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Photography by Karen Chen

Sometimes I take for granted that I live right by the water, but it’s when I’m pulled out of my element (while traveling) I realize how big of a role water plays in my life.  As much as I love what I do, it gets quite exhausting. I find that when you are passionate about something you give it your all, and  although it’s incredibly rewarding,  It’s also entirely exhausting. When traveling, I spend most of my time in New York City, and when I’m not I spend my days in downtown L.A.   And although I live right by the beach, It’s hard for me to find the time to step away from the madness to simply breathe. But as of lately the hubs and I have been spending the better part of our weekend mornings by the water, and I’m not sure why we didn’t do this before! It’s a time for us to unleash all the chaos, and bring peace back into our lives. Water is not only essential for the emotional soul, but is also a necessity for the skin and body.


My obsession with skin care developed when I was in grade school living in Korea, year 1993 to be exact. I discovered a number of different beauty products, but one line that I have a long lasting history with is a korean brand called Laneige. You can only imagine my excitement when they recently reached out in regards to partnering up with them for their U.S launch that is exclusive to Target.

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“Be Waterful” is Laneige’s brand motto, and I love that their core focus is all about beautiful, healthy, and hydrated skin! With all the traveling, stress, and pollution (especially in L.A.)  it can get quite difficult to maintain the healthiest skin. So as Laneige’s brand ambassador I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite products along with some skincare tips of mine to achieve beautiful and “waterful” skin.


Here are 5 things I currently do to maintain healthy & dewy skin:

1. STAY HYDRATED – I drink about  6-8 cups of water a day. 

2. SWEAT- I love going to Hot Yoga at least once a week to sweat out all the toxins from my body. If I don’t have enough time for Hot Yoga, I’ll at least go to the sauna for 30 minutes.

3. SLEEP- While sleeping I’ve been using Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask about 2 times a week.   It provides me with intensive hydration all while i’m restoring my body in bed…talk about multi tasking! The next morning I immediately wake up with incredibly dewy, glowy, & hydrated skin!

4. MOISTURIZE- Laneige’s Water Bank serum, Moisturizing Cream, and Gel Cream has seriously  saved my skin after weeks of traveling! It contains an exclusive water science technology that keeps the skin both externally and internally hydrated.

5. SUNBLOCK- I know you all have heard this many times, but I cannot emphasize enough the importance of wearing sunblock. Laneige’s Triple Sunscreen SPF 40 is my absolute favorite as it is enriched with soybean protein extracts. Which not only protects but also brightens and corrects the skin for an instant shimmery dewy look.

 I hope that these tips have helped you out in staying “Waterful”, and let me know if you guys have any secret skincare tips…I would love to know!

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All Laneige products available at Target 

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