energy, metabolism,  water weight, and most importantly skin. It’s not a miracle product as it happens gradually over time, but ever since I incorporated into my routine I can’t seem to start my day without it. I’ll be sharing more of my skin, beauty and FOOD  tips on a new project i’m working on that I can’t really talk about, but here’s a hint….Follow@YIBL_Official on instagram to find out more ;)

Hope you all have a beautiful day!



Fuzzy Cardigan – ASOS (similar one& obsessed with this one)


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