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Photography by Jana Williams 

As most of you know I usually travel with my dear friend/photographer  Jana Williams, but unfortunately  she wasn’t able to catch her fligh to Paris with me (due to some passport expiration issues). I  discovered this news as I was boarding my plane, and instantly became extremely  doubtful as I’ve never traveled abroad alone.Once I landed in Paris I was still  incredibly doubtful , but nonetheless decided to venture off on my own. I arrived to my cozy little hotel that was tucked away in the most quaint and quiet neighborhood, and immediately felt right at home.

And although Jana finally made it  out to Paris 5 days later… there were a few valuable lessons and treasured moments in between. Through my alone time I was truly able to have some “me” time….to reflect, to write, and to meditate.   Watching the sunrise, while drinking my black coffee , became a habitual routine in Paris…. all thanks to my jet lag. Theres something so incredbily  calming about being awake while the rest of the world is sleeping.  Thanks to my experience in Paris i’ve continued to the same back here in L.A. Well…. maybe not posing in lingerie on my french terrace, but starting my mornings in reflection  and in meditation.

Happy Friday, and I hope you have an incredibly relaxing weekend!

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Lingerie- Ari Dein



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