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Photography by  Karen Chen

I should not at all  be complaining about this exceptionally warm Cali Winter, but I’ve been craving for {slightly} colder weather due to my turtleneck urge (as seen today & yesterdays post HERE). I’ve been having dreams off duster coats, thick knits, and  turtlenecks. So as soon as the temperature slightly dropped yesterday I immediately ran to this pale pink knit that has been calling my name for the past few months.  There is something incredibly romantic about thick knits, maybe it’s the association of being cuddled up by the fireplace, all while sipping on a almond milk latte. Perhaps it’s because here in LA we entirely skipped over Winter right into spring (or so I think), that has me craving such things.

Let’s talk  about the 2 things i’ve been currently obsessing over:

DUSTER COATS- I’ve always been a fan of  long oversized coats, but have always had a hard time finding the perfect one, as I felt they were all a bit too masculine for my liking. Until this season there has been an influx of Duster coats in pretty pastels & feminine hues. It’s the perfect mix of femininity & masculinity! Most Duster coats are a bit longer (hence the name DUST-er) , but I personally  think that coats that hit at the knee is the most flattering. It’s my favorite time of season as the fashion world is transitioning out from Winter to spring that majority of these Coats are one Sale, such as this pastel pink one, cocoon one,  sleek black one, and plaid one.

TURTLENECKS- There’s something incredibly versatile about turtlenecks. You can opt for a sleek & sexy look with the thinner and more body conscious ones such as the one I wore in yesterday’s post , or keep it cozy and chic with a thick knit. I do believe that a basic creme, grey, or black turtleneck is an essential that all women should have in their closet!

Anyways after all this “Winter Wear” talk,  we’ll see how I really feel about the cold after my trip to New York next week! Ha! 


Turtleneck: Banjo & Matilda  (similar one HERE & HERE)

Skirt: Tibi

Jacket: Zara (similar one HERE & HERE)

Clutch: Valentino  ( in white)

Necklace: *Jennifer Zeuner  & *Broken English

Shoes- Manolo Blahnik (in Black)

Sunglasses- Quay (similar one HERE &HERE)


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