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Photography by Jana Williams

For as long as I can remember i’ve been referred to the girl with “thick skin” or described as the “tough” one. I’ve alway been a little overzealous, and extremely determined rarely revealing my weaknesses. But there comes a time in life when you meet someone that changes it all, and for me that person was my husband Allen. As most of you know i’ve been married for about 1.5 years (dating for 5 + years), and til this day he is the only one that makes my knees weak, gives me butterflies, and makes me feel entirely vulnerable.  There’s something incredibly sexy that comes with vulnerability. This Valentines day I wanted to do something  that i’ve never done before to not only portray my love for him, but also to spice things up 😉 .

I was extremely hesitant to do such a sexy, for lack of a better word, Boudoir shoot, but my dear friend & photographer, Jana Williams,  encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. As you guys know Jana and I have been working together for about 3 years now, and there’s no one else I would get naked in front of! She has a way of making you feel beautiful & sexy in your own skin. It’s quite an empowering experience, and I recommend all of you ladies out there giving it a try at least once in your lifetime!  As I talked about in my latest video HERE, it’s all about going outside of your comfort zone. Although I wish I could show you the rest of the photos, those are for the hubby’s eyes only!

Make sure to check out some more exclusive photos from this shoot on Jana’s blog HERE. If you are also interested in booking a session and/or learning more about Boudoir by Jana Williams make sure to email her at Jana@jana-williams.com.

Happy Monday loves!



Floral Undies:  Agent Provocateur

Black Robe: Oscar De La Renta (long robe HERE)

Slip: Oscar De La Renta


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  • These photos are stunning!
    Such eloquence, sensitivity and class, this is the way to do it!
    It’s also empowering, women are sexual beings just like men but I feel the image portrayed in the music and film industry only shows us as sexual objects! It’s beautiful photos like these, made with love, care and trust, that portray a side of femininity that sadly not many people recognize anymore. It’s not just about what everyone else sees, it’s also about loving yourself and wanting to give this part of you to someone else. So thank you for sharing.

    All in all, congratulations on your newfound courage! Beautiful work and officially now on my bucket list. :)

  • Vivianne says:

    Looking incredibly sultry and sophisticated, your husband is one lucky man!

  • Oh my, you look you so sexy and classy Chriselle! I don’t have the courage to do boudoir shoots but I love how these photos were shot. Gorgeous!

    xo, Alina

  • Thank you for this post Chriselle. You set an example of how stepping out of our comfort zone is the first jump to star flying with your own wings. I read once that courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen; your boudoir pictures are very beautiful, congratulations to your photographer too!


  • pallawi says:

    Omg, you look so sexy. I wish I could do the same for my husband. If only I could be comfortable and confident doing this.

  • Y Park says:

    Very sexy photos. ^^
    yeah I also like to see woman’s body drawing or photos. coz simply woman’s body line is beautiful. and there is always something more. warm, sexy and something mistique… ^^

    You are very lucky having such wonderful husband.

    xoxo Y


  • Claire says:

    You look so beautiful in these photos! Looove it :)))

    New Post: ALLEY
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada.

  • Maggie says:

    You look amazing Chriselle! The photos are beautiful, but at the same time, I really enjoyed your writing. It’s so sweet that you even thought of doing this for your husband. I love how you’re setting a great standard in what love really means and how it’s only for your husband. Yes, this post is somewhat sexy and different from your usual photos, but all in all, it was really meant for your husband and I really appreciate that. Too many girls reveal too much before they’re married and end up getting hurt. Thanks for giving us some insight on maintaining a beautiful relationship.


  • Likeabyul says:

    You look incredible !!

  • OmbreVogue says:

    You look gorgeous as usual! Jana did an amazing job!!! <3


  • Marianna says:

    A stunning photoshoot! You look absolutely amazing!

  • Crystael says:

    Absolutely beautiful and stunning photography! Love how classy the black and white shots are :)

  • Those photos are amazing! and it is always good to challenge yourself and cross the lines we draw. And also sometimes there is something sexy i being depended (if the person we depend on is worth it!) i wish you both all the best! you are an amazing couple x

  • J. Kang says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! And Jana is very talented indeed! I wished I lived in the SoCal area. I would love to schedule a session with her, and for you to put together my lingerie wardrobe. Haha.

    • Chriselle says:

      Jana is always tabling around for work so if you’re interested I’m sure you can find out if she can meet you where you are for a session! You never know till you ask!

  • Elle says:

    I love these! So elegantly sexy 😉

  • Arielle says:

    Lovely shoot, it’ great that you’re comfortable enough to do this! I for one, am definitely not. I love the sheer, black dress, and your photos turned out beautifully.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

    • Chriselle says:

      Thanks Arielle, believe me I did it because I trust Jana and I’ve seen her amazing boudoir work so I knew it would turn out great and I would be comfortable!

  • Inna says:

    Good post…i like text

  • Dilek says:

    I have no comment. Which is a comment. I am in awe. <3 <3 <3 okay I do have a comment: COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!

  • very sexy! not vulgar in any way… thats the best kind of sexy.

  • sasa says:

    Amazing photos! Hope you had a great V day with Alan. I love seeing the pictures from Jana, you guys are so great to work together to create amazing content. Step out your comfort zone sometimes is awesome like this photo shoot. I love it:) <3


  • These photos are BEAUTIFUL! And that Oscar de la Renta robe is everything. I’m sure it’s incredibly soft. I have an Oscar skirt and the material is perfection.


  • Gorgeous photos. They convey the mood without being overtly sexual. So very classy. Hope you had a great Vday celebrating your love.




  • Kristi says:

    Beautiful photography and I love your hair this length!

  • Rona says:

    Amazing photographs! brilliant, love it :)

    Dress To Cook

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