cover_Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_14 cover_Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_15 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_8

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I spent most of my weekend with my family as they were visiting from San Francisco. As i was sharing all my Paris photos with my parents, it dawned on me that my love for this city was inherited from my mom. As I flipped thru photos after photos of the gorgeous architecture and yummy food she couldn’t help but continuously giggle and sigh out of excitement. She described that there was a timeless elegance to the city, and I couldn’t agree more!  Hopefully one of these days I will be able to take her to Paris with me, that would be a dream come true!

Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_15 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_6 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_11 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_3 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_14 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_10 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_1 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_12 Paris_fashion_week_Sarah_baadarani_coat_christian_dior_heels_Colette_Lancaster_Paris_purse_chriselle_Lim_jana_williams_photography_9

Photography by Jana Williams

On the 7th or 8th day in paris I recall sitting in front of my tiny Parisian closet feeling like I had nothing to wear. After a frustrating morning of  trying on multiple different skirts and dresses, I finally decided to wear a pair of comfortable stretchy jeans instead. And what I thought would make a bland outfit turned out to be one of my favorites! I’ve come to a conclusion that there are 3 things that will INSTANTLY turn your bland outfit into something bold:

1. Monochrome- This is the easiest way to create a strong outfit without having to try too hard. A monochrome look is incredibly powerful and instantly creates a statement.  Whether it be an all red, black, or in this case grey look you could have fun with the different hues of the color and of course texture.

2. A Statement Coat- Top off  a simple outfit with a statement coat and within seconds you have transformed something simple into a statement! A good coat can foolproof any outfit, and no one will ever know you had one of those ” I don’t have anything to wear” moments. Here are a few of my favorite coats that i’ve been currently eyeing- this pink Nina Ricci Satin coat ,  DVF animal print coat, and this Milly lace overlay coat.

3. Bags & Shoes- Sometimes it’s best when you keep the outfit simple and you let the bags & shoes do all the talking! Personally I love outfits that are incredibly simple and have more intricate details with the  accessories.

Anyways I hope that these 3 things help you in fool proofing your outfits this week!


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Jeans- Goldsign (simlar one HERE)

Sweater- Banjo & Matilda  (another cute one HERE)

Coat- Sarah Baadarani  (similar one HERE & HERE)

Clutch- Lancaster (another cute one HERE& HERE)

Shoes- Christian Dior



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