All Buttoned Up




Photography by  Karen Chen

 Ever since i’ve been working out in the AM , i’ve become a bit more practical about getting “ready” from the gym.  At around  6 am  my mind  is not properly functioning , and the last thing I want to do is to style up an outfit,  so i’ve gotten into the habit of picking out my outfits the night before.  Not sure if you’ve noticed {on Instagram}, but my daily outfits have become slightly more casual and effortless than the usual- think denim with a pair of converse (here) or maybe a one piece dress with a pair of flats (here). Although I still add hints of glamour to my casual looks , such as this statement necklace with an oversized  flannel shirt, I think it’s safe to say my style has naturally evolved with the change of my morning routine. I’ve always been a fan of one pieces or in this case an oversized shirt because they are extremely easy to wear and effortless. The best part? The fact that you  are able to wear them in multiple ways! You may remember this flannel shirt from this video HERE where I styled it in 5 different ways.

Anyways i’ve been really trying to savor & enjoy every moment here in LA, especially with this unusual 80 degree weather, as I start my travels next week to New York and Paris for fashion week. NY is my second home, but i’m extremely excited about Paris as it will be my first time there (can you believe that???). I’ll be traveling with my team for a project that we are working on and of course for fashion week! If you’ve been to paris or are from there, any suggestions & tips would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Thursday, it’s almost Friday!!!!


Shirt/Dress: *Rails

Blazer: Band Of Outsiders

Necklace- *Dylanlex

Rings- Melinda Maria Designs  & Alexa Leigh

Bracelet- *Coordinates, *Dean Davidson, *Vita Fede

Sunglasses- Celine

Purse- *Elizabeth  and James (in cremepale pink , redyellowblue)

Boots: *Stuart Weitzman (on sale!!!)

  • Anja Skrba says:

    Got the same shades (they’re the best) :)
    Love the way you combine them with everything!


  • I’ve been debating on that backpack for the longest time but wasn’t sure about how it would look. Thanks for modeling it and your outfit looks awesome!


  • natalie says:

    love this look!!
    those boots are so gorgeous

  • you`re looking amazing! and good luck in Paris with your team! you are such a hard-working girl and I admire you so much!


  • Gorgeous outfit Chriselle! Your styling is absolutely impeccable. Love it!

    xo, Alina

  • Erica M says:

    Loving the trench coat with the plaid dress, never a combination I would have thought of :)


  • Valerie says:

    Hi Chriselle!
    My name is Valerie, and I am a new reader of you blog! I found ur blog through Aimee song’s Song of Style, and I absolutely am blown away! I absolutely love your pictures and the “stories” told by them.

    As a newbie with websites and blogging, I would like to ask a few questions. Hopefully U’ll answer them!

    – When you first started, was it hard to find someone to photograph you? I find it quite impossible myself to find someone take pics of my outfits for me :(

    – What blog host did you use to build your blog before having your own domain? I don’t know whether I should use blogspot or wordpress and I am so confused about customized templates, cus I want to have a unique blog like how yours is unique from others.

    You have come a long way, and I am so inspired by your journey. I feel that you and Aimee has given me a breath of fresh air when in comes to style posts. I hope to hear from you soon because that would really mean a lot. Thanks for your help and looking forward for more posts!

  • mc says:

    Love the simplicity of this look! And I wish you safe travels to Paris Chriselle! I’ve never been there, but I’m sure it’ll be great…I mean, what’s better than fashion and Paris right?
    And as always, thanks for sharing =)


  • Victoria says:

    Hi Chriselle! I haven’t been to Paris, but I did just come back from several other European cities. =) I posted about the best travel apps I used there recently – http://taketimeaway.com/top-3-best-travel-apps/
    Check them out and it might help with your trip – they’ll have loads of info of where to go/eat. Can’t wait to see your Paris pics!

  • Grace Lee says:

    Hi Chriselle!
    Thank you for posting lots of blog posts daily and showing me fashion from a different point of view I never have thought of! Today my school has a snow day (we live in Illinois and the high is 3 degrees today!) so I enjoyed looking through your posts over again and watching your youtube videos! You give me so much inspiration to treat myself right, work hard but still pamper myself once in a while. Thank you for being my friend!

    • Chriselle says:

      Grace, I’m so happy you enjoy my videos and posts! Thanks for supporting me and I hope to continue to inspire. Thanks for all of the love too!! Stay warm in Illinois!

  • Stefanny V says:

    Pierre Hermé macaroons are a must try also Cafés Verlet near the Louvre museum has great cafe. Please whatever you do don’t shop at the Champs-Élysées. I really don’t get why people make such a fuss about it but definitely visits the Colette shop in Rue Saint Honoré.

    • Chriselle says:

      Those are some great tips and suggestions! Thanks for sharing and for giving me a heads up ! I hope I have enough time to visit the places all of you are suggesting!

  • Christelle says:

    Hi Chriselle:)
    I’m sure you will love Paris!!:) My favorite museums are le musée d’Orsay and le centre Georges Pompidou. And my favorite shops are : les Galeries Lafayettes Haussmann, le Bon Marché and Colette;) Enjoy!! xx

  • Jenny Tsang says:

    Love love your backpack, love the croc, cute with a touch of cool 😉 And enjoy your time in Paris!! Hope I’ll be able to pay a visit there soon, have fun with the team! xoxo

    New Post up…

  • Hi Criselle!

    WOW, you’re going to Paris!! I’m so excited for you and your team. I’ve been in Paris last year and let me tell you ALL is a dream, even the smallest things you’ve never imagine to find are beautifull. I don’t want to bother you with my experience, the only thing I want to advice you is to make reserves for the places you’re going to visit, like (obviously) the Eiffel Tower, you will thank me later when skip the kilometric rows (you could do it on their web pages).

    Can’t wait to see all your pictures. Have a lot of fun and be prepared to be in love with Paris.

    • Chriselle says:

      Loreana, you’re a life saver thanks for your tips and suggestions ! You obviously know what you’re talking about. I can’t wait to share my photos for you to see!!

  • maja says:

    It’s a great thing that you are going to Paris :)
    I’m not from Paris but I’ve been there and had such an amazing time, I can just say try to see much of it as you can but take time to enjoy it,just take a break,sit in a cafe or bistro for lunch and enjoy. My favorite part was just wondering the streets of Paris and enjoying :)
    It is a beautiful city, once you get to there you’ll be mesmerized by it. Lot of people tend to just go from another not taking time to truly feel the city and enjoy it. And don’t try to go on a crazy hunt of sightseeing because you won’t be able to see all if you are there for just few days so my advice is to decide on what do you want see before you get there. A bit of reaserch of Paris :)
    As for fashion I came to a conclusion that men tend to care more for their image then woman,as I saw, but then I tend to give more attention to the opposite sex hahaha 😀
    And there’s fashionweek so thing might be different now :)

    • Chriselle says:

      Hello Maja,

      Thanks for your tips and suggestions. So sweet of you to share them with me.
      I hope you get to go again to Paris and enjoy it! xoxo

  • I like this laid back layered look as I do the same post workout. I’ll layer w wrkout pieces too!




  • Tanya Sc says:

    Love this look, so feminine, and the colours mix very nice together!!


  • Natali says:

    You look beautiful! Perfect outfit!


  • Your layering is so perfect. Love it!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • I thought your outfit looks cute. I would have never thought of pairing the backpack with it because I’m such in love with handbags as everyone knows. But it does look cute together. backpack pass! Lol
    check out my blog for the hottest bags!

  • Kristi says:

    Cute outfit! I love your tall boots and necklace so much!

  • I love the bag! Looks perfect with this outfit! <3


  • Sissa Herrmann says:

    Laduree macarons for you Chriselle!! Everyone say it is the best!! Hope you like it!!
    enjoy your trip and pleaaaase lots of pics in instagram!! :)

    love your blog!!

  • omg, your purse is beautiful!
    http://blog.androbel.com new post!

  • Love your style! Blazer and bag are so fine!

    Viky — http://mysecretfashionpoison.wordpress.com

  • this look is so perfect!

    xoxo from rome

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