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Photography by Jana Williams

Contrary to popular belief, due to the number of photos of macarons  & cupcakes on my Instagram, many may think all I eat is sweets & pastries. Although I do indulge every so often, I firmly believe in a healthy lifestyle which consists of working hard and treating yourself to what you deserve! It’s merely a balancing act (as talked about in my 2013 recap post). Growing up i’ve always been an extremist,  either extremely indulgent or ridiculously disciplined. I’ve finally come to a realization that no extreme lasts forever, and it’s vital to find that perfect balance. My formula to a healthy balanced life? Working out, being active with friends, and having fun while doing so!

As of lately i’ve been starting off my days with a good workout, and let me tell you there is absolutely no better feeling than breaking a sweat early in the AM.  Like most people I work out to stay healthy and in shape, but there’s something far beyond the physical.  Working out is an emotional addiction for me…it makes me feel beautiful confident, strong, and powerful.

Most likely you have already seen my gym selfies by now if you follow me on Instagram. I’m a firm believer in wearing cute workout gear when getting your fitness on, it will only help you run that extra mile, and oh.. a well deserved sweaty  post gym selfie!That’s why i’m incredibly excited to have partnered up with Juicy Couture in launch of their new line, Juicy Couture Sport! As fitness and fashion has equally played a large role in my life, I can’t think of anything more appropriate than to work out in a pair of leopard print bottoms, and a hot pink sports bra!

If you are not the “gym” type of person I highly recommend in some sort of fun outdoor activity with friends. The best type of workouts are when you’re having fun doing it with the people that you love! The other week I got together with my dear friend Aimee Song and pro surfer Anastasia Ashley to have a fun filled day with Juicy Couture. We did everything from running on the beach, paddle boarding , and of course hiking at Runyon all in our cute Juicy Couture Sport gear.  Make sure to read my interview with Juicy Couture Sport where I give the low-down on what I bring to the gym, secret selfies and more here.


Cheers to good health, fitness, and life!



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