Photography by Christine Choi

It happens almost everyday. Sitting in front of my closet, not having a clue what to wear. When I was younger I liked to believe that the more clothes I had the easier the process would get, but believe it or not…it doesn’t. In fact it gets a bit more complicated the more you accumulate. I’ve gotten into the habit of  creating  a style cheat sheet or what I call my “Chic Sheet “. Will be sharing this “Chic Sheet” with you later on this week, in hopes that getting dressed every morning will be a little more painless for you!

 Although I would like to take credit for all the looks I’ve styled, I have to admit that they are usually derived from some sort of inspiration. I’m the master when it comes to  recreating outfits that I discover thru different magazines & blogs.  I usually cut them out or simply pin them onto my Pinterest board for future outfit inspiration when needed. So as of lately there has been an endless amount of chunky knits + plaid accent inspiration on my pinterest board / “Chic Sheet”.  I’ve been wearing this thick  knit sweater (now on sale) in multiple different ways, but this was my favorite combination out of them all- with a plaid scarf + pinstriped boyfriend jeans.

Shot this the other day with Christine in downtown LA at a new delicious eatery we discovered! Will be sharing the rest of the post with you tomorrow for another Chic Eats!  Happy Monday !



Sweater: *d.RA (on sale!) (love this one HERE ,HERE, & HERE)

Jeans: *Citizens Of Humanity (in white & blue denim & Grey)

Scarf: J.Crew (similar one HERE & HERE)

Rings- Melinda Maria Designs  & Alexa Leigh

Bracelet- *Coordinates, *Dean Davidson

Purse- Saint Laurent

Shoes- Manolo Blahnik (in Black)

Sunglasses- Celine (Similar HERE)

  • Martina says:

    Since I know your videos my wardrobe seems completely new, even if is full of the old same clothes! So inspiring, thank you!

  • […] by her “Chic Sheet” pinterest board Chriselle from “The Chriselle Factor” mixed chunky sweater from d.RA, J. Crew plaid scarf and Citizens of Humanity […]

  • […] Chutě na sladké jsou můj druhý stín, teď ještě víc než obvykle..Na tento dortík jsem vyjela oblečená neoblečená, jako v jedné pohádce. Na takový kus oblečení, kde vám profučí Meluzína jako nic, bych normálně v zimě nepomyslela, jenže počasí není úplně normální, co si budeme povídat. Svetr jsem objevila jednou v Mangu při výprodejích, hodí se snad ke všemu – ke kalhotám, k sukni i přes šaty. Velcí odvážlivci si to můžou vzít klidně jenom na pěknou podprdu – jako blogerka Chriselle zde . […]

  • Erica M says:

    I am loving your plaid scarf! :) It’s a great, casual look


  • Helena says:

    Such a basic outfit, but the accessories really amp up the chic factor! Love the scarf especially ❤


  • Lindsay says:

    I love that scarf. This is such a cute and comfy outfit.


  • I can understand how it’ll be more difficult to coordinate outfits if you have more items since
    you tend to forget some of the things you already own. :)
    It’s a challenge, but a good one to overcome.

    Great outfit as always, and Christine Choi is such an amazng photographer!


  • Hmmm interesting way to look at it, Chriselle! I guess it would be harder to pair things up together when you have more to look at in the closet. I’m looking forward to your chic sheet!

  • Happy Monday! I love the second shot! Teeheehee.

  • Love it Chriselle! I can completely relate to how you feel, having a full closet but when it comes to going out, sometimes I have no clue what I should wear. Love the outfit you’re wearing in this post. Casual chic!

    xo, Alina

    • Chriselle says:

      Alina, I’m glad someone else is on the same page as me! It helps to have a “Chic sheet” Can’t wait to share it with you! Thanks for commenting!

  • MBelle says:

    This looks is everything! Beautiful. I love the subtle mixture of prints and textures.

  • Lenna Fox says:

    the second photo is stunning. beautiful look. so much talent! x

  • Inna says:

    Nice look and scarf

  • I have to agree with you that the more clothes you have the more complicated it gets. My closet is full of clothes that I am not even able to stuff any new stuff. Once a year I try to clean it out by donating. Cant wait to see what the new chic eats!


  • Liz says:

    I just love it! You make my day because actually I didn’t know what to wear, but now I have an idea. You should talk about how can we edit our clothes and have many different outfit without having a bunch of clothes like key pieces etc…

  • Oksana says:

    Love comfy chic!

    ♥ Oxana
    http://www.oxanamua.blogspot.com {new >> CARA DELEVINGNE’S RED MOUTH}
    ♥ Follow @oxanamua on Instagram

  • Kristi says:

    Beautiful casual look on you and I’m so in love with your hair this length! So cute!!

  • The Fashion Fraction says:

    beautiful as always. especially love the scarf


  • Love this chic and comfy look, the scarf is pretty


  • Tanya Sc says:

    Beautiful outfit! Looks so stylish still casual!


  • natalie says:

    love these photos and your outfit!
    those jeans are perfect

  • I lovee this outfit. simple but very elegant. perfect jeans
    http://www.androbel.com (online shop & blog)

  • Axelle says:

    Love love love this outfit! The sunglasses look awesome with your short hair and the photos are just wonderful! I can’t wait to see your post on your “chic sheet”! I actually posted a lipstick guide on my blog this morning, and I see it as a cheat sheet for those days where I can’t figure which color I want to wear!

    Style playground

  • Natali says:

    You’re gorgeous. Fantastic scarf and sweater!


  • fantastic look!!!

    xoxo from rome

  • I’m chuckling to myself as this is completely relatable! I’ve been known to say I’ve got nothing to wear.
    And received glaring stare backs, lol! This is a great everyday wear!




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