chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_10 chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_4chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_11

I personally think the best way to discover a city is to get lost and wander about. Paris is known as The City Of Love as it is a destination favorite for couples. Everyday as I wandered about the city it always seemed so romantically unreal . As I  witnessed couples initialize their locks,  I was tempted to lock my love away  on behalf of both me and Allen. But  I decided to hold off as I know i’ll be back in Paris soon along with the love of my life.

chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_1 chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_2 chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_6

Wandered about in the city in a slinky gold Sam & Lavi skirt, a classic Barbara Bui coat, and of course my fave Givenchy  knee high boots.

chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_5 chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_4 chriselle_Lim_givenchy_shark_tooth_boot_Barbara_Bui_coat_Paris_fashion_week_7

Photography by Le Secret d’Audrey

All of a sudden I have the sudden urge to start traveling again! I guess i’ll have to patiently wait ’til the end of May as i’ll be heading back to Korea & Hong Kong!

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Skirt: *Sam & Lavi (similar one HERE)

Sweater: *D.Ra (similar one HERE)

Coat: Barbara Bui

Boots: Givenchy

Purse: Givenchy 


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