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Photography by Christine Choi

After an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, we decided to continue the series Chic Eats. In the last post HERE I shared with you my discovery of Bread Lounge, a hidden gem in downtown LA. Many of you asked in my last post how I manage to  maintain my weight with all the pastries & sweets I eat. I talked about this in my fitness post HERE,  and at the end of the day it’s all about balance.  It may be hard to believe, due to the number of macaron pictures on my  Instagram,  but I eat pretty clean & healthy thru out the week.

With that said, I thought it would be completely appropriate to share with you another downtown favorite of mine- Artisan House. It’s located a few blocks down from my office , so I find myself visiting this place quite often for a midday snack or lunch.

During this visit, I was in the mood for something fresh and savory for lunch. So I ordered a chopped kale salad with organic kale, watermelon radish, and pecans. To fulfill my savory craving I ordered a egg and bacon pizza with cheese,spinach and a farm fresh egg cracked on top. What I love most about this place is that most of the food is sourced locally and they use a tasty mixture of seasonal healthy ingredients.

 I will continue to share more of  my favorite eateries and hidden gems,  but if there are any places that you love, I’d love some new recommendations.

Artisan House-  600 S Main St. Los Angeles CA 90014

If you want to see the full outfit post check out part one of my visit to Artisan House HERE.



Sweater: *d.RA (on sale!) (love this one HERE ,HERE, & HERE)

Jeans: *Citizens Of Humanity (in white & blue denim & Grey)

Scarf: J.Crew (similar one HERE & HERE)

Rings- Melinda Maria Designs  & Alexa Leigh

Bracelet- *Coordinates, *Dean Davidson

Purse- Saint Laurent

Shoes- Manolo Blahnik (in Black)

Sunglasses- Celine (Similar HERE)


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