cover_Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_8 Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_7 Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_6Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_9Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_5Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_1Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_8Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_2Chriselle_lim_rails_plaid_dress_shirt_stuart_weitzman_over_the_knee_boots_dylanlex_necklace_thechrisellefactor_3

Photography by  Karen Chen

 Ever since i’ve been working out in the AM , i’ve become a bit more practical about getting “ready” from the gym.  At around  6 am  my mind  is not properly functioning , and the last thing I want to do is to style up an outfit,  so i’ve gotten into the habit of picking out my outfits the night before.  Not sure if you’ve noticed {on Instagram}, but my daily outfits have become slightly more casual and effortless than the usual- think denim with a pair of converse (here) or maybe a one piece dress with a pair of flats (here). Although I still add hints of glamour to my casual looks , such as this statement necklace with an oversized  flannel shirt, I think it’s safe to say my style has naturally evolved with the change of my morning routine. I’ve always been a fan of one pieces or in this case an oversized shirt because they are extremely easy to wear and effortless. The best part? The fact that you  are able to wear them in multiple ways! You may remember this flannel shirt from this video HERE where I styled it in 5 different ways.

Anyways i’ve been really trying to savor & enjoy every moment here in LA, especially with this unusual 80 degree weather, as I start my travels next week to New York and Paris for fashion week. NY is my second home, but i’m extremely excited about Paris as it will be my first time there (can you believe that???). I’ll be traveling with my team for a project that we are working on and of course for fashion week! If you’ve been to paris or are from there, any suggestions & tips would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Thursday, it’s almost Friday!!!!


Shirt/Dress: *Rails

Blazer: Band Of Outsiders

Necklace- *Dylanlex

Rings- Melinda Maria Designs  & Alexa Leigh

Bracelet- *Coordinates, *Dean Davidson, *Vita Fede

Sunglasses- Celine

Purse- *Elizabeth  and James (in cremepale pink , redyellowblue)

Boots: *Stuart Weitzman (on sale!!!)


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