For some people blazers are just another piece for the office. But for me it’s a basic and necessary part of my wardrobe. The structure of a blazer brings the exact amount of masculine edge to something more feminine. Creating the perfect balance that I love to wear. Blazers are something I reach for when I want to dress causal with a ripped jean and tee but at the same time look pulled together by throwing on a sleek blazer. A necessity like this is for a girl on the go like me that wants an instant polish to her look without over thinking. Now  that we all know we need a blazer, the questions is which styles should every girl have? Lucky for you, that’s exactly why I put together this Chic List of Top 4 basic blazers every girl needs.


|1.The Classic Black Blazer|2. The Pop Red Blazer|3. The Boyfriend Grey Blazer| 4. The Crisp White Blazer|

The first is a classic black structured blazer. This can easily transition from the office to a date night just by wearing it with a pair of jeans. This will probably be the most worn of all the blazers in your closet. Now to add the perfect pop of color to a plain outfit, this red cropped blazer is a must. The crop makes it very fun and unexpected, which is a great idea to wear when you feel like your outfit needs a little boost. The next basic blazer is the boyfriend blazer is the laid back, loose fitting casual blazer. Although it still pulls together an outfit and adds structure and polish it’s a more relaxed, effortless take on it. Lastly, the white blazer is perfect any time of the year to wear, but I love how sharp and crisp it looks in the summer or spring paired with a bright dress or skirt.

From all the Blazers which are your favorites and go to’s? Comment and share them with me!

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