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Photography by Esther Jung 

As much as I love exploring new hotels & venues,  there’ s no better feeling than being welcomed by a familiar face when traveling. That familiar face  for me is Hudson Hotel in New York. Ever since I met the team at Morgans Hotel Group a few years back, i’ve been loyal to their properities- The Mondrian, Clift,  Royalton, and of course Hudson. As most of you know I recently launched “Chic Eats” on the blog,  where I review my favorite restaurants  & cafes, so I thought it would be perfectly appropriate to share with you “Chic Stays” .  Besides dining and lodging go hand in hand right?

I personally love staying at Hudson hotel during fashion week because of its prime location. You really can’t beat being located on the upper west side, and the fact that it is walking distance to the Lincoln Center makes all the difference. And on top of that Central Park is less than a 5 minute walk from the hotel, which allows me to get my morning run in (well, maybe not during the snowy days).

If there was a word to describe Hudson hotel  that would be “Casual Elegance”. Casual because of the welcoming social atmosphere ( I indulged at  The Hudson Common one too many nights with friends after a long day of  shows) , but elegant due to its interiors designed by Philippe Starck.   Also I found myself hanging out at The Library Bar quite often during my stay.  From the high rise ceilings,  tall shelves of books, and the plush mismatched chairs, this area was the perfect location to have quick yet intimate meetings over some coffee or a glass of wine.

Fashion week can be incredibly hectic, but thank you Hudson for being so accommodating and giving me the chance to unwind & relax in the midst of the chaos! Until next time….

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