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I like to believe that I live a fairly active lifestyle, and now that Summer is officially {almost} here, I’ve  been taking advantage of my new bike along with my new Teva shoes.  Some of my favorite Summer activities include bike riding, camping ( or glamping… haha), hiking, beaching, and of course traveling.

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Year after year I find myself challenged to find a pair of  sandals that are  comfortable, durable (for a long period of time), convenient, and above all else CHIC. I recall my trip to Greece last Summer where I ended up having painful blisters due to my “stylish” and “chic” sandals while playing tourist.  I, of course, regretted not bringing a pair of my comfortable shoes along with me.  Only if I knew about Teva back then because ever since I got my hands on these sandals it completely changed how I experience the outdoors.  I love the  spontaneous, go-anywhere, do-anything mentality that they stand for.

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My absolute favorite is the one I’m wearing above- The Original Universal Sandal. Besides it’s chic “slip on”  design, that is SOOO trending right now, the topsole and a durable rubber outsole makes the sandal incredibly comfortable ( almost feels like you are walking on air!).

 As we all know the best things usually happen unplanned, so its important to have an adventurous spirit and SOLE this summer!


Sandals: Teva

Blouse: Theory

Skirt: (Similar)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban


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