cover_Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutch cover_Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutch_1 Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutch_8Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutch_7Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutch_1Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutchcover_Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutch_2Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutch_5Chriselle_Lim_Paris_Fashion_week_Tibi_full_skirt_ Le_Secret_d_Audrey_Christian_Dior_black_pump_rose_Givenchy_Floral_clutch_6

Photography by Le Secret d’Audrey

Now no Paris trip is complete without one with the Eiffel tower right? On my last day my Parisian friend/ photographer,  Audrey of  Le Secret d’Audrey, took me to a hidden alley where I developed a fresh new perspective of the Eiffel.  So incredibly thankful that I had Audrey, a local, to take me around the city during my stay there. As much as I would like to keep Audrey as my parisian secret, I think it’s only fair to let you guys know that she also does tours for any visitors that want to capture some beautiful photos in Paris. Whether it be for yourself, engagement session, weddings, or to simply document your trip, make sure to check her work out HERE if you are visiting Paris anytime soon!

Theres something so captivating and powerful of an all red monochromatic look. I don’t think you can get more feminine than  pairing this lace Candela crop top with a high wasted Tibi full skirt. It’s one of those outfits that you envision wearing in Paris while rendezvousing with your lover. I guess my only missing piece here is the hubs. Hopefully I can bring Allen here with me next time around!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!

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Top: *Candela (lavender one HERE)

Skirt: Tibi (similar one HERE & HERE)

Shoes: Christian Dior (love these HERE)

Purse: Givenchy 


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