A line skirts have been on trend now for quite sometime and I can imagine even more so for this upcoming spring season. You may have seen me wear many a line skirts recently, so you may be surprised to know that it actually has taken me very long to warm up to wearing these lovely pieces. The problem I came across was finding the right top that worked with it.

After reading some of your comments in my previous post  and on Facebook, I’ve found that many of you are having the same issues and haven’t worn these skirts because of that. This is a problem that can be easily solved through another Chic Sheet.  In today’s post I will sharing my favorite ways to wear this skirt.

The 3 ways I’ve found that work best for this type of skirt, is wearing it with crop tops , sweaters & casual tees.

Crop tops are great for those warmer days you want to wear your skirt. But make sure to pair the skirt with a crop top that is  structured or fitted with only a hint of skin between your top and skirt. This will keep your outfit looking tasteful and classic.

Sweaters are my next go to pairing for a line skirts. This would work well for winter weather or if you want to wear your skirt at night and keep warm. A few things to keep in mind when wearing this type of top is 1. the fabric of the sweater should not be thick 2. always tuck in the sweater into the skirt. Both of these tips will prevent any unwanted bulk!

Lastly, if you want a more everyday take on wearing an a-line skirt pair it with a causal tee. This is a great way to wear this skirt without looking too dressy. With this option, make sure to tuck in your top as well .

Croptop beauty-2
(Left)- As seen in Sheer Dreams post
(Left)-As seen in Dreams of Gold & Glamour post
(Left)-As seen in Crossing the Line post

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