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One of the most highly & consistently asked question has been, “What do you use to edit your Instagram photos?” To be entirely honest i’ve been avoiding this question for one obvious reason…. I wanted to keep these apps a secret, but there comes a day when you realize that being selfish gets you nowhere. ha! So get ready because within a few minutes you will have the world’s prettiest Instagram photos!

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1. VSCOcam – Since i’ve discovered this app i’ve 100% stopped using Instagram filters. I color edit 99% of my photos in this app before uploading to Instagram. VSCOcam hands down has the best pre-set photo filters, giving it a slight “aged” and “film” feel to all the photos. Although I love it for all my photos, I especially love it for my food and landscape shots! If there was one app I couldn’t live would be this one!

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2. SquareFX- This is the second most used app for me. There’s nothing more frustrating when your photo can’t fit the instagram square frame, right? This app allows you to fit your entire photo without cutting anything off!

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3. moreBeaute – Not going to lie the idea of uploading a selfie has always been a bit intimidating to me. I mean , c’mon do you really need to see my large pores and dark under eye circles? This app allows you to have flawless skin, it smooths away any unwanted wrinkles and whitens your dark under eyes. But don’t want to overdo it because being too photoshopped is never a good thing (trust me.. been there, done that). It’s all about that glowy & dewy skin…atleast on Instagram land!

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4. HDR FX Pro – My absolute favorite app when it comes to colorful dynamic landscape shots of the sky, beach, or ocean. It allows you to play with the saturation to enhance colors! I could spend all day playing with these colors. I’ve noticed that there are times when the iPhone camera  doesn’t pick up colors as how they look in person. This app allows you to bring that saturation back to your photos so it look as dynamic in photos as in person….or ummm better in photos!

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5. Mirrorgram- Sometimes i’m left with a photo that either has too much blank space or is simply not very intriguing. I usually rely on Mirrorgram to add some depth & dimension to my photos that need an extra umph. Especially during fashion week I LOVE using this app to create a powerful mirrored effect.

So that wraps up my top 5 most used photo editing tools! And trust me i’m a serious app junkie (AND a serious nerd at heart),  which means I have ALOT more apps under my belt that I have yet to share! . Besides photo editing tools there are some amazing apps for fitness, nutrition, sleeping, reviews, and much more that I obsess over. If you guys found this post valuable, please comment down below and let me know if you guys would like to see more quick lists like this! Now go ahead and start editing the most beautiful instagram photos ever!  And of course make sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM, and you can thank me later ;)

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