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If I could eat at one place ever single day that would be Forage. It’s one of those hidden gems I spotted on the corner of my eye while driving down Sunset Blvd in Silver lake  few months ago, and ever since then i’ve been a regular. What keeps bringing me back to Forage is their selection of healthy yet tasty dishes that are organically & locally sourced. They use seasonal fruits & veggies from their local farmers market , so their dishes vary from time to time. Although i’m not vegan I do have a lot of friends that are, so i’m always looking for locations that have great vegan options to brunch at.

So those that are looking to visit Forage sometime soon I highly recommend their  mac n cheese and pork belly sandwich that they are known for,  but those of you who are looking for lighter & healthier options you should try what I ate above. Their salmon bowl which includes jasmine rice, shoyu radish, garlic kale, poached egg, and their to die for secret sauce. I also ordered the fresh beet & grapefruit salad which happened to be the perfect pairing with their salmon bowl.





Photography by Christine Choi

I was running  in and out of meetings on this day, and was not planning to make a stop at Forage , but decided to take some outfit photos while I was at it. I paired this breezy blouse with my favorite pair of distressed denim for the perfect downtown sophisticated look. Not too dressy, but not too casual..that’s how I like to dress on a daily basis. Unfortunately after wearing these jeans one too many times, i’m sad to announce that their time has finally come to an end. The other day as I was getting dressed my foot got stuck in  one of the holes and I ended up ripping the entire bottom half of the jean. *sigh* Maybe I will turn them into distressed denim short (obsessed with THESE by the way) , I can’t seem to let go of them quite yet!

Anyways I highly recommend on trying out Forage if you are ever  in the downtown/ Silver Lake area! Also please let me know if you would like to continue to see more Chic Eats here on the blog! Just in case you missed my  last Chic Eats on my weekly coffee & flower shop routine HERE and the chicken soup that saved my soul and my flu HERE.

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P.S Anyone else on Foursquare? I just signed up for it and will be updating my food adventures daily on this!! Soooo excited about this, and how did I just find out about this? Anyone else on it? Make sure to follow me on Foursquare HERE.

Forage: 3823 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles CA 90026


Blouse: Topshop (similar one HERE)

Jeans: Zara RIP :(  // similar one HERE 

Jacket: Amour Vert (similar one HERE)

Hat: J.crew (affordable canvas one HERE)

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: Jennifer Zeunner 

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Purse: Saint Laurent  (coveting this white one)

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  • Carrie says:

    I really like the creative process behind your chic eats posts!

    Forage looks fabulous and I hope to one day be able to try what they have to offer if I manage to make a trip to Silver Lake!

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  • StyleSpectra says:

    The food looks absolutely jummie and love your look!

  • I love love love the combination of red & leopard! You look great!

  • Francesca says:

    Omg I love your outfit!! And the food looks good too


  • Leesa says:

    This place looks great and so does your outfit!

  • sanjita says:

    I was surfing the net and found this blog. Wow, pretty amazing/stunning pictures!

  • pallawi says:

    The pairing of red and camel color coat is really nice. I’ll try it some day.

  • Looks like a really nice place!


  • Everything looks delicious!.. I love this bag so much!!.. The outfit is really nice red suits you perfectly!

  • Alina says:

    I have never liked it when ripped jeans show a lot of your knee, I think it just makes the jeans more trashy & it just looks like you fell on you knees and they ripped and also for that reason ( they rip easily ). I want a clean cut holes with some white fabric stings over them, clean and simple.

  • Wow would definitely want to try this cafe! I am always on the look for vegan options. Not a vegan but would love to try for healthier cafe. It seems to me that LA is really hard to hunt down vegan restaurants. I would love to know if you know any good ones in LA! Thanks

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  • Very chic look! Love the blouse and this color is so pretty on your skin tone.


  • mc says:

    Love this simple outfit, especially the pop of leopard print from the heels =) And will definitely remember to check out Forage! love reading about your food adventures.


  • The food is amazing here! Love the salmon bowl!

  • Lauren R says:

    as a devote foodie, that food looks AMAZING (and you of course, too :)

  • I love this outfit, Chriselle! And I can’t wait to try Forage soon~the salmon bowl sounds exactly like my kind of thing. I don’t think I’ve been to Silver Lake but it seems like a lot of fashion bloggers like to eat there. Very curious now. 😀

  • TERESA says:

    I love those jeans and that camel coat! Nice drapped blouse.


  • Michelle says:

    Wow the food is amazing! Chriselle you look amazing!

  • Arwen says:

    Love the photos! Food looks delish!

  • Lorien says:

    Love the combo of Chic Eats and a Chic Outfit!


  • Doris says:

    Looks so fresh and yumm!! and love the outfit!

  • Love your outfit and the photos look amazing, Chriselle! You look gorgeous!

    xo, Alina

  • sasa says:

    Chic eats and chic outfit:) <3

    New on

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