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Photography by Jana Williams

 When I found this skirt a few weeks back by  Sarah Baadarani, I knew I had to have it for Paris Fashion Week. I wore it on one of the windiest days in Paris, which added extra drama to the already dramatic look. I especially love the play of soft and hard elements creating a feminine and powerful balance. Not to mention i’m a sucker for anything that has hidden pockets!

Now lets quickly talk about my best investment pieces for the Winter.  I think it’s safe to say that these Valentino rock stud booties and Givenchy pandora box bag were the most used boots & bag of this season. I only allow myself to splurge every so often, and when I do I make sure that I get the maximum usage out of them! Are you guys like that too?

I hope you all have a beautiful day!

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Skirt: *Sarah Baadarani (similar one HERE)

Turtleneck: Theory

Boots: Valentino via Forward by Elyse Walker  (affordable one HERE)

Purse: Givenchy 

Sunglasses: Barton Perreira


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