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I get a lot of questions on my daily skincare & makeup routine. If you recall in this post HERE, I talk about the importance of keeping your skin hydrated internally by drinking a lot of water, and also by filling your skin with ultimate hydration.  My everyday makeup routine is quite simple. Instead of focusing on having the perfect eye or lip, I always focus on having perfectly glowy & dewy skin. Having great skin is the foundation to achieving that flawless complexion. Im a huge believer in allowing your skin to breathe during the day, hence the reason why I’ve been a loyal user of BB cream since I was first introduced to it in Korea back in the late 90′s. My mom never allowed me to wear makeup in high school (though I did behind her back at times…sorry mom!) , but she did  allow me  to use her bb creams as she claimed that it was good for my skin!

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 Laneige is a brand that I grew up with in Korea, as talked about in this post HERE, and thought it would be completely appropriate to share with you THE bb cream I’ve been using for the past couple of months. The Laneige BB Cushionhas a  5-in-1 cushion form technology which brightens, protects UV rays, cools and refreshes, helps prevent shine, and delivers long lasting coverage. . I’ve tried almost every bb cream under the sun, but what really drew me to this product was the air cushion and the compact design. Having SPF, bb cream and an air cushion sponge all in one compact has brought much convenience to my daily routine.  The minute the sponge hits yours face it releases this cooling effect which becomes quite addicting. And because Laneige is all about being waterful it gives you a natural and lovely glow that lasts thru out the day.

I highly recommend on giving this product a try ( I currently use the medium color), as i’m sure you will love it just as much as I do. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and of course be waterful!

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*Laneige BB Cushion

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