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There are a few things outside of fashion that I obsess over. One of them being fitness, and another being FOOD! And there you go, the secret is out, I’m avid about working out because I LOVE to eat! Although I would love to learn how to cook one day, due to me & my husband’s work schedule, we find ourselves eating out quite often. I mentioned in my recent post HERE that in 2014 I would love to take some of those passion projects off of hold, and bring them to life. Done and done! I’ve always wanted to start a little food project, where I document some of my most memorable eateries, and hidden gems that I’ve discovered. So when I met a talented Photographer Christine, Choi, at a coffee shop,  we soon discovered we shared the same passion of food, fashion, and photography. And from that day forward a new project was born- Chic Eats.

Every week I will be posting a Chic Eats- where i’ll be revealing my favorite cafes and restaurants. Some of these places you may have heard of, but some are hidden gems that I somehow stumbled upon. And of course- tying it with fashionable attire to wear to these locations. Besides food and fashion go hand in hand, right?

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Photography by Christine Choi

As i’m a sucker for hole in the wall bakeries & cafes, i’m constantly searching for places where I can quickly grab a coffee and go! I discovered Bread Lounge not to long ago, and let me tell you, it really lives up to its name. This place can easily be unnoticed as it is tucked away in the industrial part of downtown. From their Focaccia, pretzel, baguettes, danishes,croissants , and to their freshly baked pizzas this place is for all your carb lovers (I mean…who isn’t?). My personal favorite is the Timbale, the creme filled bread shown above, which is an extremely fluffy brioche bread filled with creme patissiere. Although I usually just grab some pastries for the girls at the office along with some coffee and go, I heard that their lunch menu is fantastic! Also the fact that they serve Handsome Coffee is a major plus. Good bread and good coffee, I mean…. what more does a girl need?

Now on to the outfit. There’s nothing more appropriate than pairing your leather skinnys with a trenchcoat to a cafe. It has always been a parisian fantasy of mine to bike to the neighborhoods’ bakery, in a trenchcoat and a tousled bun, all while in Paris.  Unfortunately i’ll never be a parisian, but fortunately I have a cute trenchcoat and a yummy baguette. I guess that will do for now!

Lastly I would love know what you guys think of this new “Chic Eats” series! Let me know if you guys know of any hidden gems that I should try out!

The Bread Lounge – 700 S. Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021


P.S I decided that it only would make sense if I finally started a YELP account with our new “Chic Eats” series. Please follow my new food adventures on Yelp HERE.


Trenchcoat- *Storets (see how I transform this trench in 20 different ways HERE)

Sweater- Halogen( similar one HERE & HERE)

Leather- AG Jeans

Necklace- *Jennifer Zeuner

Rings- Melinda Maria Designs  & Alexa Leigh

Bracelet- *Coordinates, *Dean Davidson

Sunglasses- Quay (similar one HERE &HERE)

Purse- Saint Laurent

Boots- Reed Krakoff (old, but similar one HERE & HERE)


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