Photography by Jana Williams

Feeling slightly uneasy as I write to you at 3 am on a Thursday morning. Although i’m entirely relieved that New York Fashion Week is over,  I’m feeling a little anxious as a snowstorm is suppose to hit tonight. Majority of my friends’ flights have been cancelled , and they now cannot fly out until late sunday or monday. I got an alert this morning that my flight will be delayed by 5 hours, and has yet to be cancelled. As I talked about in my Valentines day video HERE, I’m trying to get back to the hubs on time for Valentines Day. I’ve had a little special something planned for him, so i’m crossing my fingers that plans will still go accordingly.

Anyways when I saw this dress on Forward by Elyse Walker the other day I immediately knew I had to have it in my closet. The contrast of the black and white scalloped details all along the neckline & down the arms is what really caught my eye. And I love that although this is long sleeved, there is still a bit of skin peeking through the sheer fabric throughout the front and back of the dress.  Such intricate detail that really makes the LBD stand out from the crowd.

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Purse: Sati Bibo

Coat: Stella McCartney (Similar HERE)

Boots: Lanvin ( Similar in black)

Sunglasses: Nordstrom (Similar HERE)


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