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Photography by Audrey Neracoulis

Although I’ve never been to Paris until now, catching a connecting flight at CDG does not count, I somehow have always believed that I once was a Parisian in another  lifetime.  This  belief  came from the mere fact of my unhealthy macaron obsession, the countless French terraces pinned on my pinterest board, and of course my love for Amélie. But I think it’s now safe to say after my 2 weeks in Paris that I really do believe (even more so) that I once was a Parisian in another lifetime.

As most of you know I jumped on a plane to Paris  for fashion week, but I decided to head out a few days early to experience the city before the fashion madness began! I wanted to indulge in the real French lifestyle, and I was lucky enough that I connected with Audrey Neracoulis- a true Parisian. She not only shot my photos during my stay in Paris, but also played tour guide and taught me some valuable French lessons along the way.


(Photo above by Karen Chen)

From recent comments a lot of you have asked me about my travel necessities.  For the most obvious a pair of comfy shoes ( I like to stick with sneakers) , moisturizing facial products since my skin gets incredibly dehydrated , a lightweight camera, a French translator, a card holder, and most importantly a sturdy purse to hold it all.

When traveling I prefer larger totes due to the amount of things I carry, but the problem is the bigger the bag the longer I find myself  scrambling to find my necessities – phone, wallet, lip balm, and keys.  When I discovered this Italian women’s accessories line, V73, who also recently opened up a store  in Miami, I was immediately drawn to their classic yet unique designs, but it was really their simple design aesthetic that I fell in love with. The small pouch within this bag is what had me at hello.  Easy access (along with safety) is so key for me when traveling, and the fact that I was able to store all of my valuables and necessities in this pouch made my life so much easier.

Hope you guys enjoyed my very first Paris post. There is TONS to come this week, and let me know if you guys would like to see more “travel necessities” posts or videos. OH! Currently working on a Paris Travel Diary video for you guys! Will be up on the channel very very soon!



Bag:  V73 ‘Miami Bag’

Coat: Vivian Chan  (similar HERE)

Shirt: Top- Cameo the Label ( similar HERE)

Jeans: Goldsign (similar HERE)

Shoes: Ash

Sunglasses: Toms

Rings: Alex Mika ‘v ring’ , Melinda Maria Designs  & Alexa Leigh



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