Casbah Cafe














Photography by Christine Choi

In my last outfit post titled Torn Over Time, I mentioned how I stumbled upon this quaint cafe with my photographer Christine Choi called Casbah Cafe. This is where I found what I called the “magic potion” that healed the sickness I had that day. I may sound crazy but I believe the mixture of the their specialty, a delicious chicken soup, the honey ginger  iced tea and the cozy outside tables covered with grapevines really made me feel a lot better.

What I love most about the Casbah Cafe. is the Moroccan-Turkish decor and the beautiful art on the walls outside. I plan on coming back to try their pastries and lattes and enjoy the lovely decor and atmosphere. And the handmade empanadas are definitely on my to try list. If you want to get out of Downtown and enjoy some comfort food this cafe is just a few minutes out of the hectic city in Silver Lake and it’s a must try!

Casbah Cafe:

3900 W Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90029


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Turtleneck: Theory  (on sale)

Jeans: Zara (old but similar one HERE)

SHOES: Jimmy Choo ( on MAJOR sale)

Purse- *Elizabeth  and James (in cremepale pink , redyellowblue)

Bracelet- *Coordinates, *Dean Davidson, *Vita Fede

Sunglasses:Ray Ban

Necklace: *Jennifer Zeuner 

  • Arwen says:

    I love these photos! Food looks gorge and you look sleek and cool. When is the next Chic Eats? Is it weekly? Every Thursday? Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Ellen says:

    I love silver lake area. Can’t wait to try it. Love this series!!

  • Kristi says:

    Yum! I must try this spot – everything looks wonderful!

  • natalie says:

    the food looks so yum!
    great photos

  • Christine says:

    I want that soup again!!!

  • Have to add this to my must eats in LA list. It’s growing fast thanks to Chic eats!



  • Dilek says:

    The photos look amazing! They look so delicious I just want to reach out and grab something to eat lol.

  • iliyana says:

    you look amazing! and the food looks delicious!

  • Leesa says:

    such great pics, this looks so good!

  • Doesn’t sound crazy at all! Fabulous photos!

  • Tanya Sc says:

    The food looks delicious! Now I’m hungry, haha! 😀

  • Inna says:

    Yummy! Nice foto, enjoy weekend

  • 33 says:

    I live in Los Feliz and check out the vintage clothing shop a few doors south of the army surplus store across street from Casbah often. Never thought of stopping to check it out. the big bowl of soup looked very “healing”. my usual pick-me-up is spicy korean instant noodle with an egg, chopped scallion, and seaweed. next time i will try this soup when i feel the “chill” in my bones.

    • Chriselle says:

      Korean soups are great too! But this was definitely a new one for me and I really enjoyed it! That vintage clothing spot may be my next on my list!

  • Vivian says:

    Food envy! love the distress on your jeans Chriselle!



  • sasa says:

    Have to check out those places when I visit. Great outfit!

  • gigi says:

    looks delicious ! Bon appétit !

  • Jessica Rose says:

    I never get tired looking at pictures of great food. x

  • I have a feeling that all “casbah” places are gems! There was one so close to be when I lived in DC and they would make the best lentil soup. I would actually get it weekly :) x

  • Sissa Herrmann says:


    Love this new series ” Chic Eats” you are doing!
    I´m saving all of them in my favorites to visit someday when i go to LA….
    Your blog is awesome!! Love starts my morning in work with your fashion inpiration! Keep it like that girl… You are a trully inspiration that if you work hard you can make all your dreams come true!!

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