After this last trip I had to NYFW I don’t know if I could ever live somewhere so cold! I love the beauty that the East coast has especially in the winter as I mentioned in this post HERE . But I give it up to all of you that experience that type of winter wherever you may live on a regular basis. I received a lot of comments and questions while I was out there about how to dress chic while staying warm and I wanted to share with you a few winter essentials I picked out for a very chic but warm winter outfit. Although it’s not featured in this particular post, the key is to layer over a good base to really stay warm. Thermals, thighs, cozy socks  and of course top it off with a good pair of gloves and earmuffs if needed. This post is focused on those last few layers that count when completing a chic ensemble.
When the weather is freezing out, the last thing I want to do is put on makeup or do my hair. The best solution for me are a great pair of sunglasses and a huge hat. A hat or beanie will definitely keep you warm and yes even in the winter I like to wear sunglasses to deflect the little sun reflecting onto the snow! The main pieces of this outfit are the turtleneck and thick chunky sweater. This combination is a go to for me, to be as warm as possible! I like to top it all off with a great thick scarf and a colorful coat.  In the winter, most of us can use a little pick me up and this pink coat definitely does that for me! Now you can’t go without a warm pair of boots and a great bag . If wearing heels where you live in the winter time is not likely, then opt for a flat pair, but if you have the opportunity to take it up a notch with heels why not? As for your bag, I like to wear a medium sized one that will not weigh me down, but big enough to hold my scarf, glasses and even hat, once I get inside and peel off the layers!


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