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Photography by Karen Chen

The  number of editorials pinned with girls strutting their  sleek pulled back hair  on my pinterest board is one too many to count. Although I’ve loved the sleek hair look, i’ve never applied my own obsession to my very own hair…until now that is. My lovely photographer/friend Karen recommended that I pull back my hair to change things up, and I immediately found myself giving her all sorts of excuses of why I couldn’t pull of this look. I guess it’s safe to say i’ve developed a  small complex  with my large forehead since grade school, and I guess it unknowingly stuck with me  ’til this day! Anyways I absolutely loved the outcome of this shoot, and the juxtaposition of the strong sleek hair with the  matching feminine floral blouse & blazer.

This week  try out a new hairstyle or beauty look that you’ve never done before. It’s officially spring (felt like Summer yesterday), and it’s time to embrace the warm weather with some fun new looks!

sig logo 9

Blazer- Lovers + Friends

Blouse- Lovers + Friends

Shorts- Cameo

Heels- Sigerson Morrison

Purse- M missoni


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