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Photos By Karen Chen

 I’ve always described my style as a mix of feminine and edgy. I never like to overdo either of the two, that’s the key to my personal style.  When it comes to choosing pieces of my outfit, it’s a fine line that I walk between the two very different styles. And for whatever reason, I have always gravitated towards skirts more than pants. It’s more for comfort and ease if anything. I love the ease of wearing a skirt. But to really tailor a feminine piece like a skirt to my style, I will add more edgy accessories to counterbalance the look.

Just like everything else in my life and for most people, I like to do whatever is the quickest and easiest to save time. And just like skirts are a quick solution to an outfit for me, I like my makeup to be the same. As I get older and busier, I find less and less time to spend on my makeup routine. One of my newest faves to solve that issue is this skin foundation stick by Bobbi Brown.  That name “skin foundation stick” alone doesn’t do this justice. This 1 stick  has replaced 3 of my most important makeup essentials. Which means less time spent on doing my make up, which equals more time for everything else! Not only do I use it as a overall foundation stick but, I like to use it as a spot concealer to hide my imperfections quickly and to cover up  my under eye dark circles. And for those days when I’m cutting it very low on time, this is something I grab and throw in my purse for touch ups at the office or when I get to my destination.

With my busy schedule comfort & time saving  solutions are things I try to implement in my life whenever possible! And make sure to check out on How I Embrace My Natural Beauty.

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Top: *Three Floor

Skirt: *Three Floor

Shoes- *Sigerson Morrison (in Black)

Purse- *Viktor & Rolf

Sunglasses- *Spektre 

Coffee Mug & Phone Case- *Finders Keepers



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